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Monster Rancher 2 DX - 2021
Complete Monster Data & Song List

Every monster in MR2 DX with Title/Artist suggestions to summon all variants at the Shrine which includes Lifespans, Aging Types, Guts regen, Stat Gains, Extra Attacks, Battle Specials, and more. Also, check out the Guides!
This is an Enemy Monster with additional unlock conditions!

Find all Main breeds that include the chosen Sub Breed

MR2 DX Monster Data information

MR2DX: Enemy / Boss monsters are LOCKED Even if you have the main breed unlocked. See unlock guide for details.

Life Stage Calculator and Heat Map
Due to MR2 DX Shrined monsters often having unique lifespans outside of the base, use this calculator to determine unique life stages.

Refer to the monster's Life Type and Lifespan above, and enter them into the Life-stage calculator to see stage duration, weeks per stage, and remaining weeks from each stage point.
Prime Lifespan: wks
Life Stage12345678910
*Stage 6 is sub-prime (but has almost as good gains as prime)

Life Stage heat map: Greens are Prime/best gains. Reds are infancy/twilight worst gains.
Compare how different Life Types age and when they peak:
Monster Rancher 2 Life Stage heat map comparison

Stat Gain Heat Map: Gain averages by Life Stage
Monster Rancher 2 Life Stage heat map comparison

Explanation of Data Points

  • LIF: Your health bar / How much damage you can receive before getting K.O.d.
  • POW: Power based attack stat (Applies to techs that appear in Yellow).
  • INT: Intellect based attack stat (Applies to techs that appear Green)
  • SKI: Raises your accuracy. Techs have innate accuracy, but raising SKI can help increase it.
  • SPD: Damage Avoidance, ability to dodge attacks and take no damage.
  • DEF: Defensive stat to reduce incoming damage.
  • "Gains" in each of the above indicate stat gain effectiveness (Adjusted by which life stage you're in)

  • DB ID#: The MR2DX CDDB ID# that a song points to, which references the corresponding monster to Shrine. Hundreds of songs point to the same ID#. This can be used to cross reference between the full downloadable list and the ones on the page.
  • Offset: If a monster is flagged for "YES" as an offset, then Stats & Lifespan are adjusted with offsets by as much as -20 to +40. Offsets ranges vary by Title/Artist. (Monsters with No offsets have no variance no matter which Title/Artist used)

  • Lifespan: Base amount of weeks a monster is expected to live, before factoring lifespan reducing effects.
  • Nature: Starting Nature of a monster. Nature can determine access to certain battle specials, or learn certain techs.
  • Life Type: An aging type that determines when monsters enter and exit certain stages of life like Baby, adolescence, Prime, and Elderly.
  • Training Bonus: If noted, the Monster receives Stat Gain bonuses at the specified drill/errantry.
  • Guts Regen: A lower value is faster Guts Regeneration. GR is Based on framerate, How many frames it takes to generate 1 Guts. A low number means fewer frames to generate Guts (Faster).
    Guts per Match

    Generated in a 60 second match (30/GR x 60)
    This does not include:
    - Starting 50 guts.
    - Guts not gained when reaching max guts.
    - Guts not gained during attacking animations.


  • Arena: Movement speed rating in Battles/Arena
  • Extra Techs: Additional starting techs outside of basic techs.
  • Battle Specials: Additional starting specials outside of base. These are abilities that can trigger during a tournament. Every monster has Power/Anger (nature based) unless specified they don't have it.

MR2 DX CDDB Explanation

CDDB Searching Tips
  • Some entries contain double spaces and may not return a result if you don't include them.
  • There's a mix of punctuation differences. A punctuation character typed may not match the same character in the CDDB. If you encounter this, try searching by Artist instead then look for the entry.
  • Example: ’ and ' are different characters but both are used as apostrophes. Also the ’ in the CDDB looks like it has a space after it but it really doesn't.
The CDDB and how it works
Why duplicates & Public submissions are removed
  • MR2DX has 664,909 Title/Artists entries in the DX CDDB database.
  • Each Title/Artist entry has an associated ID Number with it (You can see these IDs in your Documents\KoeiTecmo\mfdx_en folder in the "search_history.txt" files).
  • Each Title/Artist (Or it's associated ID) is mapped to a Monster ID of a specific Main/Sub.
  • There are 1238 unique Monster IDs, and 1218 of those are mapped to the 664,909 Title/Artist entries to represent each of the 415 playable monsters and their variants.
    • (This allows an average of 3 baseline variations of each monster, though some have more, some have fewer. This doesn't factor in the post-shrine Offsets applied to the monster once taken to Town from the Shrine, which is a tiny bit of randomness from the Shrine base applied afterward.)
  • That means there are an average of 546 different Title/Artist IDs that all map to the same Monster ID. Rather than list ~1500 rows per page for only ~3 unique monsters, it has been filtered to show each unique monster and 1 Title/Artist that makes it.
    • Offsets: Monsters flagged with offsets can have additional minor deviations from their baseline stats and lifespan. Please read the Explanation of Data Points below.
  • The longest song title is 221 characters long, so short Title/Artists have been provided for easy of typing.
Why so many Monster duplicates created by many different Title/Artists?
- It is more than likely done this way to cover as many genres and tastes as possible so everyone has something fun to look up and Shrine with the new system, while also providing some slight variation for those monsters who are flagged to have offsets applied.
Hidden / Unmapped monsters

There are some Monster ID#s in the CDDB data tables that do not have any Title/Artist mapped to it. The monster IDs are as follows:

  • Un-mapped JP ID#s: 348, 368, 472, 1216, 1217, 1233
  • Un-mapped EN ID#s: 481, 1220, 1222, 1227, 1230, 1236, 1237
  • Both EN and JP Un-mapped ID#s: 386, 389, 405, 414, 426, 429, 453, 462, 473, 579, 971, 1219
What is the Speed Bug?
This bug is fixed as of v1.0.0.2 on 1/24/22

The SPD Bug effects 2 types of monsters:
  1. Rare monsters will have the speed gain of their pure breed counterpart.
  2. Monsters with a starting speed of lower than 10 will have the starting speed as their speed gain.
    • If the initial value is 1 to 4, it is D to A, if the initial value is 5 to 9, it is more than A, if the initial value is 10, it is less than E
  • This can occur for hard-coded stat monsters, like the 1,2,3,4,5,6 Jell/Jell, or for other non-hard coded monsters that generate with a low stat, (Either naturally, or if the Post-Shrine Stat offsets bump it down into that range).
  • Additionally, some ??? types have a Speed Gain specified in the Shrine tables, but post-shrine it is an adjusted value, though not always benefiting from the actual SPD gain bug.

Complete CD list & Offset Calculator

  • This file is quite large! It may load slowly, and perform slowly. MS Excel works best. LibreOffice and OnlyOffice work too but don't seem to handle very large files nearly as well as Excel.
    You do not need the full database, it is available as documentation but largely unnecessary, as the filtered list on the page should suffice for 99.9% of any scenario.
  • If a monster has "No" as an Offset, All songs using a given ID# will match the monster exactly as seen on LegendCup. There's no mechanical reason to use a different Title/Arist than what is listed in the above tables.
  • If a monster has "Yes" as an offset, Different Title/Artist entries of the same ID# will each have randomized deviations in stats and lifespan from the selection on this page, but are the same base monster as what is listed in the above tables.
For monsters with offsets "Yes", If you're trying to min/max a best possible randomized deviation, reference Monster ID#s on LegendCup, Enter them into the Spreadsheet and play with Offset numbers to find a Title/Artist that provides the desired offset.

This is big for a spreadsheet. Depending on which software is used, it may take some time to open the file.
If you publish information from this list, please link to, and credit LegendCup.com

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