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Legal Info / Permission from Tecmo, Inc.

Legendcup.com is a Fansite for all things Monster Rancher.

This site was given permission from Tecmo to use their images, Music and other miscelaneous Monster Rancher related items.
A copy of this letter of permission can is viewable on this page.

    I originally received Permission from Tecmo through John Inada in 2001, however, I lost the email from 2001.
    I re-requested permission in 2003 and received it from Tecmo through Brian Hoisko.

If Tecmo wishes anything to be removed from (or added to) the site, or would like to provide new permission with new requirements:
Please contact Taylor Walker, by e-mail or U.S. mail to resolved this request.

The full conversation (My request / Tecmo's response) can be read on PDF.

Tecmo's letter of permission for free use of Intellectual property

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  • DISCLAIMER: LegendCup.com has been granted permission from Tecmo, in writing, for use of images and sounds throughout the site. All images and sounds related to Monster Rancher are property of Tecmo, inc. Legendcup.com and it's associates do not claim to own any of these properties, images, graphics or sounds. Reproduction of data on LegendCup is forbidden without written permission from LegendCup or their individual authors.
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