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  • Office Of The Mayor: Read This Section First!

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  • The Cafe

    A Little Of Everything! (General Conversation, Polls, Buyer's Guide)

  • Master Ranchers Lodge #47

    Members' Chat Room Participants Must Be At Least 13 To Enter

  • My Monster Rancher Archive (Andriod)

    New! -Free in the Android Market!

  • Monster Rancher DS Archive (DS)

    Info on the North American and the Japanese DS games!

  • Monster Farm Online Games (Computer)

    Online Japanese PC Games!

  • Monster Rancher EVO Archive (PS2)

  • Monster Rancher 4 Archive (PS2)

  • Monster Rancher 3 Archive (PS2)

  • Monster Rancher 2 Archive (PSOne)

    European/Australian PAL game called "Monster Rancher" is Monster Rancher 2

  • Monster Rancher 1 Archive (PSOne)

    ONLY for Japan & North America: EU/AU/NZ players use the Monster Rancher 2 Archive.

  • Monster Rancher Advance 2 Archive (GameBoy Advance)

  • Monster Rancher Advance Archive (GameBoy Advance)

  • Monster Rancher Card & Adventure Video Games

    Includes Battle Cards, Battlecard Episode II, Explorer, Hop-A-Bout

  • Monster Farm and Monster Rancher Cards

    Information about the various collectible card games and trading cards!

  • The Laboratory: Technical Research On The Monster Rancher CD Read Process

  • Library: Fan Fiction, Poetry, Birthday List, Links & Non-Fiction Archive

  • The Coliseum (Public Monster Rancher Tournaments)

    Photo Courtesy of Locke, with permission from Tecmo

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