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Monster Farm Battle Card preservation project

This project aims to make the MFBC collectible physical card game available for viewing online. We are starting with acquiring the Japanese cards, then will translate them to English, and have 2 galleries to view the cards in it's original language, and English fan translations.

Once the English translations are completed, these cards will also be used for the MRBC TableTop Simulator mod.

LIVE Monster Rancher 2 Tournament!

MR2 will have a stage at Combo Breaker 2024 for live entry participation and prize!
Missed the Event? Watch the top 4 finalists Here!
for the ComboBreaker Monster Rancher 2 Live, In-Person, Manual PVP Tournament!
(The full event was not streamed, this is the full live-stream of the finalists)
Monster Rancher 2 Tournament at Combo Breaker 2024

Official rules for Combo Breaker

Please contact @moosebones on Discord for any questions regarding this event!
  • The tournament will be held on the PS1 version of the game (via PC for logistical reasons)
  • You may build your own monster either in MR2 1999 via emulator or in Monster Rancher 2 DX.
  • Any legal monsters built in DX will be ported as-is to the tournament version
  • You may instead play a rental monster (each of the 38 main breeds will have a rental available)
  • Emulator builds: bring a USB drive with the save file on it to the event. Physical PS1/2 memory cards will not work
  • MR2 DX: Go to "VS Mode" on the main menu and choose the save file that has your monster on it. This uploads it to the cloud.
  • You can contact @moosebones on discord any time after March 4th to check in your monster and guarantee it will be ready come tournament time
  • You will be locked into the first monster you choose for the entire event.
  • Multiple competitors may choose to play the same rental monster.
  • 3500 Total Stat Cap
  • Individual stats at or below 100 do not count towards the cap
  • Double Elimination
  • First to 3 wins
  • Rock Paper Scissors (or agreed upon substitute) for player 1 side
  • Metalner main breeds, Punisher, Time Noise, Ripper and Kamui are banned

Southeast Asian Song List Solved for UKMR!

After just over a year, The Southeast Asian Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Song List has finally been 100% Solved!!
The previous page with volunteer submissions and voting system has been replaced with a difinitive and curated list with full Kaiju data and parameters.

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Soundtrack

An unofficial collection of the game's background music (No official OST was ever released)

LegendCup Tutorials Playlist

I have completed a series of short succinct videos that will help jumpstart the hesitant and intimidated folks that are wary to use the apps, and see that they really are pretty easy to use. The Errantry Calculator is the first to be completed, but there are tutorials for the Combining calculators, Training Planner, and even Make-A-Monster!.

Monster Rancher 1 Sprite Animations Playlist

About 90 hours of capture, edit, compile to document all of the adorable sprite animations in MR1

LINE: Monster Farm

Line Monster Farm is a mobile gacha game and released in Japan February 28th 2023.

Ultra Kaiju Monster Farm

Scheduled for October 20th 2022 JP/S.E.A. and Western release: Ultra Kaiju Monster Farm. Also see Original JP Trailer.
A collaboration with Bandai Namco for a Monster Rancher Ultra Man spinoff


Older News Archives

Koshien World Battle 2022 Results

Beginning June 8th 2022, the Finalists of the Koshien World Battle will have their daily videos posted here:
Top 16 Finalists


New Mobile game (Japan)

Japan gets a new Monster Farm mobile game in 2022: "LINE: Monster Farm"

KT Official World Tournament

Official KT Monster Koshien World Battle!
US or EU Enter between 5/10 - 5/23
Monster Koshien World Battle

Monster 2 DX Rancher Challenge

February 25th 2022 marked the 25 year anniversary of the Monster Farm franchise. KoeiTecmo released a monster into the cloud that you can challenge. This monster was originally a bugged 1 guts rate Fairy Hare in Monster Farm 2 (Corrected in Monster Rancher 2).
KT has released this monster as a fun challenge for you to fight against in the VS cloud saves.
Search for: JIK00000
Monster Rancher 2 DX 1 Guts Regen Fairy Hare

MR1&2 DX's CDDB of 664,909 entries solved!

If you're looking for all of the possible variants from the Shrine in MR1 & 2 DX, check out the MR DX CD Lists.
The CD Lists contain every unique variant with other identifiers like their entry ID# and if they have offsets applied to stats at the shrine.
With the duplicates filtered out, what remains are all the unique entries with short and easy Title/Artist to use for generating monsters.
You can also download a complete list with every possible entry that includes monsters with offset stat variation, Indicated as "Yes" in the offset data on the page. You can cross reference Monster ID# and use the downloaded calculator to find Title/Artists with offset ranges you prefer.


KT's MR1&2 DX "Ask Me Anything" & Summary of differences between 1999 MR2, and 2021 MR2DX

KT AMA: Questions and Answers

QuestionsAnswers from Fujita
Never got to play these back in the day, how accessible is it by today’s standards?
-Bogard @GBogard07
With the new memo feature, High-speed mode, additional Freeze Slots, and other new features, the game is even easier to play than ever.
Any chance on it being ported to Playstation?
- Mirage Destiny @FadedMirage
We don’t have any plans to port Monster Rancher 1&2 DX to PlayStation consoles currently.
Was there any summoning idea that has been thought out when designing the game but never implemented? I’m glad that the remaster gives more accessible way to summon monsters. I hope the next game will also do the same, maybe using sound, drawing or images
-Rhez @RhezaW
Our goal for Monster Rancher 1&2 DX was to recreate the fun that players had when playing the original versions. We have utilized a number of different monster creation methods and I believe that will continue in the future as well.
Any chance of a demo? Curious but never played it before -xitchyx @RatatoskxxWe don’t have any plans to release a demo version at this time.
Will the game receive a new/updated localization, or will it just use the original text?
-Kogath @MHKogath
We utilized the original text while also adding in a new localization.
Are there any plans to add the OSTs of 1, 2, 3, 4, and/or EVO to streaming services like Spotify?
-Wedge @_Dwedge_
We don’t currently have any plans to add the OSTs of those titles to streaming services.
Will we eventually be getting any info about what will be changed during the proposed balance adjustments? Many of us still play MR2 competitively and would be interested in seeing what is different about the rebalance in DX.
-Nash @MrMoosebones
We are currently not planning to release info about the balance adjustments. We hope you can try out the game yourself when it releases later this year.
Can this be played offline and is the digital cd database available offline?
With the exception of some battle modes, the game can be played offline. The CD monster generation system can also be utilized while you are offline.
Will multiplayer have crossplay?
Battles will be across all platforms. However, battling with a friend locally is only available in the Switch version.
Will the slate feature in Monster Rancher 2 work as it did in the original?
-Jack Madrox
The slate system will be the same as it was in the original Monster Rancher 2.
Multi lanuages?
Only English will be available.
Is there any difference in the effect of Magic Banana comparing MR2 and MR1&2DX? About +1 week of lifespan
-てる @LotteryR
We changed the Magic Banana item from being an item that affects the lifespan of a monster, to one that reduces stress and fatigue
Have you considered looking at new methods and technologies to generate monsters? For example QR codes or the Infrared camera on the Switch Joy-Con
-黒凧 BlackKite @bk2128
Generating monsters will be exclusively through the CD database
Are there any plans of upgrading the game’s art to more modern standards? If not, would modding be possible and still have multiplayer enabled?
-Sergio Alonso @NoobO_Samupo
We don’t have any plans to include MOD support.
What about Mok seeds bug it was fixxed? And the damage in life span after errantry even with monster at full health?
-SnailDragon @Sasoriyuu
Both have been fixed in this version.
Hi Guys, Will MR2DX still contain the Tecmo game exclusives like Kasumi/Pixie? If so, how will they be obtained without a disc system?
Kasumi and other cameo monsters will be available. However, there will be cases where you cannot use the same CD name in order to obtain them as you did in the original versions. Utilizing the game’s original CD database you can search and select songs based on the song name and artist, and enjoy obtaining monsters this way.
Looking at the wording on Online Battles, will the battles ONLY be automated battles, or will there be real-time interaction between trainers via Multiplayer?
-Argent Leftovers @ArgentLeftovers
You aren’t able to battle in real time, but you can download the monster data from other players and battle them either as a computer controlled monster, or as two computer controlled monsters: 1P VS COM, COM VS COM. You can battle other players locally via the Switch version if you are utilizing the same console.
Monster Rancher is a game I deeply loved and inspired me to become a game designer now. I was very sad when it disappeared, and so happy when this when this announced. Are there reasons why Monster Rancher came back? Is there a chance for new games to come?
-KarubinT @Nivlacart
We were able to bring back the Monster Rancher series thanks to all of the love and support from our fans. As 2022 marks the Monster Rancher series’ 25th anniversary, we are working hard to meet the expectations of all of our fans.
How will unlocking monsters work in this remaster since the newer consoles and Steam and iOS don’t have discs anymore? Will it link with Spotify?
-Salem Sabertooth @AplphaWrecker224
Utilizing the game’s original CD database, you can search and select songs based on the song name and artist, and enjoy obtaining monsters this way.
Can you have a 100% completion in MR2? By just playing the game….
Rendy Ajadech
In terms of completing the game, you can work towards obtaining every monster and winning every tournament.
1. Will the Steam version be able to battle with monsters from the Switch version also between English and Japanese players?
2. Will tournament opponents be made more difficult?
3. Is there a list of changes for re-balancing trainable monsters?
-MonsterFenrick @AlleyArtwork
1. Yes monsters from both versions will be able to battle each other, as well as being able to battle monsters from players using the Japanese version.
2. There are no significant changes being made to the tournaments.
3. We do not have any plans to release a list of changes.
We hope you can try out the game yourself when it releases later this year.

Changes between MR2 (1999) and MR2DX (2021)

Note that Monster Rancher 2 DX is not a port of Monster Rancher 2. It is actually a port of Monster Farm 2 with new translation, modifications. Monster Rancher 2 had a few Quality of Life improvements that were not in the original Japanese Monster Farm 2, as a result you may notice missing features. (Skip Drills as an example).

FeatureMR2 1999MR2DX 2021
AI AttackingAI won’t attack under 45 gutsAI attacks at any guts amount
AudioOriginal game soundtrackIncludes a remastered soundtrack in addition to the original
Battle SpecialsUnity and Ease are buggedUnity and Ease are corrected. (See Battle Specials for details)
Colt's AlertsReceived Prime Stage alert only once, then never again for any other monsterAlways receive Prime Stage alerts for all monsters
Combining1% unobtainable bug (You can get a 1% if there are two 1%s)Same 1% bug, plus 2-3% bug that only gives base stats.
Controller SetupNTSC/NA LayoutOriginal JP layout
Drill SkippingDrills can be skipped in MR2Drills cannot be skipped in MR2DX (Errantry can still be skipped)
ErrantryCalculates Lifespan hit twice after returningDouble lifespan hit fixed
ExpeditionMinimum 8 weeks lifespan cost (3+3 * LI) for expedition + (1 + 1*LI) start of week 1Minimum 2 weeks lifespan cost (0 lifespan hit for expedition) + (1 + 1*LI) start of week 1
Fast ForwardNot in original gameNew feature in DX, can enable double speed play
FontOriginal font is a Comic Sans-like (.BMP)New font is Seurat Capie Pro
Freezer Slots10 slots20 slots
Gemini PotsUsed for added Fear, and Reduces Stress 3% floored per pot on Week 1 (Stress exceeds LI before it can be useful).Same as original function but now has at least a minimum of -1 stress per pot (useful even at low Stress levels).
GraphicsOriginal PSX graphicsWrapped emulator bumps up the texture/resolution of original textures
ItemsNot Stackable, can't be purchased in bulkStackable items (Takes up same amount of inventory) and can be purchased in bulk
King ApeKing Ape only encountered after Magic Banana is in the Shop, and cannot be encountered after Nageel is in the shopCan no longer be locked out of this encounter
LifespansHas +100 additional weeks for each monster compared to the original Monster Farm 2Has original Monster Farm 2 lifespans (-100 weeks of 1999 Monster Rancher 2)
Load TimesLong load times between town/ranch etc.Instant or near instant load times
Magic BananasCould add/remove lifespan by 1 week depending on RNGRemoves Stress/Fatigue/Both depending on RNG
Mock SeedsCan get locked out of this monster forever if you fail to rank up soon enough.Can no longer be locked out of this event and monster.
Monsters (1 week)Only Sueki SuezoSueki Suezo in addition to a variant of Draco Mocchi
Monsters (Enemy)Enemy Monsters collectable as Cards onlyEnemy & Boss monsters legally playable/Shrinable in addition to getting their Cards
Monsters (Opponents) -- Some tournament opponents have adjusted/MF2 Stats (Lucky in Elder's cup for example)
Monsters (Rare)Has NTSC/EN region monsters only.Has both EN, JP region monsters
Monsters (Regular)Missing Proto Messiah (Henger/Gali), Kato is censoredHas Proto Messiah (Henger/Gali), Kato is not censored.
NatureWhen combining, a Baby's starting Base nature is affected by the Parent's true/current nature and Baby breed base nature.When combining, a Baby's Base nature determined solely by the Baby's breed.
Nature from Disc Chips in combining is bugged, giving little or no benefit.
Online Save PVPNot in original gameNew feature in DX, also cross-region compatible (EN can fight JP etc)
PlatformPlayStation (1) OnlySteam, Nintendo Switch, iOS
Pocket StationNo Pocket Station supportBuilt in PocketStation mini game. Can also shrine DNA monsters without doing mini-game.
ShrineUses physical CDs & Track dataUses 644k offline/local CDDB and other new tables to determine offsets
Shrined MonstersPredictable hard coded monsters and monsters with offset. (See Laboratory/Make-A-Montser)Multiple variants that don't exist in the original game, and offsets are handled more randomly. (See MR2DX CD List)
Stat LevelsExcept for LIF, Stats calculated every 50 points/by level, and Lv20/950 is the highest thresholdExcept for LIF, Stats are calculated on average every 12.5 points (13, 12 etc.) and due to how new math and rounding works, 999 counts as the max level
Swim Drill BugDEF & LIF gains are swapped for SwimBug fixed in DX
Strong GluePermanently stuck in inventory. Required cheats to get rid of it.You can now sell the Strong Glue after you have unlocked Ducken at the Shrine.
Tech RequirementsSome techs were not obtainable (Kato's Oil Fire/Flame)Some tech stat requirements are different. Kato's Oil Fire/Flame is obtainable. (See Tech List/Errantry Calculator)
Touch ScreenNot an optionTouch Screen support for iOS, Mouse Click support for PC/Steam
Training HistoryFeature doesn't existNew feature in DX, can see last 2 months of drills
TranslationA bad translation full of grammatical errorsA new equally bad translation but with new grammatical errors. Skill Get!!!

Monster Rancher DX Anniversary Edition Collectibles:

Japanese store: (Can purchase from Game City or Amazon Japan)
US & EU purchases: KoeiTecmo EU store:

Suezo to appear in Super Monkey Ball

KTG announces Suezo as DLC in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, available October 19th, 2021 (Video)

Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX

Order on Steam - Order on Switch

Aug. 26th 2021: KT announced Monster Farm/Rancher 1 & 2 DX to be released Dec. 9th 2021, now supporting a Steam release, English translations, Cross-regional battle, along with some additional updates!
You can read about it here in JP or with English Google translate, or a brief recap on Koei-Tecmo America/Europe websites.

What will this mean for folks across the world that have already purchased the JP versions of the Switch/Mobile ports? Will they be upgradable to DX or will it be a new purchase? We're still waiting to find out!. Jump in the MR community Discord and join in on the speculation and discussion!

See: The original announcement!


Monster Farm 2: 50 changes to the Switch/Mobile version

MF2 releases 9/17/20 in Japan. KoeiTecmo is releasing 5 changes per day of a total of 50 changes to the game. Some are bug fixes, but others are interesting and fun changes (such as access to raise Errantry monsters!). You can use Google Translate to see the changes coming.

    Click to see the translated Game fixes/Changes
    1. Pool training aptitude correction - Colt's Comment: Durability was important in pool training. The monolith is also a big success!
    2. Change the life reduction value during training - Colt's Comment: It is said that training will not reduce the life to an extreme. Will I be able to go a lot?
    3. Fixed guts recovery speed of "Virgin Happi" - Colt's Comment: The old Virginia Hapi (Fairy Hare) was strangely strong! ??
    4. "Chucky" name change - Colt's Comment: The overseas version name "Lucky" has been adopted. Nice to meet you!
    5. "Gari" skill acquisition correction - Colt's Comment: Gari can now learn the demon knuckle at the training ground.
    6. "Lucky" skill acquisition correction - Colt's Comment: Lucky can now learn a sonic boom in his training grounds.
    7. Corrected the skill acquisition of "Bajar" - Colt's Comment: You can learn a lot of techniques from Bhajar!
    8. "Hinotori" skill acquisition correction - Colt's Comment: There seems to be a hinoto that can remember "fire flames". Let's find out!
    9. Noramon "Kinglau" appearance condition change - Colt's Comment: Noramon (Enemy Monster) "Kinglau" can meet anytime if conditions are met! I'm going to beat you!
    10. "Bajar" body shape fix - Colt's Comment: Fixed the bad shape of the Badjar I'm glad Badjar!
    11. Implementation of "Protome Sire" - Colt's Comment: You can finally meet Proto Messiah! You did it! !!
    12. Bug fixes when maximum number of halls of fame - Colt's Comment: It's okay if the monsters in the Hall of Fame are full!
    13. Bug fixes when playing over 1625 - Colt's Comment: It's okay if the date exceeds 1625.
    14. Mysterious seed event correction - Colt's Comment: If the conditions are right, you can get a mysterious seed. This is safe!
    15. Abolition of patience - Colt's Comment: There was a monster who put up with his begging and was stressed. I knew?
    16. Colt training advice change - Colt's Comment: I will advise you on the growth of monsters after the second one. I'm growing up, too.
    17. Fixed the effect of the item "Gummy" - Colt's Comment: Feeding gummy can make you a good monster or a bad monster.
    18. Fixed the effect of the item "Futago Mizuzushi" (Gemeni Pot) - Colt's Comment: Twin Mizuzushi will reduce stress. Even if you have a lot, it will decrease!
    19. Implementation of the item "All-purpose glue" able to sell - Colt's Comment: You can now sell all-purpose glue (Strong Glue). Thank you, Aunt Verde.
    20. Changed the effect of the item "Magic Banana" - Colt's Comment: It has changed from an item that increases or decreases its lifespan to a body-friendly item that recovers from fatigue and stress!
    21. AI adjustment for auto battle - Colt's Comment: Monsters are now fighting aggressively without the breeder giving instructions!
    22. Correction of state change activation on the COM side - Colt's Comment: Didn't it become "bottom power" or "upside down" in the past? This time the enemy is also emotional.
    23. Corrected the effect of the state change "margin" - Colt's Comment: If you are attacked when you can afford it, it will cause a lot of damage. Even monsters are a big enemy!
    24. Corrected the effect of the state change "Unity" - Colt's Comment: Guts recovery will be faster at the time of "unity". It's the true character of Colorpandora!
    25. Addition of multiple item purchase function - Colt's Comment: You can now buy multiple items at the same time. Thank you, Aunt Verde.
    26. Implementation of monster body shape change - Colt's Comment: Monsters are getting fat and thin. Some monsters don't look different, though.
    27. Implementation of Noramon training - Colt's Comment: How, you will be able to grow rare Noramon! What kind of monster is exciting!
    28. Implementation of Shirozo and Shiromotchi training - Colt's Comment: You can also train those monsters (White Suezo/Mocchi) that appear in the Legend Cup! ?? It's white and cute!
    29. Monster ability modifier - Colt's Comment: Are there many invisible changes in talent? Some raremons live longer! ?? I'm looking forward to growing it!
    30. Parameter correction of monsters participating in the battle - Colt's Comment: Fixed the parameters of the FIMBA monsters that participated in the battle. Still, IMA will win!
    31. Parameter correction of Silver Cup "Lucky" - Colt's Comment: We have adopted the "lucky" parameter as the official value! ?? ?? ??
    32. Improved image quality of images and message fonts - Colt's Comment: The message is easier to read and the tournament logo is cleaner.
    33. Fixed monster operation bugs - Colt's Comment: Don't behave strangely or get stuck anymore.
    34. Fixed graphic bug - Colt's Comment: Every detail has been fixed. Want to find the difference?
    35. Ability numerical subdivision at the time of damage calculation - Colt's Comment: A small difference in ability may affect the outcome of the battle. Let's grow it carefully!
    36. Added display of total ability value - Colt's Comment: You can see the total ability of monsters without adding them. It's a measure of strength!
    37. Addition of training production fast-forward function - Colt's Comment: We have added a function that allows you to fast-forward the production of training. You can proceed quickly with this!
    38. Sound data remaster - Colt's Comment: The renewed songs, sound effects, and title BGM that was not implemented in the original are a must-listen!
    39. Implementation of auto save function - Colt's Comment: It's a safe feature even if you forget to save it!
    40. Improved save / load speed - Colt's Comment: It's fast and comfortable to save and load!
    41. Add guide button - Colt's Comment: You can quickly return to the title screen from the menu. It's convenient!
    42. Addition of online battle function - Colt's Comment: You can download your friend's monster and play against it!
    43. Addition of random battle function - Colt's Comment: You can play against monsters of the same strength raised by other breeders. How many wins can you win?
    44. Implementation of ID takeover function (smartphone version only) - Colt's Comment: Don't forget to change your smartphone model.
    45. Implementation of SNS cooperation (smartphone version only) - Colt's Comment: Take a screenshot of your pride and share it with everyone!
    46. In-game implementation of part-time job - Colt's Comment: You can always work part-time from the title screen. Can I get a reward monster?
    47. Supports music database for disc stone playback - Colt's Comment: Even if you don't have a CD, you can search for songs and play disc stones. It's a great time!
    48. Implementation of electronic manual - Colt's Comment: If you don't know how to play, always check it out!
    49. Implementation of my page - Colt's Comment: You can check NEWS from the game, random battles and tournament results.
    50. Tournament mode implementation - Colt's Comment: We are planning to hold a tournament where everyone can participate with the monsters they raised!
    You can see the original list which includes some screenshots here:

Monster Farm 2 trailer (on Nintendo Switch, out 9/17/2020)

... And Will Include the PocketStation Mini-Game!
(No english version announced yet)
Sources: Twitter, Famitsu - English articles: Gematsu, SiliconEra
Let Koei Tecmo know you want an English verion on Twitter and Facebook!

Monster Farm (1) on Nintendo Switch and Mobile Winter 2019

(No english version yet)
Let Koei Tecmo know you want an English verion on Twitter and Facebook!


Site Updates
July 2024 Updates
  • 7/8/24: Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher unlock guide is updated with visual references for many of the unlock items and events.
  • 7/6/24: Created an approximation of the Rule Book design and translated the rule book text.
  • 7/5/24: Created Card Placement for MFBC guides. Staged Any Monster & Breeder cards prepping for English Translations.
  • 7/4/24: MFBC restoration/translation progress: Completed the remaining 15 Mixed breed cards.
  • 7/3/24: MFBC restoration/translation progress: Arrow Head, Centaur, Colorpandora, and 19 Mixed breed cards.
  • 7/2/24: MFBC restoration/translation progress: Worm, Dragon, Durahan, Zilla, Metalner, Joker, and 7 Mixed breed cards.
  • 7/1/24: Removed all text drop-shadows on currently completed MFBC cards for clarity. Templates will not have drop shadow going forward
  • 7/1/24: Created MFBC Monster Card template and completed 22 monster cards
June 2024 Updates
  • 6/30/24: MFBC restoration/translation progress: Hare, Mocchi, Phoenix, Jell, Monol, Ghost, Henger, Mew, Plant.
  • 6/29/24: MFBC restoration/translation: Golem, Suezo, Pixie, Dino Naga - Also, created a searchable filterable database for looking up cards
  • 6/28/24: MFBC restoration/translation progress: Tiger and Gali
  • 6/27/24: The Monster Farm Battle Card gallery is numerically complete (every numerical sequence card). There may be a few alternate card arts missing but hopefully we'll get them eventually. Let the translations begin!
  • 6/22-26/24: Lots and lots of photo-editing, page and style revisions, have all but 1 card to complete the MFBC gallery. Some images could use better captures or scans.
  • 6/22/24: Began work with others on rebuilding the Monster Farm Battle Card database/gallery
  • 6/20/24: The owner of the MRBC Database requested their Archive and card images be removed from legendcup.
  • 6/17/24: Updated information on the specifics of how and why Gold and Silver peaches work the way they do in MR2, in the Items page.
  • 6/16/24: Several MRBC TCCG Cards were updated with proper names, and/or revised card descriptions. (ColorPandora, Joker, Ghost)
  • 6/12/24: Corrected a tile on MR2 Kawrea map image that should have been landscape/intraversable.
May 2024 Updates
  • 5/31/24: Split Competitive advice out of the Raising Methods page for MR2(DX) and placed it into a dedicated page, with new Competitive info and tips.
  • 5/26/24: Updates to MR2 Tech/Errantry calculator (JP and EN) to correct several remarks regarding tech chains and LIF recovery, and JP techs now have the Game accurate graphics instead of the emulation smoothed versions.
  • 5/15/24: Corrected a bit of info for MR2's Battle Special "Will" after vetting and validating it's function in both MR2 and MR2DX.
  • 5/14/24: Addeed bedegeln's technical data mined info for Monster Rancher Advance 2 as a new page under the topic of "Raising Mechanics".
  • 5/12/24: Fixed MR1DX monster image for Two-Tone, to show the plain model used in DX, and not the 1997 Ultra Gameplayers promotional model.
  • 5/6-7/24: After CSS consolidation, retouched on MR4 guides to use new and consolidated styles and formatting across all MR4 guide pages.
  • 5/3-4/24: Complete website move to a new web host and DNS propagation.
  • 5/2/24: More CSS Consolidation and re-touched a few older pages to bring them in-line with the newer styles used in newer parts of the site. Far from complete, but a first step.
  • 5/1/24: More images added to the Unlocking guides, fixed a few more sneaky typos, modified some verbiage to make distinctions for specific event dates.
April 2024 Updates
  • 4/28/24: Added images to the MR1 Unlock Guide for combining items used to unlock monsters.
  • 4/28/24: Added "Open in new tabs" links to MR3 RanRan adventure maps to make it easier to see the larger images of all the points of interest.
  • 4/27/24: Added clarification and also fixed a typo in the Unlock guide for Ducken. There is no "Ducken Doll", but there are two versions of Quack Doll. Images have been added for clarification. Also added images for Durahan and Jill since these have 2 different items involved in their unlock process as well.
  • 4/24/24: Reworked Maps pages for MR1, MR2, UKMR to include newly consolidated styles.
  • 4/24/24: CSS consolidation of random slightly different styles peppered through out the site over many pages to be more consistent.
  • 4/22/24: Fixed some style issues introduced when including new data, and fixed a few more found typos on the MR2 Unlock Everything guide.
  • 4/19/24: Multiple minor typos fixed on MR2 Maps page and added DX updated info and Dadge verbiage on Battle Specials page.
  • 4/16/24: Corrected an issue with the Japanese MR2 battle calculator.
  • 4/15/24: Massive style overhaul to the MR2 CD Reading process page to clean up table code and make it easier to navigate.
  • 4/13/24: Added a few new bits of explanations in the MR2 Beginner's Guide that come up frequently enough to be included.
  • 4/11/24: Fixed several values in the MR2 Battle Calculator that were listed in the wrong fields when selecting the HardMode 1.0 version, and added Hit/Miss times to the Battle Calculator
March 2024 Updates
  • 3/31/24: Added screenshots for Ultra Kaiju MR instructions for uploading Kaiju to the VS mode servers.
  • 3/26/24: Updated MR2 Items Passives into a table.
  • 3/19/24: Updated Enemy/Errantry boss encounter chances and added a new table with specific chance encounters based on conditions.
  • 3/19/24: Fixed a bug in the MR2 Combining Calculator that loaded improper baseline starting stats for Parent 1 when loaded from a Save or Share link.
  • 3/13/24: Overhauled the Guides link page with new CSS to make larger buttons for navigating each game's guides, to include mouseover tooltips for additional info.
February 2024 Updates
  • 2/24/24: Fixed a bug in the EN and JP Battle calculators that miscalculated recoil damage.
  • 2/24/24: Replaced the AI upscaled MR2 tech icons with game-accurate tech icons in the Tech and Errantry calculator.
  • 2/17/24: Formatting changes for MR3 RanRan adventures to match formatting on other pages.
  • 2/16/24: Added a dedicated page for Ultra Kaiju MR OST/BGM to pick/choose single songs at a time to listen to with embedded player.
  • 2/12/24: Calcs for Hit% adjustment for MR2DX were updated on the Battle Calculator.
  • 2/9/24: updated MR2 items page to include sortable tables for many of the items
  • 2/6/24: Fix an error on Ultra Kaiju Fusion Calc EN/JP so it can display more than 14 results from fusion. Also added an option to toggle if you own the DLC or not so fusion will be accurate when using specific Kaiju if you do NOT own the DLC.
  • 2/5/24: Added additional information to the MR1 and MR2 Walkthrough / Beginner's guides with imagery to help with explanations.
January 2024 Updates
  • 1/26/24: Fix a calc error in the Paradoxine Calculator Excel file for MR2.
  • 1/24/24: Ultra Kaiju Southeast Asia version Song List has been solved and page has been updated with a curated, filtered list data-mined monster data.
All 2023 updates
    December 2023 Updates
    • 12/21/23: Changed UKMR Keyword Solver visuals to match the Song List (background colors for better/worse values from searched keywords)
    • 12/19/23: Fixed issue with site background logos for Dark Mode users, as well as a few other pages so they are Dark Mode friendly.
    • 12/18/23: A bug fix in the MR2 Combining Calculator that prevented certain parent suggestions for some species.
    • 12/16/23: Added a new YT Video for the Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Background Music
    • 12/12/23: Fixed MR2 Hard Mode techs for Durahan's Legend Pulse and Hopper's Lightning.
    • 12/10/23: Added Saving individual monsters & custom stat gains for MR2 Combining Calculator.
    • 12/6/23: Added support for Save/Load/Share for Monster Rancher 1 Combining Calculator
    • 12/5/23: Added support for Save/Load/Share for Ultra Kaiju Fusion Calculator
    November 2023 Updates
    • 11/21/23: Added new monster data for MR3 to include new Stat Gain growth values, GR, Guts/s,, Life Type, and Lifespan from Lexichu's datamining efforts, and also a new Life Stage heat map with the new data.
    • 11/16/23: Added a Count number to each of the expandable monster sections for the image pages for MR1,2,3,4,EVO,DS,UKMR
    • 11/10/23: SEO optimization replacing/correcting eading tags across the entire site.
    • 11/10/23: UKMR Field Guide page has been updated with the animations for the Main Breed of each section for an idea of their movement and 360 view.
    • 11/9/23: UKMR Unlock page has been re-styled to match the rest of the unlock guides to include Title and images of the unlockable Kaiju.
    • 11/7/23: Added all Lore/Flavor text to Kaiju for the UKMR Field Guide
    • 11/5/23: Added better images for MR1&2DX exclusives on the Encyclopedia pages, and also included their Book/Card flavor texts which had been missing.
    • 11/5/23: Replaced Mousover images on the MR1 and MR2 Book/Card data, and PocketStation Sprites with a new layout to match the earlier changes and make it mobile compatible.
    • 11/4/23: Created Field Guide page for Ultra Kaiju MR for quick List-Style view of the entire Field Guide.
    • 11/4/23: Replaced Javascript with HTML CSS on Monster Rancher DS Monster Pictures page and added unique SEO alt text for each image.
    • 11/4/23: Replaced Javascript with HTML CSS on Monster Rancher EVO/MR5 Monster Pictures page and added unique SEO alt text for each image.
    • 11/3/23: Separated Monster Rancher 4 Techs from the pictures/Monster Data into it's own page.
    • 11/3/23: Replaced Javascript with HTML CSS on Monster Rancher 4 Monster Pictures/Data page and added unique SEO alt text for each image.
    • 11/3/23: Replaced Javascript with HTML CSS on MRBC Card Viewer page and added unique SEO alt text for each image.
    • 11/2/23: SEO attempt to index images for Legacy monster data pages for MR1, MR2, MR3 with unique ALT text for every image.
    • 11/1/23: Replaced Javascript with HTML CSS on the Legacy monster data pages for MR1, MR2, MR3. MR1&2DX pages are unchanged.
    October 2023 Updates
    • 10/26/23: Training Planner update; Fixed an issue with fatigue from a tournament at -100 form.
    • 10/15/23: Make-A-Monster (1 & 2) had a minor update to automatically remove spaces and special characters from file names which previously appeared to affect some Mobile users being able to use the files correctly without manually renaming them.
    • 10/15/23: Added a name generator to the tournaments page. WIP
    • 10/14/23: MR2 Training Planner has 2 new features: Ability to input custom starting Stress & Fatigue, and can also share filled out schedules with the Share button.
    • 10/13/23: EN and JP versions of Errantry Calculator have a Fixed CSS issue for some monsters, and correction for Niton's Maximal Shock.
    • 10/8/23: Updates to MR1, MR2, MRA2, and UKMR maps
    • 10/4/23: MR3 high-res and upscaled Close up images of each region's important search locations is completed.
    • 10/1/23: Overview maps have been updated to also include several randomized searchable spots not in the original MRM maps.
    September 2023 Updates
    • 9/30/23: MR3 Maps page revised with new high-res large map overview (remade from SuperBKato's low-res originals), removed the mouseover and href links and replaced with regular scaling images for map closeups.
    • 9/29/23: Added Life Type values for 1997 MR1 monster data.
    • 9/28/23: MR2 Make-A-Monster tutorial video finished
    • 9/27/23: MR1 Make-A-Monster tutorial video finished
    • 9/23/23: MR1 Combining Calculator tutorial video finished
    • 9/17/23: UKMR Fusion calculator video finished
    • 9/15/23: Added Fame info for MR1 to the Monster Data, DX Song List, and Walkthrough.
    • 9/12/23: MR2 Combining Calculator tutorial video finished.
    • 9/8/23: Several minor updates to Walkthroughs and unlock guides for MR1 & 2.
    • 9/7/23: Changed spellings of several techs in Errantry Calculator to match MR2DX's name changes.
    • 9/5/23: Corrected a description typo in the MR2 combination calculator (actual Calcs unaffected)
    August 2023 Updates
    • 8/30/23: Updated censor word list for DX online censored names.
    • 8/29/23: Added Stress Schedules for PVP in Raising Methods competitive tips.
    • 8/28/23: Training Planner tutorial video finished.
    • 8/28/23: Added BlueSky social Media contact.
    • 8/28/23: Added more helpful info to Training Planner footer, and minor navigation corrections on the MR4 guide pages.
    • 8/22/23: Added Scribble to the MR2 Unlock roster and notes for DX version.
    • 8/19/23: Errantry Calculator tutorial video finished.
    • 8/11/23: NYA & GHOST captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/9/23: DRAGON captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/7/23: HENGER captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/6/23: MAGIC captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/5/23: Updated Item descriptions for Vitamin C and D for MR1 to include the lifespan hit from using is per each week.
    • 8/5/23: Fixed a display issue for Chrome on Mobile with the MR2 Errantry & Tech calculator.
    • 8/5/23: DOODLE captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/3/23: UKMR life adjustment calculator updated to support multiple lifestage calculations at once.
    • 8/3/23: PIXIE captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/2/23: DINO captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 8/1/23: PLANT captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    July 2023 Updates
    • 7/31/23: UKMR Techs page has had some revision to verbiage, and a correction for percent of learning techs penalties.
    • 7/31/23: GOLEM captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/30/23: HARE captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/30/23: Added missing Maccam and Megiras (B and A grade dragons) to the MR1 opponents list.
    • 7/29/23: JELL captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/27/23: TIGER captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/27/23: Added Lost % chances for MR1 maps (Thanks Runasoru for helping me understand the table!)
    • 7/25/23: Created a consolidated page for MR3 Region and Monster unlocks and included images of the unlockable monsters
    • 7/25/23: WORM captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/23/23: SUEZO captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/21/23: Found the wrong DexPlorer version in downloads and corrected it. Renamed file downloads to include their version numbers.
    • 7/21/23: MONOL captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/19/23: GALI captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/16/23: DISK captures of MR1 sprite animations completed.
    • 7/14/23: APE captures of MR1 sprite animations completed. Created MR1 Sprite Animations page where all of the monsters will be displayed.
    • 7/13/23: Added a Utilities section in the Game Saves/Downloads page to include the Advanced Viewers, Powershell Scripts, and other future utilities. Renamed the old Dex and Xport software's section "Legacy Software" due to their age.
    • 7/2/23: Seperated the Opponents/Enemies from the MR1 & 2 Calendars and placed them onto their own pages.
    June 2023 Updates
    • 6/29/23: Fixed a few stats and opponents in the MR2 Calender Tournament Opponents
    • 6/23/23: EN version of MR2 combination calculator now allows for Saving/Importing/Exporting combination parameters.
    • 6/3/23: Several page updates to reduce the amount of expandable menus which was originally a work-around for reducing clutter
    May 2023 Updates
    • 5/23/23: Inserted every page to include a Last Modified timestap so that one can gauge the last time data of a given page was touched/looked at.
    • 5/14/23: Converted MR1 Cheat Codes from MRM into it's own page on LC for more organized and formatted codes.
    • 5/13/23: Created first draft of "New Player/Beginner" guides for MR1 & 2 to help fill a gap of missing information for new players to ease into much of the technical data on the site.
    • 5/5/23: Ultra Kaiju Battle Adventure information has Enemy Encounter data added, along with several minor updates/corrections for items.
    April 2023 Updates
    • 4/24/23: Updates for MR1 and MR2 raising method guides to include additional beginner information
    • 4/20/23: UKMR Super COV and Garamon unlock requirements adjusted after new found data.
    • 4/17/23: UKMR Items page Generic and Kaiju specific item categories updated with new info.
    • 4/10/23: UKMR Personality information along with A.I. processing is solved and published.
    • 4/9/23: UKMR Keyword Solver had a bug that was fixed (Previously entries using a colon character indicated the wrong Kaiju. Curated Keyword List update to follow soon)
    • 4/7/23: Ultra Kaiju Tournament opponents Stats table is now sortable
    • 4/7/23: Ultra Kaiju Battle Cookie/Traits updated with Technical data
    March 2023 Updates
    • 3/31/23: Ultra Kaiju Cookie/Traits updated with the 3 stat levels of Basic/Strong/Rainbow cookies.
    • 3/28/23: MR2 Calendar Tournament and Errantry opponent data updated with GR, Loyalty, Nature, arena movement, Techs and Battle specials
    • 3/27/23: Added Ultra Kaiju Territory Battle data mined information by SmilingFaces96
    • 3/26/23: Added Ultra Kaiju tournament opponent Traits to the Tournament Calendar page.
    • 3/25/23: Added Ultra Kaiju tournament opponent Techs to the Tournament Calendar page.
    • 3/23/23: Make-A-Monster now includes more helpful guide/tips. Also a bunch of minor typo corrections across multiple pages & games.
    • 3/19/23: Ultra Kaiju Japanese CD/Song list is fully solved.
    • 3/17/23: Ultra Kaiju MR data mining of Resting is published.
    • 3/15/23: Ultra Kaiju MR Keywords List updated with 13k unique Kaiju entries after solving over 1 million keywords and removing duplicates.
    • 3/14/23: MR2 Raising Methods page re-organized. Also added SF96 Errantry Success/Fail and Gain tables.
    • 3/8/23: Transcribed Ultra Kaiju In-Game help guide into a page for ease of finding topics.
    • 3/7/23: Ultra Kaiju UMF Code Solver app (NEW!) Look up UMF codes to see what Kaiju results they can generate.
    • 3/6/23: Ultra Kaiju Keyword Solver app (NEW!) Look up any keyword and solve what it makes, including all offsets and extra techs!
    February 2023 Updates
    • 2/23/23: MR2 Battle Calculator updates/fixes for EN and JP calculators
    • 2/15/23: Ultra Kaiju MR techs page updated with more accurate interpretations of the numeric values of "Effects".
    January 2023 Updates
    • 1/22/23: The entire MRM Archive has finally been fully converted from the old HTML files. Due to the volume of pages and bulk find/replace, it's possible there are some broken links.
    • 1/10/23: Alchius' Hard Mode 1.0 data added to MR2 Errantry & Tech list, and MR2 Battle Calculator
All 2022 updates
    December 2022 Updates
    • 12/24/22: MR2 Battle Calculator for seeing how attacks will hit, if you can survive one.
    • 12/17/22: UKMR Tournament/Opponent Kaiju have been added to the UKMR Calendar of Events
    • 12/16/22: Site banner re-design and some new friends to randomly appear in the corner
    November 2022 Updates
    • 11/21/22: Minor corrections to Fusion Calculator with special unlock conditions, Monster data tables, and Keyword/Song lists
    • 11/17/22: Added Heals/Absorbs/Self-Damage to the UKMR Tech Charts, in addition to the Buff/Debuffs.
    • 11/16/22: Minor edits/Clarifications for UKMR Unlock parameters for several monsters, Updated OCT Adventure map to include Ace-Killer energy absorbing crystal as an obstacle.
    • 10/20 - 11/15/22: Most UKMR pages are finally slowing down with updates and being finalized.
    • 11/11/22: MR4 guides update/Sync of ADC*Ken's with new data-mined information.
    October 2022 Updates
    • 10/20/22: BIG LAUNCH OF UKMR -- Will have to catch up on site updates. Many pages will have constant updates over the next few weeks.
    • 10/5/22: UKMR "CDDB" Pages created each for Japan, Southeast Asia, North/South America versions of the game.
    • 10/5/22: Preservation of ADC*Ken's GameFAQs MR4 guide transcribed to LegendCup.
    September 2022 Updates
    • 9/28/22: Added drill summaries for MR3 raising methods for each locale.
    • 9/23/22: Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Public CD List & Database is now "Live". Test entries will be cleaned prior to UKMR Go-Live.
    • 9/20/22: Added placeholder pages for UKMR for several categories and prepared Site indexing for Google Search/Analytics.
    • 9/14/22: Minor revisions to MR1 & 2 Expedition maps for Money Routes.
    • 9/11/22: Added All Opponent tournament, and errantry monster stats to the MR2 Calendar.
    • 9/7/22: Updated Japanese Combining Calculator with Suggest Parents/Baby options.
    • 9/6/22: Updated Combining Calculator updates (Suggest Parents/Baby) to include other versions of the game.
    August 2022 Updates
    • 8/25/22: Minor update for Japanese language pages and links to them.
    • 8/9/22: MR2 Combining Calculator major update: now includes "Suggesting Parents" for baby, or suggesting a baby that matches already raised parent(s)!
    • 8/3/22: Added Paradoxine and Troron to the MR2 Training Planner, and included the lifespan adjustment for using the drugs.
    July 2022 Updates
    • 7/31/22: Revised MR1 Feeding and Work schedules. Previous schedules listed spent slightly more money than was necessary.
    • 7/27/22: Added URL parameters for many pages with single drop-down selections so you can link directly to that drop-down selection in the future or to others.
    • 7/12/22: Bug fixes in the combination calculator where some selections weren't showing up in the drop-downs.
    • 7/12/22: MR1 Tech List updated with numeric values for the Letter value counterparts.
    • 7/12/22: Changed Table Headers for MR1&2DX CD List to align with the dropdown box colors, and added "Enemy Monster" alert to the MR2DX CD List.
    • 7/8/22: Added Money Routes to Hartville MR1 expeditions inside the Legend.
    • 7/8/22: Added Money Routes to Torles and Kawrea MR2 expeditions inside the Legend.
    • 7/7/22: Added Japanese CD List for MF2DX CDDB
    June 2022 Updates
    • 6/29/22: MR2 Maps page revision for layout and consolidation of data for searchable locations.
    • 6/21/22: Added Japanese CD List for MF1DX CDDB.
    • 6/20/22: MR1DX CDDB Title/Artist was updated to generate all exact stat monsters.
    • 6/19/22: Fixed some inconsistencies in the MR1DX CDDB
    • 6/18/22: Fixed calculations in Training Planner, Updates to MR1 Monster Data, Updates to MR2 Maps, Several corrections made in the MR1&DX monster data stat gains
    • 6/16/22: Updates to MR1 Item list. Removed the Japanese monsters from the English monster list since we now have the DX list to see them.
    • 6/8/22: Training Planner application added to MR2/DX tools! Plug in items, drills, rest, errantry and see your stress/fatigue values!
    • 6/6/22: Corrected DX item info for Artemis Sculpture, Added a few extra item's sell prices on items page, Added the 3 different spellings of Telomeann in the game to items page.
    • 6/5/22: Added a MR2(+DX) Training Schedule Planner application to test out training methods and other events while training.
    • 6/1/22: Added additional H.A.D. No-Rest Method for MR2DX
    May 2022 Updates
    • 5/16/22: MR2+DX Money Making strategies revamped with Early, Mid, and Late game strategies and explanations.
    • 5/15/22: Lots of minor updates over the last week (clarification, spelling etc.)
    • 5/1/22: Created a DX Online Name checker to help find names that will be censored when uploaded for VS play.
    April 2022 Updates
    • 4/27/22: Replaced Magic (recolored) and Armadragon (renamed from Jihad) screenshots in the DX CDDB
    • 4/22/22: Added 2 missing techs from Henger MR3 tech list
    • 4/21/22: Removed as many "Back To Top" links as I could find. Replaced with a site-wide "TOP" arrow that appears after scrolling down on the page.
    • 4/20/22: UPDATE to MR3 Attributes thanks to Lexi!
    • 4/20/22: Added random "announcement" rotation for multiple announcement banners at the top.
    • 4/20/22: Recreated the Game Saves page, and Expedition/Maps pages for MR1, MR2, MR3 and included new styles.
    • 4/18/22: Monster Rancher DS Encyclopedia book entries added
    • 4/13/22: MRM Site file modifications to include a full title for each game section, and 3rd party Search "Free Find" re-indexing so future searches include the Game Titles in the search result links instead of just MRM.
    • 4/7/22: Completed reformatting the MR2 unlock guide in a numbered/step format, from the original paragraph format.
    • 4/6/22: Completed reformatting the MR1 unlock guide in a numbered/step format, from the original paragraph format.
    March 2022 Updates
    • 3/31/22: Added Stat Gains and Guts values for Monster Rancher 3 Book/Encyclopedia
    • 3/28/22: Updates to MR3 Tech List details, minor site visual updates in the Navigation menu (rounded corners)
    • 3/27/22: MR3 Tech List data page added.
    • 3/24/22: MR1 Techs page now has color styling to indicate POW (yellow) and INT (green) based techs.
    • 3/23/22: Added new pages for MR3's Accessories and Monster Attributes.
    • 3/12/22: Minor verbiage corrections for clarification on differences between MR2 and MR2DX regarding combining and Disc Chips for nature. Items page also revised for Gali/Joker chips.
    • 3/10/22: Translated more MR1 data from the MR1 Japanese wiki for additions/corrections to MR1 FAQs.
    • 3/6/22: MR1 Combination Calculator now has full year calendar with highlighted dates indicated for target baby results.
    February 2022 Updates
    • 2/23/22: Added mundane items to MR2 item list. Added simplified table for Stress values for scolds/deny/broken promises.
    • 2/21/22: Monster Rancher Advance 2 maps and page created to revise some of the old 2003 text maps.
    • 2/14/22: More MR1 data added to raising methods for Holly's warnings, and Tournament lifespan hits.
    • 2/10/22: MR1 Combination calculator updated with additional information/tables for Baby Breed determinations.
    January 2022 Updates
    • 1/27/22: MR1&2 Calenders with links to Monster unlocks, now links to their respective monster on the unlock page.
    • 1/27/22: Minor changes to MR2/DX raising methods (Mostly styles/rearrangements, and some clarifications)
    • 1/26/22: MR2/DX Tech List Instructions translated for Japanese players.
    • 1/25/22: Minor corrections to MR1/DX raising methods, and MR1 & 2 Unlock aesthetic changes.
    • 1/24/22: MR2DX CD List monsters have had the SPD bug gains replaced with Normal gains (KT fixed the bug)
    • 1/23/22: MR2/DX Tech List translated for Japanese players.
    • 1/22/22: MR1&2 Unlock Guides now have links directly to each monster unlock.
    • 1/21/22: Added DX specific monsters to Combination Calculator
    • 1/20/22: MR2 Raising Tips given a small makeover/re-arrangement to better categorize raising tips outside of Feeding/Drill schedules.
    • 1/19/22: MR2 Raising Tips revisions/clarifications for DX specific scenarios.
    • 1/14/22: Added MR1 Calendar/Schedule of Annual Events, includes new info not on previous calenders!
    • 1/13/22: Minor updates to MR2 Tech page from SmilingFaces96 tech data mining
    • 1/13/22: MR1 Maps page has some layout revisions and clarifications for unlocks.
    • 1/6/22: Added Sell values of many items that weren't previously listed (Silver, Gold, Platina, Gemini Pot, Artemis Statue, Hero/Heel Badge etc.)
    • 1/6/22: MR1 & MR1DX Consolidated tech list is now available.
    • 1/5/22: MR2/DX Disc Chip images captured. All chips on the MR2 Items page. Expedition page has chips filtered for only chips found on a given expedition.
All 2021 updates

    December 2021 Updates
    • 12/30/21: MR1DX CDDB list is completed. Submissions closed and filtered list is updated on the page.
    • 12/30/21: MR2 maps updated with higher resolutions and match style of MR1 maps.
    • 12/24/21: MR1 Combination Calculator plus manual tables for reference.
    • 12/23/21: MR1 Items breakdown.
    • OMG! MR1&2DX Released this month. SO MANY UPDATES! Most updates pertain to adjustments in DX versions of the game across various pages, a few minor bug fixes to MR2 errantry calculator, and working on datamining the 664,909 CD List entries in the DX CDDB.
    November 2021 Updates
    • 11/25/21: Updated MR1 and MR2 Monster Data pages to also include links to the MRDX CDDB list
    • 11/24/21: Updated MR1 raising tips
    • 11/8/21: Fixed some bugs in the DX database that didn't allow for some special characters on submit.
    • 11/1/21: MR1 & 2 DX CD List and Database is up for public testing until the 12/9/21 Go live date.
    October 2021 Updates
    • 10/3/21: Fixed broken link for .PS2 game save for 222 encyclopedia for MR3.
    • 10/3/21: Fixed MF2 Switch port Combination Calculator issue when using disk chips, which differs from MR2 combining.
    September 2021 Updates
    • 9/19/21: Months in the making, MR2 tech errantry calculator & tech list is live.
    • 9/16/21: Fixed mobile bug for sticky navigation on MRM nav menu. Navigation should stick to top of screen again.
    • 9/7/21: MR1 Make-A-Monster: Doodle/Doodle is an option now
    • 9/6/21: Added CD/Song list pages in preparation for MRDX 1 & 2
    August 2021 Updates
    • 8/12/21: Combination Calculator for MR2 was translated by Teawch into Japanese as Google Translate breaks the app's functions.
    • 8/8/21: MR1 Monster Data page layout modified to load up All of 1 Main breed at a time for faster page response.
    • 8/8/21: MR3 Encyclopedia page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport
    • 8/7/21: MR4 Encyclopedia page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport.
    • 8/6/21: MRBCII PSX card page updated with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport.
    • 8/4/21: MR5/MREVO page updated with with drop down selection display and replaces mouse-overs, images are displayed in-page/autoscale to viewport.
    • 8/3/21: MR5/MREVO higher resolution images completed and page update with animated main breed per breed section.
    • 8/1/21: MR2 Monster Data page layout modified to load up All of 1 Main breed at a time for faster page response.
    July 2021 Updates
    • 7/26/21: Techs & Battle Specials page was getting cluttered. These are split into 2 separate pages now.
    • 7/26/21: MRM back end update. Changes for include files implemented for easier management of the archive.
    • 7/22/21: Monster Rancher 4 Images update! 3x larger resolution than original + Animated main breed flair.
    • 7/19/21: MR1 encyclopedia now has Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section!
    • 7/18/21: MR2 encyclopedia now has Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section!
    • 7/18/21: Cleaned up MR1, MR2, MR3 encyclopedia pages. Gave some style to mouse-over images.
    • 7/17/21: Monster Rancher 3 Images update. 3x larger resolution than original, plus new Main breed animated thumbnails for each breed's section!
    • 7/17/21: Make-A-Monster MR2 now has .zip file download options for emulators as well.
    • 7/11/21: Make-A-Monster MR2 now has .zip file download options for all monsters NTSC/PAL. They are pre-generated so stat customization isn't an option
    • 7/8/21: Updated MR1 map images and included better breakout details for obstacle requirements and items to find.
    June 2021 Updates
    • 6/15/21:n Began conversion of the game's Book/Encyclopedia/3D images from JPG/PNG to .webp format to reduce bandwidth and speed up page load times.
    • 6/14/21: Added a page for Monster Rancher (1) Book/Card pictures + other Monster Data
    • 6/4/21: Updated site navigation with a single link for the Monster Rancher pictures. The menu was growing too large for mobile devices.
    • 6/1/21: Updated information about the Kalaragi bug in MR3 and how to identify which game version you have.
    May 2021 Updates
    • 5/30/21: Combination Calculator for MR2 now contains Cocooned options for parents, as well as combination data for Hard Mode mods.
    • 5/27/21: Updated MR2 raising tips. Mostly formatting updates and internal page navigation. some clarifications made as well.
    • 5/21/21: Converted MRM's MR2 calendar to LC's FAQ so that it can be linked from without modifying the archive files
    • 5/18/21: Updated MR1, MR2, MR3 pictures with slightly better resolution based from original files.
    • 5/15/21: Added new research pages on the FAQ for MR2 converted from their original Word formats.
    • 5/15/21: Revised the Raising Tips / No-Rest method to include additional options.
    • 5/12/21: Make-A-Monster .ccd files now have version=5 as default (was version=3) to match the version of CloneCD linked in the Laboratory.
    • 5/11/21: Combination Calculator now has a field for Techs so you can gauge how many starting techs a baby monster will have.
    • 5/2/21: Added several "Cheap" raising methods for MR2 from 200 to 310g per month (when compared to No-Rest which is 1,300g per month)
    April 2021 Updates
    • 04/20/21: Added Cheat codes for MR2 page. Converted from MRM and included some updates (Breeder/Monster name change info)
    • 04/18/21: Fixed Mouse-Over image display issue for MR Evo pictures page.
    • 04/17/21: Lisa's Immortal Golem MR1 gamesaves appeared to have been corrupted. I was able to recover the files with MemCardRex, and re-save them in .GME format and they appear to be working again.
    • 04/09/21: Consolidated/Simplified info for MR2 No-Rest raising method, the info is the same.
    • 04/06/21: Updated many of the image heavy pages to include lazy image loading for faster page load and performance.
    • 04/06/21: Updated MR2 Monster Data page to include any Monster FARM 2 differences (Stat gains, guts, move speed etc.)
    March 2021 Updates
    • 03/24/21: Updated MR2 Tech Chart & Battle Specials with ChroniusNightmare's updates.
    • 03/21/21: Added a MR2 Combination Calculator Web Application, by Teawch!

All 2020 updates
    December 2020 Updates
    • 12/04/20: Added a Web Application, by Teawch, to the Laboratory to generate MR2 monster data to use in the Shrine. Supports NTSC and PAL versions!
    November 2020 Updates
    • 11/26/20: Added screen captures and translations from Switch Monster Farm 2.
    • 11/15/20: Revised MR2 unlock guide to include more specific verbiage and stat requirements.
    October 2020 Updates
    • 10/30/20: Changed formatting on advanced monster data for Gains to match JP wiki data (Values are letters E through A instead of 1 through 5)
    • 10/29/20: Added known Enemy Monster Data for MF2 on Switch (JP) to the MR2 Monster Data page. Working on localizing the names (like battle specials and extra techs).
    • 10/28/20: MR2 Subcode data files for Non-Rare monsters added in a single download in the Laboratory (335 monsters).
    • 10/28/20: Added MR2 Enemy Monster 3D model/Card pictures to the advanced data page.
    • 10/28/20: Stardust contributed MR1 saves to be used for the MR2 Slate options with loads of mains & subs to choose from. Great if you can't make your own monsters from the Laboratory, or don't have a large CD collection!
    • 10/27/20: PAL Players rejoice. SmilingFaces96 has provided the remaining Rare/??? subcode data, using reverse engineering practices to manually create the subcode data the game is looking for, including alternate rares! Details in the Laboratory!.
    September 2020 Updates
    • 9/25/20: Added an Advanced data page for MR2 monsters along with 3D model screenshots. (Agyle's compiled format)
    • 9/23/20: Added additional Battle Special documentation to the Techs & Battle specials page.
    • 9/23/20: Updated maps page with Alchius' compiled map details and converted the Google Doc info to web page format.
    • 9/22/20: Updated missing minimum stat requirement for Joker Mask discovery on expedition on MR2 maps page.
    • 9/22/20: Added Alchius' simplified combining guide with hosted result pictures.
    • 9/22/20: Added revised/clarified MR2 unlock guide with MR2 map linkbacks on expedition related unlocks.
    • 9/21/20: MRM's MR2 item lists were on multiple pages/topics. A new MR2 item with all of the items/effects consolidated into one page.
    • 9/16/20: If you plan on playing Monster FARM 1 or 2 (JP) on Switch/Mobile, I've added a link to the list of rares within the FAQ.
    • 9/13/20: New PAL region subcode added for "Monster Rancher" (MR2 equivalent)
    • 9/13/20: Removed the Grid layout of the MR3 Encyclopedia and replaced it with the same layout as the other PS2 games.
    • 9/12/20: Added 6 more monsters to the ??? Rare MR2 subcode data download file in the Laboratory.
    • 9/11/20: Added 15 more monsters to the ??? Rare MR3 subcode data download file in the Laboratory.
    • 9/11/20: Reformatted the MR2 Tech list page. Content now conforms to mobile screen. removed iframe.
    • 9/7/20: Began creation of the MR2 Menu pictures page for those playing the JP version and need an English reference point.
    • 9/4/20: Fixed site-wide issues to correct SSL certificate "Partially Secure" warning.
    August 2020 Updates
    • 8/26/20: Added new content for MR2 Tech list and Battle Specials. Consolidated charts in PNG format thanks to ChroniusNightmare
    • 8/15/20: Several fixes on MRM: navigation, CSS, Favicon
    • 8/15/20: Legal page updated with higher resolution capture of Email from Tecmo + PDF of the entire conversation.
    • 8/15/20: Minor edits to MR1 & MR2 Maps pages, and MR2 Raising Methods.
    • 8/13/20: Fixed an issue on MRM archive that didn't include images or styles when using https.
    • 8/12/20: Added padding to the MRM main body area of the site for all pages so the new style doesn't run content into the edges of the browser.
    • 8/11/20: Minor adjustments to MRM header & Navigation. Introduced Style Sheets to the MRM site for easier future control.
    • 8/1/20: Converted Monster Rancher Metropolis' site to a Non-Frames version of the site. May go live soon.
    July 2020 Updates
    • 7/26/20: Added Google Search page and Adjusted the Navigation yet again, this time to reduce wasted vertical space.
    • 7/26/20: Random Monster flair in the corner logo. Also Corner and Title images link to Homepage.
    • 7/26/20: Changed up the navigation a little to consolidate menu items into fewer dropdowns
    • 7/26/20: Revamp of HTML Title tags trying to optimize for SEO.
    • 7/25/20: Sticky Navigation! With the new site navigation I was able to implement this gracefully. enjoy!
    • 7/24/20: Complete overhaul of site navigation and tables to allow for a more mobile friendly experience.
    • 7/24/20: Overhauled MR2 and MR1 expedition maps to match the look and feel of MR3's earlier re-design.
    • 7/23/20: Integrated Google Analytics for Search ranking troubleshooting, and to help identify areas for mobile viewing improvement.
    • 7/22/20: Major overhaul and Consolidation of the 5 different Monster Rancher 3 map pages into a single page with map sections.
    • 7/22/20: Embedded the Donations google docs into the donations page
    • 7/21/20: Added a buffer space to the bottom of the Encyclopedias so Mouse-Over images have room and no longer display off the page.
    • 7/21/20: Edited more pages on the site to utilize the new styles, completely overhauled other pages so they would work with the new styles.
    • 7/20/20: Created a FAQ page explaining How and Why you need to disable JavaScript for the MRM portions of the site.
    • 7/20/20: Consolidated all MR2 Maps onto a single page for all Expeditions including locale Close-Ups.
    • 7/20/20: Consolidated all MR1 Maps onto a single page for all Expeditions.
    • 7/20/20: Heavy edits on the Laboratory. Continued page updates to include new CSS.
    • 7/19/20: Overhaul of CSS styles. Editing popular pages first to use the new CSS.
    • 7/19/20: Created higher resolution navigation background images.
    • 7/18/20: Revisited some pages in FAQ, corrected many typos, rewrote and elaborated on some info.
    • 7/17/20: Reformatted the Laboratory, changed links, recreated site index for Google upload.
    • 7/13/20: Fan Stuff! Added BigKahuna's Monster Rancher Pinball and some Pixie Fan Art by Alan Gutierrez
    • 7/13/20: Added 2 Streamers to the Streamers links. Check them out!
    • 7/12/20: Fixed Hover over image links in MR Pictures so that the image does not obscure the link or the monster flavor text.
    • 7/12/20: Re-arranged the Community links to be more in-line with current-day community platforms and linked them to correlating sections. Moved "Downloads" to the main link section at the top.
    • 7/12/20: Added new section for Links under Community for Streamers/YouTubers. Also considering other social media platforms.
    • 7/11/20: Added new sections to FAQ labelled "MRM Highlights" that link to specific pages of interest within the Embedded MRM site.
    • 7/11/20: Site's banner logo-image redone with better type-setting and symmetry. I wasn't happy with the original attempt to merge LC and MRM into the image, there's a lot of Wordy-Words. Hopefully everyone agrees this is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing than the first attempt.
    • 7/11/20: Rebuilt the FAQ section again with mini-nav and categories making it easier to link to related topics outside of LegendCup.
    • 7/11/20: More site map re-indexing for Google, after so many site changes.
    • 7/11/20: Recreated the Tournament Recap main page and archives to be site-themed and embedded in the site template instead of stand-alone HTML files.
    • 7/11/20: More consolidation on Fan Stuff. Included everything on one page and in-page links to the sections.
    • 7/9/20: Created ZIP archive of MR4 subcode data and linked on CloneCD page.
    • 7/9/20: Merged CloneCD subcode data and instructions into a single page
    • 7/9/20: CloneCD instructions for Windows 10 update (For making a CD that contains a monster you want to raise. Thanks to Kouga for posting and Crunchster for confirming!)
    • 7/8/20: Trying to come up with a new Header Image that reflects LC & MRM being together.
    • 7/8/20: Added Spinning Disc to MRM link. Also Trying to get "MRM" link the most aesthetically pleasing. The name is long and doesn't fit into my navigation well without line breaks.
    • 7/8/20: Consolidated MR Sightings and Fan Stuff into a single content page.
    • 7/6/20: Removed additional filter & navigation links from MRM that no longer apply due to being unable to authenticate & post.
    • 7/6/20: Contact page revised. ditched submit form and replaced with Email and Facebok info.
    • 7/5/20: Finished out the Monster Rancher EVO's last 5 missing "???" sub-types. Thanks ZenJestr!
    • 7/4/20: Converted MR3 map location images to hover-over enlargements so they're easier to see.
    • 7/4/20: Adjusted sizing on MR1 and MR2 maps pages
    • 7/4/20: Added hyper-links to the mouse-over image display for MR4, MR EVO encyclopedias, and MR BattleCard II.
    • 7/3/20: Added hyper-links to the mouse-over image display for MR1, MR2, MR3 encyclopedias (MR4 and MR EVO comming soon)
    • 7/3/20: Removed the right-side mini-nav bar and replaced with a subtle background to give the site an updated look and feel.
    • 7/2/20: Implemented a 3rd party search engine for the MRM, included "No Javascript" instructions on MRM search page required for it to work.
    • 7/2/20: Revised Raising Method MR1 and MR2 pages.
    • 7/2/20: revised the FAQ/Maps/Tips page to match the new site layout/formatting
    • 7/2/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher EVO pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    • 7/2/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher Battlecard II pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    • 7/2/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher 4 pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    • 7/1/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher 3 pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    • 7/1/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher 2 pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    • 7/1/20: Overhauled Monster Rancher 1 pictures page to work with Hover and display pictures at a larger size for easier viewing.
    June 2020 Updates
    • 6/30/20: Removed User name and password to access image galleries. Instead, applied Hotlink protection to the site.
    • 6/30/20: Fixed broken links on the MRM archive (7k+ pages) that pointed to the original URL that is no longer registered.
    • 6/29/20: Reworked MR3 maps pages for the five locales.
    • 6/29/20: PayPal subscription link added for additional donation options.
    • 6/29/20: Reworked some old code on every page for future ease of management.
    • 6/29/20: attempts to fine tune the Navigation and right-side panel.
    • 6/28/20: Created "credits" document for tracking donations.
    • 6/28/20: Modified PayPal link to include fields for donation submitters for people who wish to be acknowledged for site donations.
    • 6/28/20: Created a new site map and submitting to Google.
    • 6/28/20: Fixing page titles on every page. Some pages had titles of other pages (the problem with copy/paste to make new pages).
    • 6/27/20: Fixed whole-site scaling issue on every page. replaced hard coded width with a code snippet that can be changed in 1 place for all pages.
    • 6/26/20: Updated every page to fix in-page content involving hard coded font sizes which made things very tiny.
    • 6/26/20: PayPal link added for archive fund. Created page to explain how funds will be used.
    • 6/25/20: Updated every page to format page content in preparation for hopefully fixing the scaling issue.
    • 6/25/20: Minor changes to MRM navigation and home page, removed links that don't work any more, added LC link back.
    • 6/24/20: Fixed MRM Facebook links to point to LC hosted MRM.
    • 6/24/20: Re-arranged the nav menu. Swapped Community with Tournaments.
    • 6/24/20: Added Discord Link to the nav menu.
    • 6/24/20: Removed sites no longer working from Links.
    • 6/23/20: Renamed "Online Tournaments" to "Tournament Archives".
    • 6/22/20: Added Facebook Link to the nav menu.
    • 6/22/20: Loaded a backup from 2014 of Monster Rancher Metropolis to LC.
    • 6/22/20: Beginning Massive ongoing work to overhaul the site's layout to accommodate wide-screen standard (Long time coming), check every page on the site to fix broken links, Strip font formatting that reduced font sizes, fixed a few broken image links, corrected some typos I found along the way. There will probably be many updates over the next few days.

Monster Rancher Metropolis Website

The Monster Rancher Metropolis forum is archived here (read-only) after Lisa Shock passed away. The back-end is lost, so it no longer functions as an active forum, but the content of the forum messages are preserved. Our Forums and Chatroom have been replaced with common Social Media platforms (Facebook & Discord).

In Memory of Lisa Shock

A Tribute For Lisa - My sentiments and Lisa's official obituary.

Thanks to Ashley and Nash on Facebook for pointing me in the direction of a 'copy' of the MRM web page files (Sans database).
I have included a backup of the site, which was taken from 2014, and hosted it on as the Archive.

While MRM is now an archive and cannot be posted to any longer, you may use Facebook or Discord to talk with a community of ranchers!

Please consider a one-time, or yearly donation to help with the site's domain and hosting costs. Learn how your donations will be used. Thank you to ALL the loyal fans and participants over the years, without you all Legendcup and MRM would never have been what it was.

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