Missed the Event? Watch the top 4 finalists Here!
for the ComboBreaker Monster Rancher 2 Live, In-Person, Manual PVP Tournament!
(The full event was not streamed, this is the full live-stream of the finalists)

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  • Firstly, THANK YOU for being interested enough to look here! I am happy and humbled that LegendCup is worth your consideration!
  • LegendCup is independently owned and operated by 1 person using mostly FOSS and some pay-for software, along with help from volunteer developers and community contributions, and fueled by fans for the love of this franchise.
  • By supporting the site you are helping to keep alive one of the last independent Monster Rancher fan-sites remaining that isn't owned by a corporate entity making money by serving you ads.
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    A few examples of things a Single $5 donation can help cover:
    • 1/2 a month of website hosting and domain costs.
    • 1 month of MS Office Subscription (Required for several app dev projects. Sadly, free spreadsheet software doesn't work for everything).
    • 1 month of the bot used to help manage and administrate the public Monster Rancher Discord.
    I must also purchase the games (sometimes multiple versions) and consoles, and tens of thousands of cumulative hours over the years working on the site.

    Discord Vanity Role! Donators can also have a vanity role in the Community Monster Rancher Discord to show off their support! (Currently this is a manual effort, if you don't get it assigned please reach out).

    Subscribed donators will keep the role permanently while sub is active. One time donators i'll have to figure out something, but mostly this is just a way to thank you all for donating and you can show your support in the Community Discord!


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    A personal huge thanks to the folks listed here.

    I may figure out a way to integrate donations from PayPal automatically and directly to the site in the future, but until then, I'll use this Google Docs that I’ll manually update for reference. If you've donated and you don't see your name (If you chose not to be anonymous) just give me time since it is a manual update for now.


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    Note: Paypal takes roughly 2.9% + $0.50 for each donation.
    Smaller donations are more heavily penalized by PayPal's take, but larger donations have less taken out than other places such as Patreon.
    • You can donate any amount, Once or as many times as you like!
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    • Excess donations will be kept for future fees, software subscriptions & purchases, or used to fund commissions for coding, art, or other site related assets, or to purchase Monster Rancher titles and related hardware.


    A brief history
    • In 1999/2000 what would become LegendCup was started on a free Yahoo Geocities site.
    • In 2001 I officially registered LegendCup as a domain and purchased hosting without the pains of forced advertising for a clean website.
    • Since that time I have paid for all fees out of pocket, even for things beyond the site (PO box rental, replacement consoles, etc.), and now for archival purposes of MRM, and continued efforts for up to date data on original and new Monster Rancher games on LegendCup.
    • Further still, with the Passing of Lisa Shock (Owner of Monster Rancher Metropolis) it was easy to see how quickly a whole community’s effort could be lost.
    • Additionally, other fansites like the MRBC website were taken offline due to continued costs.
    • Now both sites are archived in a single place, alongside of LegendCup, and I would happily accept any patronage to ease the burden.

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