Missed the Event? Watch the top 4 finalists Here!
for the ComboBreaker Monster Rancher 2 Live, In-Person, Manual PVP Tournament!
(The full event was not streamed, this is the full live-stream of the finalists)

Monster Rancher Tournaments and Hosts

Community run tournaments by multiple hosts across the various games and platforms!
If you've still got questions, be sure to drop in the Monster Rancher Discord and ask!


Name Tools

DX Online Censor Check

Enter your Trainer or Monster name to check for values of currently known censored word and letter combinations.
Some are case sensitive while others are not. Contribute to the List

Random Name Generator

Generate a random name to help give you ideas.


Event Calendar
A recap of upcoming tournament from various hosts running the events.
Please check the  MR Discord Events  for last minute updates or timezone conversion.

Click an event to view details or copy it to your calendar (should automatically convert it to your timezone).
Events are shown in Mountain Time USA (GMT -7).


Popular Tournament Formats


Tournament Hosts
Sort by clicking column headers
Tournament Host & LinkGameDescription
BakuHunaMR2DXSwitch Port Battle League
FakeLifeMonster Rancher 2 / MR2DX 
Frenzied PotatoUltra Kaiju Monster RancherUKMR Tournaments
LancerFreyaMonster Rancher 2 / MR2DX 
MachoCheezeMonster Rancher 2 / MR2DXUpcoming and Historical tournaments
Marcy-ChanMR2DXBeginner tournaments for familiarization
MooseBonesMonster Rancher 2 / MR2DX / UKMR MR2 & UKMR Battle Leagues
Papa MMonster Rancher 2 / MR2DXPhilippines Monster Association - from Variety Streamer Papa M.
TheBiologist13Monster Rancher 2 (HM)Variety Tournaments
UnholyAngleMR2DXVariety and collaboration tournaments
MooseBonesMonster Rancher 3MR3 Leagues
David AMonster Rancher 4Jubilation tournament
MapleKnightMonster Rancher 4Maple Cup


You're not listed on the Calendar?

To be listed on the calendar, please join the Monster Rancher Discord, and schedule your events on the Discord Calendar

You're not listed as a tournament host?

If you would like to list your Tournament site or splash page here, please email/DM and provide the following:
If your tournaments have stagnated they may be removed from the list. If yours has been removed, contact LC and it can be re-added when you start back up


How to upload your monster for Competitive

Tournament Hosts running MR2DX will require you to upload your submitted monster to the cloud so that it can be accessed for the tournament. The below process will copy the the chosen save number with every lab-frozen monster up to the cloud. Once copied/uploaded, they remain there in perpetuity, as-is and independent of your local save number or continued local game progress. If you change/progressed your monster and need it updated for online matchups, then you must upload the save file again (with the updated monster frozen at the lab). You can only have 1 save number uploaded at any given time. New uploads will overwrite your previous uploads.
  1. Make sure your monster is frozen at the Lab.
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  2. Save your game on any numbered save slot.
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  3. Exit the game and go back to the Title, and choose "Vs. Mode" in the menu.
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  4. Choose the same numbered save slot from Step 2, to register the frozen monsters online.
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  5. Once the Frozen monsters have been registered, Select "Check Frozen Monster".
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  6. In the list, confirm your monster shown, then click "Display Search Key".
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
  7. Note the Search Key. It may be required to submit your monster and is 650 if the monster name has censored character strings.
    Steps to upload monsters in DX
Different Tournament Hosts may have different information requirements on their forms. This should help you correctly get your monster online, and collect everything that is required for any tournament submission in MR2DX.

NOTE: you can only have 1 save slot uploaded at a time. Whatever is the last save uploaded is the only save in the cloud. You may overwrite the save slot on your local game however you want, it will not change what was already uploaded unless you re-register/upload it again.

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