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MR1 Monsters and their Card Descriptions


001 Dino [Dino/Dino] Average in all abilities, he needs a good breeder's hand.
002 Anki [Dino/Golem] Covered with rocks, he has good power, but is slow.
003 Lidee [Dino/Tiger] Hold on tightly when you get on this fella.He's very fast.
004 Valentino [Dino/Pixie] This lovable beast has wings but cannot fly.
005 Shel [Dino/Worm] His shell keeps people off his back.His belly is vulnerable.
006 Slash [Dino/Jell] This lizard has soft skin and razor-like claws.
007 Mustard [Dino/Suezo] Acts like a brat though he appears innocent.
008 Spot [Dino/Hare] A keen sense of hearing enables him to dodge attacks.
009 Goldy [Dino/Gali] This Golden Boy glows with a radiant white light.
010 Black Rex [Dino/Monol] Above average in all abilities.Doesn't trust anyone though.
011 Grape [Dino/Naga] A Dino-Naga mix with high Power and low Int.
012 Aloha [Dino/Plant] This islander is a fashion plate who loves the ladies.
013 Geisha [Dino/???] Even though he appears to be lazy, he does very hard.
014 Gallop [Dino/???] A regular thoroughbred who has a lot of potential.
015 Smiley [Dino/???] Appears lazy, but that is an act.He really has ability.


016 Verde [Golem/Dino] Covered in a thin, emerald shell that is not durable.
017 Golem [Golem/Golem] His solid rock body helps him have a lot of Power.Slow.
018 Ice Man [Golem/Tiger] An ice-carved giant who is better known as "Ice Rock".
019 Dean [Golem/Pixie] A shy, quiet guy who is loved by many.Has high Int.
020 Magma [Golem/Worm] Immortalized on ancient wall paintings as a great warrior.
021 Poseidon [Golem/Jell] Like the mythical Greek god, he rules the water.
022 Titan [Golem/Suezo] This mammoth monster loves to eat anything and everything.
023 Maigon [Golem/Hare] Defined by his sad and longing blue eyes, he eyes the past.
024 Amenho [Golem/Gali] A dignified one who is loved by many noble people.
025 Shadow [Golem/Monol] His stealth colored body makes him hard to see.
026 Marble [Golem/Naga] With his fatal Power, he has killed many.Highly feared.
027 Echo [Golem/Plant] Although mostly quiet, he is a terror when he gets angry.
028 Bikini [Golem/???] This "poser" likes to show everyone his great build.


029 Dento [Tiger/Dino] A hound with a true "bite" for battle.Be careful!
030 Toto [Tiger/Golem] Once his heavy body lies on you, you'll be pinned.
031 Tiger [Tiger/Tiger] He is very popular with all types of people.
032 Deton [Tiger/Pixie] He will hit an opponent from out of nowhere.Breed him well.
033 Yakuto [Tiger/Worm] This unique guy has 4 eyes that help him see far and near.
034 Frost [Tiger/Jell] His "cool" look makes him a hit when things get hot.
035 Mono Eye [Tiger/Suezo] This one-eyed wonder is very friendly.Kids love him.
036 Rover [Tiger/Hare] His big dark eyes mesmerize one into a relaxing state.
037 Balloon [Tiger/Gali] His long and fluffy fur makes him look much larger.
038 Velvet [Tiger/Monol] With a lovely coat of velvety fur, this one is beautiful!
039 Cabalos [Tiger/Naga] A troublemaker who will run away often and come back wild.
040 Leafy [Tiger/Plant] He is covered in leaves to help him grow.
041 Gray Wolf [Tiger/???] He has a beautiful coat of silver fur.Howls at the night.


042 Dixie [Pixie/Dino] This one has razor sharp claws to cut one to pieces.
043 Vixen [Pixie/Golem] Looks like a human with wings and a tail.
044 Mint [Pixie/Tiger] Has high Speed and will obey you well.Can be KO'ed easy.
045 Pixie [Pixie/Pixie] A popular one who's selfish and hard to breed.
046 Radar [Pixie/Worm] Her radar-like antennas help her to dodge opponents.
047 Nymph [Pixie/Jell] Warm-blooded like humans, she has a soft jelly body.
048 Vanity [Pixie/Suezo] This monster cares only for the way she looks.
049 Mopsy [Pixie/Hare] Her long ears don't mean that she'll listen well.
050 Angel [Pixie/Gali] You're lucky to be able to raise such a great monster.
051 Prism [Pixie/Monol] Covered with a unique, highly protective shield.
052 Allure [Pixie/Naga] Her mysterious eyes have a way of making you docile.
053 Serene [Pixie/Plant] A very kind and gentle being who isn't good at fighting.
054 Bunny [Pixie/???] Very popular among the male breeders.Can hide in battle.
055 Platinum [Pixie/???] A monster who can sing and dance well.Great rhythm.
056 Eve [Pixie/???] One who will obey you well.Born under the Devil's will.


057 Gecko [Worm/Dino] He keeps his body heat by being covered in scales.
058 Rock Worm [Worm/Golem] This one dwells between the rocks.He can't see well.
059 Drill [Worm/Tiger] The sharp horn on his head is his weak-point in battle.
060 Red Worm [Worm/Pixie] Although his wings don't let him fly, he can jump.
061 Worm [Worm/Worm] His elastic tusk is useful in hitting foes at long range.
062 Tubby [Worm/Jell] His flabby appearance makes him so lovable.
063 Eye Guy [Worm/Suezo] His 4 different eyes can scare an opponent silly.
064 Karone [Worm/Hare] He is a quiet guy who looks like he is a stuffed animal.
065 Mask Worm [Worm/Gali] Don't let this hard-head get hit in his body or else.
066 Pull Worm [Worm/Monol] His sleek black shell makes him good at pulling things.
067 Wing Worm [Worm/Naga] All the kids seem to be afraid of this guy.
068 Rainbow [Worm/Plant] This TV star has been in plenty of commercials.
069 Tank [Worm/???] His fancy clothes have long been a fashion trend.


070 Scales [Jell/Dino] Despite his appearance, he's vulnerable to attacks.
071 Fencer [Jell/Golem] A brat who is able to change his appearance into a fence.
072 Icy [Jell/Tiger] On a cold and frozen winter day, this guy will freeze.
073 Pink Jam [Jell/Pixie] Named after a famous and tasty fruit product.
074 Jello [Jell/Worm] He has an odd pair of shiney green eyes that stare at you.
075 Jell [Jell/Jell] His dense body can absorb the damage of an opponent.
076 Jupiter [Jell/Suezo] He studies you with his x-ray eye ball that can see all.
077 Clay [Jell/Hare] His clay body allows him to turn into many shapes.
078 Gil [Jell/Gali] He trains all the time to be considered legendary.
079 Lava [Jell/Monol] Though native to volcanic lands, he does not like the heat.
080 Papad [Jell/Naga] He has a very short memory.Can't remember a thing.
081 Kelp [Jell/Plant] Be sure to keep him wet, or he will get dehydrated.
082 Stripe [Jell/???] Because of his stripe pattern, he's considered fashionable.
083 Sam [Jell/???] Resembling the American flag, this patriotic guy is tough.


084 Melon [Suezo/Dino] To no surprise, this melon-looking guy loves fruit.
085 Rocky [Suezo/Golem] Named because he disguises himself to look like a rock.
086 Horn [Suezo/Tiger] Be weary of his sharp horn that can injure a breeder.
087 Pink Eye [Suezo/Pixie] Used to be able to fly with his wings, but he can't anymore.
088 Fly Eye [Suezo/Worm] A monster who tends to see everything as a blur.
089 Toothy [Suezo/Jell] He likes to eat and is always sure to brush his teeth.
090 Suezo [Suezo/Suezo] His speciality is stealing an opponent's will.
091 Woody [Suezo/Hare] This tree lover has pointy ears and good quickness.
092 Orion [Suezo/Gali] Look into his eye and you can see the whole universe.
093 Bloodshot [Suezo/Monol] This guy likes to stay out late instead of sleeping.
094 Noro [Suezo/Naga] Although he may fail your expectations, he's strong.
095 Ray [Suezo/Plant] More of a sun bather than a fighter.He's easy to breed.
096 Looker [Suezo/???] Perhaps the best looking of them all.
097 Planet [Suezo/???] This is a very rare type of monster.He's celestial.
098 Beamer [Suezo/???] His "beam" is a good attack.He resembles a fish.


099 Scaler [Hare/Dino] A close friend of No.100 that has good Speed and poor Def.
100 Stoner [Hare/Golem] A close friend of No.99 that has good Def and poor Speed.
101 Pulsar [Hare/Tiger] Known to have dark trusting eyes which show good loyalty.
102 Buster [Hare/Pixie] He has a week, out-of-shape, and flabby stomach.
103 Groucho [Hare/Worm] This guy is very happy with his thick eye brows.
104 Blue Fur [Hare/Jell] His transparent body shows the odd tail that he has.
105 Cross Eye [Hare/Suezo] If you look closely at him, you will see his 4 eyes.
106 Hare [Hare/Hare] Despite his small stature, he has good strong Power.
107 Prince [Hare/Gali] He's a monster who is most popular among noble people.
108 Evil Hare [Hare/Monol] Though born of evil descent, he can be changed.
109 Amethyst [Hare/Naga] He's supposed to be low in Int.and high in Power.
110 Good Guy [Hare/Plant] He is a real justice.Look at his tattoo.
111 Sleaves [Hare/???] Another one who is fashion-aware.Keep him thin.
112 Santa [Hare/???] A small body allows him to fit down your chimney.


113 Lexus [Gali/Dino] This monster is best known for his great Speed.
114 Warrior [Gali/Golem] A mighty warrior with devastation Power.
115 Sapphire [Gali/Tiger] Wears an item which was made special by the Shrine Master.
116 Pixel [Gali/Pixie] Perhaps best known as one of the smartest monsters.
117 Style [Gali/Worm] An elegant one who doesn't wish to be conservative.
118 Aqua [Gali/Jell] Wears a fabric that protects him from fire and water.
119 Omen [Gali/Suezo] Once his mask is on, he's cursed for like.Careful!
120 Galion [Gali/Hare] May be better off being a monster reborn instead.
121 Gali [Gali/Gali] Considered as a god who's taken on a monster's appearance.
122 Gara [Gali/Monol] Wears an item which has a special break-proof coating.
123 Shon Mask [Gali/Naga] He has a mouth with a tusk on his mask that never opens.
124 Color [Gali/Plant] This weary monster can't last very long in battles.
125 Gamer [Gali/???] He is a regular sportsman who likes to fight rough.
126 Kuma [Gali/???] He's a monster who loves the old-fashioned way of life.
127 Milky Way [Gali/???] One of the real "star-gazers" who likes to wish on them.


128 Jura Wall [Monol/Dino] This hot-head can be a little short with his temper.
129 Obelisk [Monol/Golem] This monster looks a little ordinary.He has a high Def.
130 Sponge [Monol/Tiger] His firm body and soft, rich fur would make for a good bed.
131 Ropa [Monol/Pixie] This monster has high Int.and is a kind soul to breed.
132 Sobo [Monol/Worm] His bulging eyes can search well, but they ae weak.
133 Ice Candy [Monol/Jell] His face is well protected, but his body isn't.
134 Sandy [Monol/Suezo] An abrasive skin makes him unsuitable for petting.
135 Groomy [Monol/Hare] Make sure to take good care of his fur and keep fleas off.
136 Messiah [Monol/Gali] His mask has the markings of an almighty god.
137 Monol [Monol/Monol] He has a very special way of reducing foe's damage.
138 Asfar [Monol/Naga] Don't try and sneak up on this strange monster.
139 New Leaf [Monol/Plant] This guy has a striking resemblance to a local tree.
140 Two-Tone [Monol/???] Watch out for this monster and his dual personalities.
141 Sky [Monol/???] His striking body pattern keeps him going unseen.
142 Scribble [Monol/???] The markings all over his body were in fact a punishment.


143 Stinger [Naga/Dino] He can jump well and has an exceptional taste palette.
144 Trident [Naga/Golem] This monster pulls out all the punchers to KO opponents.
145 Striker [Naga/Tiger] His sharp white claws make him dangerous.Easy to breed.
146 Liper [Naga/Pixie] Has an array of attacks, but he doesn't trust many people.
147 Gaia [Naga/Worm] A monster who loves the great outdoors and enjoys nature.
148 Cutter [Naga/Jell] Very similar to Jell monsters.He has a very soft body.
149 Cyclops [Naga/Suezo] Although he has one eye, he is powerful.Has high Int.
150 Edgy [Naga/Hare] This monster can be violent.Hence, he must be bred.
151 Bazul [Naga/Gali] Very precise vision with his small eyes make him feared.
152 Boxer [Naga/Monol] He doesn't like to battle any weak monsters.Loves to fight.
153 Naga [Naga/Naga] Most violent of the monsters.He lives for battles.
154 Junger [Naga/Plant] He enjoys a camouflage disguise to confuse foes.
155 Cari [Naga/???] A very strong one who saved the lives of many.
156 Anguish [Naga/???] A spoiled brat who seems to care more about other things.


157 Shrub [Plant/Dino] His body glows a green light at night.He loves insects.
158 Rock Bush [Plant/Golem] You need a good cleanser for scrubbing this guy down.
159 Iris [Plant/Tiger] Besides having a nice smile, he is very easy to breed.
160 Allergan [Plant/Pixie] Pollen and dust are constantly getting into hin eyes.
161 Usaba [Plant/Worm] A spoiled brat who won't listen well to your orders.
162 Obor [Plant/Jell] A monster who looks very beautiful and mysterious.
163 Hince [Plant/Suezo] If you don't discipline this monser, he'll become a brat.
164 Spinner [Plant/Hare] He's so fast sometimes that he can make himself dizzy.
165 Regal [Plant/Gali] Noble people love this guy and his flashy style.
166 Ash [Plant/Monol] Although his true color is green, he appears black.
167 Bad Seed [Plant/Naga] A poisonous plant that's made from some rancid water.
168 Plant [Plant/Plant] A very quiet fellow who's quite popular among all.
169 Neon [Plant/???] This monster is absolutely busting with energy.
170 Bonsai [Plant/???] This little guy is extremely popular among landscapers.


171 Jihad [Dragon/Golem] He's shy, but has the most Power of all the dragons.
172 Gariel [Dragon/Gali] He happens to have the most intelligence of the dragons.
173 Laguna [Dragon/Monol] A dark soul that has been accused of mass destruction.
174 Dragon [Dragon/Dragon] A very rare and popular one.Be careful he could die young.
175 Robo [Dragon/Henger] A robot monster and one of the hardest to obtain.
176 Apocolis [Dragon/???] Referred to as "toger Dragon", he has fans in the West.


177 Eye Fan [Magic/Suezo] As a big fan of Suezo, he has become quite a monster.
178 Kaduka [Magic/Naga] He has the classic dream of becoming a superhero.
179 Kuro [Magic/Plant] He has the classic dream of becoming a superhero.
180 Magic [Magic/Magic] An elusive and shy monster who's always in disguise.
181 Gangster [Magic/Henger] A powerful guy who totes an Uzi machine gun in hand.
182 Ardebaren [Magic/???] One time master of the Castle of the Damned.Now reformed.
183 Zombie [Magic/???] A real wiseguy who likes to play dead and scare people.
184 Jarod [Magic/???] May look scary but is actually very nice and kind-hearted.


185 Omega [Henger/Dino] From an ancient race, he can change like a shapeshifter.
186 Gia [Henger/Golem] This unlucky one is cursed by the wicked soul of Golem.
187 Proto [Henger/Gali] An example of how monsters are not merely "robots".
188 Reformer [Henger/Monol] Once wielded an evil power.He no longer has it.
189 Henger [Henger/Henger] A hybrid who's from the souls of other monsters.
190 Magnet [Henger/???] A side-to-side mover who can slide out of danger.


191 Lovey [Nya/Tiger] An odd mix of part doll, part, cat, and part tier.
192 Mama Nya [Nya/Pixie] Another monster who's quite a mixed breed of creatures.
193 Nyamix [Nya/Jell] A monster mix which has given this one very high Def.
194 Mini [Nya/Hare] This monster comes as part of the Hare monster type.
195 Nya [Nya/Nya] Bears a strong rese,blance to a cat-like doll figure.
196 Player [Nya/???] He is a regular sports fanatic who especially likes baseball.
197 Teddy [Nya/???] A mysterious and popular one who's stronger than he looks.
198 Karioke [Nya/???] This monster tries to mimic all of the top singers.


199 Stone Ape [Ape/Golem] Won't move for hours at a time, just like a stone statue.
200 George [Ape/Hare] His mean acts make him less popular among others.
201 Great Ape [Ape/Gali] Although lazy, this one is a top-notch monster.
202 Pepe [Ape/Plant] He will emit a potent and intoxicating scent to foes.
203 Ape [Ape/Ape] You'll need a lot of patience to raise this monster.
204 Shades [Ape/???] He's thought to be of human ancestory.
205 Cutie [Ape/???] A human-mix that has an attractiveness about him.
206 Hot Foot [Ape/???] An evolved monster who can get very cold at times.


207 Ghost [Ghost/Ghost] He captures the soul of the breeders last monster.
208 Mage [Ghost/???] This monster's might is beyond description.


209 Doodle [Doodle/Doodle] Only known to a few people.He's absolutely a mystery.
210 Jaques [Doodle/???] He has a strange flower growing from his head.
211 Sketch [Doodle/???] An enemy of Doodle who is constantly at odds with him.
212 Disrupt [Doodle/???] This monster has a unique black and white coloration.


213 Disk [Disk/Disk] Until recently nobody knew that this CD was a monster.
214 Gooaall! [Disk/???] This monster is a big time fan of the soccer sport.
215 Radial [Disk/??] A difficult monster to breed.Has high Speed.

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