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For Lisa

      Lisa Shock was the owner of Monster-Rancher-Metropolis.com. Lisa passed away January 2nd, 2019. The original site files, structure, database were lost with her domain host. An Archive of MRM survives in the form of a searchable web-scrape of the site, hosted here on LegendCup.com. The data up to the point of the capture are accurate to the original site. These files are a point-in-time capture of MRM as displayed by the browser, but it is not a true backup of the original site, hence why it is read-only. the login, admin, posting functions are lost along with the site database.

Lisa Shock's Obituary on Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Lisa was a guide, mentor, advisor, and friend. She encouraged me to learn HTML/PHP/CSS, and fostered my idea of hosting online tournaments in the age of Dial-Up, with 100 pixel resolution broadcasting and text chatroom play-by-plays, long before Online Play, Multiplayer, or streaming became the norm in gaming.

It was an incredible life-changing experience to be friends with Lisa and involved with Monster Rancher. Being involved got me interested in other areas of technology and led me down a path I might not otherwise have taken. I have Lisa to thank for that.

We had kept in touch ever since, almost 20 years. Lisa and I corresponded privately semi-regularly, and always sent goofy stuff back & forth over snail mail, she always sent my wife neat stuff too from her trips. Lisa and I had never actually met in person. There had been many conversations between Lisa, my wife, and I about a get-together in one of our home states or a meet-up in Japan, and I can't tell you now how much I regret not following up and committing to this.

It was a massive guilt-check on me when I discovered that I went a year without even knowing about it. Because just a week or 2 before she died, I’d written her about taking a break from Social Media (I disconnected all my accounts and such) and she acknowledged. I finally found out about it nearly a year later because some of the Snail Mail things I’d sent previously, had started to get returned with no forwarding address and no known recipient.

I was stunned and crushed to learn all of this after the fact, that just days before she passed I had thrown in the towel for being active on Social Media, and had mistaken her silence as either respecting my wishes to lay low online, or that she was just extra busy and hadn't had time to respond.

In regards to Monster Rancher, I had not been much a part of the community for a while, and others had taken up the mantle for hosting tournaments and socializing in general, but Lisa was always ever-present, knowledgeable, and was an amazing boon to the Monster Rancher community.

Even a personal level... I learned much from you, Lisa. You always found a way to give great personal advice, or surprise my wife and I when we least expected it. While this is just a brief recall of my own experiences, you had touched the lives of many, and for the better. I am deeply saddened you are no longer with us.

For reference, in case the Alcor site loses record or is no longer published

Alcor Case Summary: A-1661
Alcor member A-1661 becomes Alcor’s 165th patient on January 2, 2019

January 10, 2019

Confidential Alcor member (A-1661) with neurocryopreservation arrangements, died suddenly in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 2, 2019.

She was found by a friend who called Alcor immediately. The paramedics were called and she was transported to the hospital where she was legally pronounced deceased on January 2, 2019. Alcor worked with the Medical Examiner and the member was released to Alcor within hours of her legal death. A-1661 became Alcor’s 165th patient that same day.

Official Alcor Announcement of Lisa's death


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