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Taylor's Game Credits:

Taylor's IMDB

Taylor's IMDB page!

Super impressive, look at all those credits! (I kid, I kid).
This hardly amounts to anything but I was ultra excited about it all the same. And yeah, I took a screenshot of this just in case it ever gets removed :)

In addition to LegendCup as a fan site, personally promoting the game, running tournaments for years, my direct contributions to the series are:

The following ideas were submitted to Tecmo, indirectly, through Lisa Shock, through the Tecmo North American team in California, and ultimately to Tecmo JP. Though my biggest contribution was to MR3, my name does not appear in credits until MR4/MRevo. I was not directly involved with Tecmo JP or their development team for any of these games.

  • MR3:
    • Suggested custom Tech Loadout / equipping only desired techs.
    • Suggested Book / Encyclopedia, specifically being able to Shrine a monster directly from the Book/Card collection.

  • MR4:
    • Suggested Feeding/Training Automation options. This function in the finished game is a partial implementation of my original idea, though the final result isn't what I'd imagined.
    • Book/Encyclopedia Shrining which carried over from MR3.

  • MR5/EVO: Book/Encyclopedia Shrining which carried over from MR3/MR4, no direct input.
Monster Rancher 4 cover Taylor's MR4 Game credit in the instruction manual Monster Rancher 4 Instruction Manual credits. I'm in here as "Taylor - A.K.A. 'Monster Fenrick' (First name only and online alias)".

Legendcup.com's URL never made it in, but Lisa's MRM site did!

Monster Rancher EVO cover Taylor's MR EVO Game credit in the instruction manual Monster Rancher EVO Instruction Manual credits. I'm in here as "Taylor Walker" this time, and no alias.

Legendcup.com's URL still didn't make it, and Lisa's alternately registered domain monsterrancher.com replaced the MRM site URL.

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