Monster Rancher Metropolis: No-Frames version

Monster Rancher metropolis was originally built with using IFRAME and a frameset. The 2014 "archive" (web-scrape) retained this frameset. A Frameset just uses a single page and divides it up into different "Frame" areas, then displays other pages within those frames... MRM originally was a 2 Frame page containing navigation links on the left frame, and the home page on the right Frame. One negative effect of this method is that you could not visit any sub-page directly because the frameset would redirect you to the main page to re-include the navigation... and instead of loading the linked page, the default pages load (Navigation and Home page).

My original hosting of the MRM archive contained the untouched original Frames version of the archive website, however, many of the built in functions didn't actually work, since every page in the Archive is really just a page as originally rendered (seen) by the browser.
Because of this, the original archive files would display things like search, login etc. but without the actual supporting back-end database and files, these features did not work.

My revised No Frames version of MRM removes the IFRAME frameset code completely. The navigation menu is included on every page, which also helps in the effort to be more mobile friendly. Additionally I've added other new back-end files like CSS to help with any potential future changes.
In essence:

  • I pulled out the vertical navigation from the Frames based site
  • I included the new (modernized and horizontal) navigation on every page of the site archive.
  • I removed links that pointed to services and functions that no longer work (because of the missing database & files etc.)
  • I included a little bit of future proofing for page management of nearly 9k pages.
  • I set up a NEW Search function using a 3rd party service that has indexed the site contents, so now you can search easily.

All of MRM's content is still here, it just looks slightly different, and the new site layout and design allows for DIRECT page linking, either as a browser bookmark, or link from a webpage etc. and Search Engine searches pointing to a specific page will actually take you to that page instead of the home page.

Thank you to all the fans and MRM contributors for your patience as I have been making aesthetic changes to the archived site. I hope most, if not everyone, finds that this is an acceptable modification of Monster Rancher Metropolis, and I hope Lisa would be happy to have the site continued on in this manner when no other option was possible.
~ Taylor

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