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Recapped By Velo on Monday, September 16, 2002

Today's fights were all sweeps, but that doesn't mean that some of them weren't a little unpredictable. Tonight my recaps will have a slightly different, round-by-round format.

Blair vs. Blob

Round 1: This one turned out very close, but Blob's Cannon is a bit more powerful than Blair's Octo Beams, so he squeezed out a 47% to 43% victory.

Round 2: Blob showed a lot more prowess this time, a missile and a cannon was enough to KO Blair quickly.

Round 3: Yet again, a simple cannon and missile combo KO'd Blair and won the match for Blob.

Blob 3, Blair 0

SS Wins vs. Enkidu

Round 1: SS put up an impressive array of mid-damage attacks that very nearly got Enkidu down to low health, but thanks to SS Win's low life, he was KO'd after one 651 inferno from Enkidu.

Round 2: SS Wins attempted one move, which was blocked. Enkidu hit a wing storm, and then an inferno for a second KO on SS.

Round 3: SS attempted his highly powerful ion cannon attack, but it was blocked. Yet again, an inferno spelled doom for SS as he was KO'd for the third and final time in this match.

Enkidu 3, SS Wins 0

SS Wins vs. Blair

Round 1: We were all thinking that SS Wins didn't stand a chance because of his low life. We were all surprised when SS hit an ion cannon, doing massive damage. Blair responded with a few extremely weak Octopi attacks, which wasn't nearly enough as he lost 57% to 29%.

Round 2: SS hit four of his mid-damage attacks, which, while not impressive, was enough to defeat Blair as he remained untouched, winning 100% to 36%.

Round 3: Blair began with a few insignificant attacks, then SS went ballistic with a 999 ion cannon attack, reulting in an instant KO.

SS Wins 3, Blair 0

Blair vs. Enkidu

Round 1: Blair attempted six attacks in this round, and hit three. However, all of these were typically low damage, and Enkidu needed only a fire and a wing storm to win it 61% to 51%.

Round 2: Enkidu clearly presented the fact that in the previous rounds, he was just warming up. two fires and a wing storm depleted Balir's health to 27. Blair hit one attack for 89 damage, losing the match 91% to 2%.

Round 3: This one was actually pretty close. Both monsters made a healthy amount of attacks, but most were blocked. It all came down to an Octopipi and a Wing Storm. Enkidu's attack did slightly more damage, winning the round and the match 87% to 83%.

Enkidu 3, Blair 0

SS Wins vs. Blob

Round 1: At this point in time, Blob's massive power against SS Win's low life seemed to make the result of this fight predetermined. Blob started out strong with a 347 spa attack. However, SS would not give up, and he wailed on Blob with a 705 ion cannon in addition to a mix echo withering attack, winning the match 35% to 17%.

Round 2: Blob mimiced his last round with a spa, and yet again SS' ion cannon in addition to mix echos won it in a close 36% to 24% conclusion.

Round 3: This time, Blob showed none of what he exhibited in the first rounds against Blair. He hit none of his attacks, and pretty much sat back while SS used his weaker attacks to whittle ol' Blobby down, ending in a 100% to 64% victory for SS Wins.

SS Wins 3, Blob 0

Enkidu vs. Blob

Round 1: Blob started with a powerful 367 spa, and Enkidu replied with several fire and wing storm attacks, taking the lead. Blob tried to even the score with a cannon, but it wasn't enough and he lost 16% to 39%.

Round 2: Enkidu hit two fire attacks for about 500 damage while Blob sat back and fudged all of his own techs, losing 47% to 100%.

Round 3: Yet again, Enkidu hit his fire and wing storm attacks while Blob hit absolutely nothing, ensuring Enkidu's ultimate victory 35% to 100%.

Enkidu 3, Blob 0

The final standings:
Enkidu: 3-0
SS Wins: 2-1
Blob: 1-2
Blair: 0-3

Congratulations to Enkidu and Torey Luvullo!
I cannot wait to see what new monsters S Class Round #2 will yield!
Good night!

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