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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, February 26, 2002 - 08:57 pm:

Lots of fights.....a whole lot. It's gonna be a loooong recap, here goes:

I'll start with the Flame matches, since all but one were none too exciting at all.

Flame vs. Tank You: Tank You got a galulabad in the first fight for a KO, and beat atacks in the next trwo fights for similar results.

Tank You 3, Flame 0

CC vs. Flame: 2 swings, KO. Swing, pinball, KO. 2 swings, KO. ENough said.

CC 3, Flame 0

Vegas vs. Flame: Vegas winsall three times. Interestingly, however, the second matcch was won by 7 upper attacks from Vegas. It just goes to show ya how pitiful Flame really is.....

Vegas 3, Flame 0

Jinkura vs. Flame: Three rising raves, three KO's. More clockwork than Big Ben.

Jinkura 3, Flame 0

Fate vs. Flame: As unlikely as it may sound, Flame almost won. In round 1, a 998 damage star gatherer quickly dispatched the Phouwou. In round 2, he was felled by multiple medium damage attacks. In round three however, he struck back with two powerful plow kicks and a judo chop, whilst only getting hit with one weak ray cast for a 77% to 16% win! In round four, he did it again, this time actually KOing the Pansy!!! Flame could taste victory. But, by the time round 5 started, it was already over. All that Flame could taste was burning hydrogen gas, a 662 damage star gatherer took him down for the count.

Fate 3, Flame 2

CC vs. Fate: In round 1, an 837 thundader quickly KO'd Fate. In round two, it got close, but a swing put CC ahead 76% to 62%. In round 3, two swings and a pinball had this Pansy cryin for momma pixie.

CC 3, Fate 0

Vegas vs. Jinkura: This wasn't much of a fight. In round 1, a 671 reverse raid won it for Jinkura. In round 2 it was a 999 rising rave, and in round 3 a 732 rising rave. Ouch.

Jinkura 3, Vegas 0

CC vs. Tank You: In round 1, CC topped Tank You 54% to 3%. In round 2, it was closer, with TY landing a critical beat attack before being pounded by three swings. Round 3 was short. A 908 damage thundader made Tank You look about as fearsome as an FT-17 (I'm the only one who will get that joke).

CC 3, Tank You 0

Fate vs. Tank You: Fate began with a few ray casts, then unleashed a nice 508 damage star gatherer. After that, TY made like and Panzer and killed Fate with a 901 beat attack. In round 2, Fate couldn't land a hit on TY while he performed yet another killer beat attack. In round 3, an impressive 589 kachiagi wasn't enough to off-set Fate's constant ray casts and starlights, getting knocked out. She did it again in round 4, this time not getting hit at all! In round 5, TY pulled a Royal Tiger and blocked multiple attacks, KOing Fate with a 742 kachiagi in the process.

Tank You 3, Fate 2

Jinkura vs. Fate: Round 1 was slow, but Fate won 100% to 75%. In round 2, a 798 rev. raid from Jink ended the match quickly. In round 3, a powerful rising rave almost killed Fate, but she managed to barely hang on...still losing though. Round 4 was payback time, and Fate dodged every single one of Jink's attacks to win. Round 5 went well for Fate, but in the end she lost by a small margin.

Jinkura 3, Fate 2

Fate vs. Vegas: In all three rounds, Fate dodged and blocked multiple attacks while usually ending up knocking Vegas out with a star gatherer or a slew of ray casts. Vegas' low life doomed it against the Pansy.

Fate 3, Vegas 0

Jinkura vs. Tank You: A typical Jinkura win it seems. 3 matches, a bunch of rev. raids and rising raves, 3 KOs. Boom, boom, boom.

Jinkura 3, Tank You 0

Vegas vs. CC: Round 1 was actually sort of close, with Vegas finally landing a dark flame for mediocre damage, and CC hitting one swing to get the slight edge 66% to 41%. In the second round, Vegas only hit two one damage upper attacks, leading to it's own KO. Round 3 wasn't much better...it did land another dark flame, but CC knocked it out to end it.

CC 3, Vegas 0

Tank You vs. Vegas: In round 1, a dark flame was no match for a lethal 763 kachiagi. In round 2 it was a beat attack that won it, and in round 3 a galululaback. I think Vegas needs some morphine.

Tank You 3, Vegas 0

CC vs. Jinkura: This was supposed to be the match of the night. Jinkura had his moments, but CC was unrelenting, unleashing 5 swings in a row for round 2, and sing a combination of swings and thundaders to win rounds 1 and 3. Ergo, Jinkura is defeated.

CC 3, Jinkura 0

You know what that means, CC is the first MR3 champion! All hail Torey! All hail Fenrick! Good night MRM!!!

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