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Recapped By torey luvullo on Monday, July 15, 2002

Tonight's Legendcup MR3 debut pulled off a major coup - it outdid the previous night's Mayor's Cup in excitement and suspense. When the smoke cleared, Deadbuffalo's Golem, Pokylyps, emerged with an overtime victory over the Campster's Suzurin, Reilly.

Sofia v Pokylyps You wouldn't have foreseen it from the night's first battle, however. Sofia used Noise and Beam to powerful advantage, and kept the golem from gathering guts, winning 3 out of 4 by an average margin of 27%. Sofia 3, Pokylyps 1

Reilly v Halo Halo stunned the overconfident Suzurin in the first match, by dodging every one of its attacks, and connecting with a few of her own. Reilly regrouped, however, and won the next three in a row, 77-14; 100-27; and, in a miss-filled finale, 83-69. Reilly 3, Halo 1

Halo v Pokylyps was a mismatch - rock slides buried the anemic angel, leading to 2 KO's and a win with Halo only having 4% of her life left. Pokylyps 3, Halo 0

Sofia v Reilly Reilly kept Sofia at bay, landing enough of its strong techs to outpoint the sallow suezo 3 out of 4 matches. Reilly 3, Sofia 1

Sofia v Halo Upset special! The anemic angel turned into the avenging angel! Halo hit with several star gathers in the first two matches to win 100-27 and 64-50, taking a seemingly insurmountable lead. But the suezo started surmounting anyway, winning the next two with an array of little techs, led by psychokinesis, and by dodging the worst of Halo's arsenal. In the crucial 5th round, Halo, nursing a narrow lead, crushed the suezo's futile hopes by hitting a 369 star gather, and immediately blocking Sofia's noise. Halo 3, Sofia 2

With this result, the chances of a 3-way tie disappeared. It was now down to Pokylyps at 1-1 and Reilly at 2-0, with the golem having to win two in a row to become champ. Round 1 saw Poky lead with a 486 olega meteor, and finish with a 171 slap - enough to fend off a flurry of aim hits and booms in between. But in round 2, he missed the olega, and Reilly took full advantage - firing off aim booms and rolling some bowling - so that, even when Poky finished with a 519 tornado, it still wasn't enough. The action started getting more furious...Round 3 deserves to be done blow by blow:

P-Olega-485...R-Bowling-301...P-Rock Slide-352...R-Aim Boom 281...P-Rock Slide-miss...At this point, a strong tech by Reilly would have won it, but unwisely, she chose aim hit for 33, allowing Poky the 32-16 victory.

In Round 4, Poky missed quite a few techs, while Reilly landed aim boom and do mi so for a win to even things at 2-2.

Round 5 may have been the best single round ever. Reilly led off with do mi so for 304, and followed up with aim hit for 30. Given some breathing space, Poky struck with olega for 632, and immediately buried the suzurin in a rock slide for 343. The gutty bell, with only 24 lif left, responded with a devastating do mi so for 542, leaving the golem at 123...all this with 20 seconds remaining in the match! With the next completed tech likely winning in a KO, it was the golem who came through with a 351 rock slide, thus forcing overtime. Pokylyps 3, Reilly 2

The overtime saw the now weary monsters trade techs with almost no dodging. In round 1, Poky hit rock slide, olega and slap; Reilly retaliated with bowling, do mi so, and 2 aim hits. those weak aim hits proved the difference, though as Poky's 3 outpointed Reilly's 4, 17% to 0.7%. Although the golem hit with a 416 tornado in round 2, the rest of the action was all suzurin, ending with a 267 bowling for a ko of its own! Then the misses and blocks started mounting up, and the last two matches saw Poky landing olegas, slaps and rock slides sufficient to outpoint the exhausted Reilly. Pokylyps 3, Reilly 1

Magnificent monsters make for magnificent matches. This was a titanic tourney, and all the trainers deserve credit for their hard work. Mostly, though, all hail Dead Buffalo! all hail Pokylyps!

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