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Recapped By Velo on Monday, March 3, 2003

Well folks, the velo is back and in style (as always), bringing you the recap hot off the presses.

Fight 1: Dog Toy vs. Jet Li

Round 1: Jet Li got off to a bad start as he attempted his powerful fire attack...only to have it absolutely blocked by Dog Toy. The ColorPandora responded with two high damage big spins to KO poor Jet.

Round 2: Jet Li had a little more luck this time, his wing storms hit for medium damage and always dizzied, but once again he was bettered by Dog Toy's superior techs, this time throwing in a thundader for the relatively quick KO.

Round 3: Jet Li had simply given up at this point, all of his techs were blocked and he layed down to a couple of thundaders, leaving DT with the KO and the win.

Dog Toy 3, Jet Li 0

Fight 2: SS WIns vs. Finale

Round 1: Finale was strutting his stuff, exhibiting his very dangerous withering move balloon pop along with other weak but effective techs, winning the match about 100% to 30%.

Round 2: SS Wins came back in style, inflicting a massive damage from a 969 ion cannon right off the bat and continuing on to do another for 905, getting the very decisive KO win.

Round 3: This round was closer than the others. FInales unleashed a whopping five thunderbolds in a row, withering SS wins to near 0 and sufficiently damaging him. However, his combination of a beam and a force bomber was enough to win him the round at 62% to 30%.

Round 4: This one was a bit...sad. FInale went into a frenzy of weak but withering attacks while SS wins finally gathered enough energy to do...ray field...twice...allowing Finale to get the 100% to 52% win

Round 5: In the fifth and final round of the best match of the day, Finale got the early lead in his usual mix of techs. However, SS wins charged up and fired a mighty ion cannon...only to let it be blocked. Finale carried his luck on to the last second, winning the match 78% to 13%.

Finale 3, SS Wins 2

SS Wins vs. Dog Toy

Round 1: SS Wins hit one beam for 190 while Dog Toy smashed SS with a 999 big spin for a short and sweet KO.

Round 2: This one was a bit better, but only marginally. SS Wins did get in an ion cannon, but it was blocked and a single thundader was enough to KO the poor Henger.

Round 3: Just like in the first round, after a beam and a big spin, the round was over and SS Wins was down and out cold.

Dog Toy 3, SS WIns 0

SS WIns vs. Jet Li

Round 1: Jet Li tried a couple of dragon bites...all were blocked. SS WIns did an ion cannon...Jet Li was on the floor.

Round 2: This time, Jet went for quantity over quality. It didn't help much however, for even after six attacks including a "wong storm," all were blocked and he couldn't stand up to SS Wins, losing 100% to 52%.

Round 3: Once again, all of Jet's attacks were blocked and he was taken down by Ss Wins. Do I see a pattern here?

SS Wins 3, Jet Li 0

Finale vs. Jet Li

Round 1: As per usual, FInale showed off a multitude of minus 100 but withering atacks that simply left Jet Li whimpering for a break, winning the round 90% to 32%.

Round 2: Jet Li did one attack, which was blocked. Finale did a lot, and they all hit. Bing bang boom, 100% to 41%.

Round 3: Jet did a little better this time, but only marginally. He managed to hit one of his attacks for about 100 damage, but Finale had landed about four more, enough to win the round and the match 91% to 65%.

Finale 3, Jet Li 0

Finale vs. Dog Toy

Round 1: Ah the final match. Finale was pumped up and ready to try to beat the seemingly unstoppable CP Dog Toy, hoping that huge withering would be enough to win it for him. Sadly, it was not. Finale did indeed hit several techs throughout the match, withering DT's guts down immensely, but all that he was hit by (all that DT needed) was a single big spin, doing 683 damage and winning it for the CP 60% to 31%.

Round 2: This one was much shorter. Finale did one turn stab for 60 damage. Dog Toy did a thundader and a big spin for a combined 1425 damage, giving him the quite devastating KO win.

Round 3:The final round proved to be much like the second. Finale started well with a critical 257 balloon pop, but he proceeded to flounder the rest of his attacks, letting Dog Toy get in another Big Spin-Thundader combo for the last KO of the night.

Dog Toy 3, Finale 0

The Final Standings

1. Dog Toy (3-0)
2. Finale (2-1)
3. SS Wins (1-2)
4. Jet Li (0-3)

Thanks to all the trainers who entered and to Fen for hosting such a great tournament! All hail Dog Toy, who will continue on to the finals! Good night MRM!

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