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Recapped By Velo on Monday, September 9, 2002

The first MR3 A Class tournament was very exciting, due to the fact that there wasn't a sure winner before the matches started! All four monsters showed their ferocity, but as you know only one can claim the prize.

Death vs. The Blob: Blob impressed us right off the bat in this match. IN round one, two missed axes ballets from death gave Blob the time two charge up for two devastating Jell Cannons, resulting in a KO! Next round, Death missed axes death yet again while a cannon followed by a jell spa led to yet another KO! Blob STILL wasn't done, and he used the exact same sequence of attacks as added insult to win the final round and the match.

The Blob 3, Death 0

Everest vs. Marklin: At first, it seemed that Marklin wasn't all that he was cracked up to be...Everet finished him in two hits. Round two however, saw Marklin unload his GIGA BLADE for enormous damage, pulling off a percentage win. It seemed that Marklin was improving with every round, he KO'd Everest with only three moves in each of the next two rounds, gaining his first win for the night.

Marklin 3, Everest 1

Death vs. Everest: Everest yet again pulled off an opening win. However, Death proved that he had the old Zan spirit in him...in the next three rounds he showed Everest his axes death attacks, ending in one KO and two other blowout wins to leave Everest 0-2.

Death 3, Everest 1

Everest vs. The Blob: Yet AGAIN Everest won the first round thanks to some lucky beat attacks. In round two, Blob used two cannons to KO Everest and in round three he won yet again with a devastating 999 missile. Round 4 came very close, neither monster could really pull off each of their most powerful attacks, but in the end Blob held out and won 38% to 34%.

Blob 3, Everest 1

Death vs. Marklan: Death truly gave it's all, but it wasn't enough. Marklan just had too many powerful attacks to counter Death's inaccurate axes death. The attack itself did indeed hit twice, but Marklan somehow always recovered and served Death up a nice KO.

Marklan 3, Death 0

Marklan vs. The Blob: The final match, both monsters 2-0, and either one had a chance to win. Marklan, who was apparently only showing a fraction of his potential in previous matches, quickly finished Blob off in three rounds. Blob DID manage to release a missile as a last chance for a 1-hit KO, but it was blocked, sealing the poor Jell's doom.

Marklan 3, The Blob 0

That's the recap, Marklan is the winner!
All hail Marklan!
All hail Deadbuffalo!
Good night!

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