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Recapped By Kurasu Soratobu on Monday, May 5, 2003
It was quite a match all over. Too many sweeps for it to be particularly enjoyable, but the last match helped make up for the lackluster ones of earlier. This being my first writeup, I'll make no guarantees how well it'll read, but we'll see how it turns out.

This one went about how people suspected that it would. The hare came out early with lots of fancy footwork, dodging almost everything that Bait could throw at it and pecking away at the giant crab. Bait finally got mad, however, nailing Luffy with a claw pinch for KO damage. The little hare got up, but it was too late. He was out. The next match was no contest, with a quick acrobatics putting Luffy down and out. The third one, he fared little better, being unable to hit the arrowhead even after being thrown into power, and tailing in at a 100%-17% loss.

Being 20 points shy of his opponent in this match, Zeus still proved his mocchi luck by making all three of the fights a real skirmish. A real frenzy of attacks in the first round brought Zeus right down to the mat, where GRIT had to pick him up. He continued his battering of small attacks, dodging everything the zuum had to throw up until then, and while he still came out in a loss, his 15.9% to 0.1% win was still impressive to behold. The second match was a whiff-fest, with either opponent hitting only two of the moves. Unfortunately, Wal-marts two big moves turned out to be more damage than the mocchi's much smaller ones, leading him to a 40.3% victory to Zeus' 27.4%. The third match, Wal-Mart had had enough of mocchi luck. After missing a number of moves and weathering a flurry of mini-mochhi blows, he thrws a Roll Assault for a critical 668 damage, and an instant KO.

This was about as much a massacre as folks thought it would be. A bloodsuck in the first round sent Zeus down to the mat, only to grit back up to his feet just before the last buzzer. The other two matches were brutal, and won by KOs. The little mocchi never had a chance.

Roll assault served the pink riceball well in these matches. The first one was whiff after whiff, with neither side taking much damage untl the big roll assault critted the Scaled Hare, putting him down for the count. In round two, however, Luffy got mad. The first... and last... move of the match was a bang, which criticaled, doing 605 damage. Toasted rice. However, Zeus made a comeback in round three. A press, followed by a roll assault, knocked the hare down and out. Round four was longer, lasting until the time limit, with both mini-critters smacking on each other with their smaller moves. A lot of missing, a lot of small damage. But when the dust finally cleared, the mocchi's 42.4% life took it over the hare's 29.2%.

Obviously, I'd hoped that this might actually be a more thrilling match. Unfortunately, it was not to be. After a brief appearance by Fenrick's pizza-monster, the first match ended with two acrobatics driving Wal-Mart into the yellow. A burst of POWER ate up the last seconds of the clock, and he was downed, 21%-79%. The next two matches were to run much the same, with Bait's acrobatics running Wal-Mart down to the ground, winning them in fine form with 25-86% and 32-73%. Can anyone stop the mad arrowhead?

A few people wondered why this match had been left until the end, rather than the obvious favorite. However, we were soon to be treated to one of the finest fights that this scribe has ever seen, in the... admittedly short time that I've been watching the tournaments. It all started with some well-placed heavy damage from Luffy, a Bang and a Heavy Blow whittling Wal-Mart down to where a 1-2 punch completely finished him off. Big KO. In round two, it looked as though the zuum's luck might turn. After being beat down by a great deal of damage, he retaliated with his own, throwing a tail and a claw in quick succession that dropped the hare to the mat. KO. But it was not to be! Luffy's GRIT took over, picking him up. His immediate reaction was to hurl a BIG BANGat Wal-Mart, totally devistating him and blowing him into smitherenes. What would have been a KO for Wal-Mart was turned into a KO for Luffy. 2-0. At this point, people were wondering if the hare could pull the upset. Alas, it was not to be. After a single heavy blow which drove him into the yellow, Wal-Mart powered up, spitting a fireball which one-hit KO'ed the hare, and no grit was forthcoming. The next two matches were a matter of much damage dealt on either side, with Wal-Mart finally pulling out the stops to KO the hare, once with him gritting, the other not. In the end, Wal-Mart stood in victory.

So to sum it all up. The standings are:

Bait will thus be going on to have a seat with Jabba T Hutt in the final bracket. Can anyone defeat him? Can anyone stop the arrowhead's reign of terror? Enter a monster in the Market Monster tournament, and it could be YOU!

Good night, everyone.

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