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Recapped By Velociraptor on Sunday, March 16, 2003

Well, there were a couple of good fights today...but then again...most were pretty brutal.

Leposaurus vs. The Hippie: This one went by very quickly at first. Hippie was KO'd by a single roll assault. In the next round, four consecutive claws achieved the same goal if not at a bit of a slower pace. Round three was a bit more interesting...The Hippie pulled out all of his stops..constantly assaulting Leposaurus with her Mocchi moves. The thing is, they were the weaker variety of Mocchi moves, and most of them missed in any case. Leposaurus took that match 55% to 29% for the win.

Leposaurus 3, The Hippie 0

Jabba T Hutt vs. Sonasu: If this was a fighting game, Jabba would have gotten three resounding "PERFECTS." Sonasu never landed a single tech. Jabba hit every single one of his, leading to three KO's and a shutout victory.

Jabba 3, Sonasu 0

Jabba T Hutt vs. Hippie: Unlike the fight against Sonasu, Jabba was hit by Hippie several times. Unfortunately for the Mocchi, the damage done by these hits ranged from 4-120...Jabba KO'd the Hippie twice with ease and ended another round winning 78% to 11%, winning the match.

Jabba 3, Hippie 0

Sonasu vs. The Hippie: In what was possibly the best round of the day, The Hippie KO'd Sonasu without getting hit right off of the bat. After that however, things changed. Sonasu utilized his basic techs of bite, claw, and tail over and over to get three KO's in a row against the Mocchi, leaving The Hipie with only one round win for the day.

Sonasu 3, The Hippie 1

Leposaurus vs. Jabba T Hutt: The first round went quickly after Lepo missed a roll assault and Jabba hit a critical 716 straight. However, the next round would be the closest that Jabba would see for the day. The Gaboo hit his first long punch for 279, but then proceeded to miss two straights and a chop combo. Meanwhile. Lepo went all out with tails, claws, claw combos, and jumping claws. After the dust settled however, Jabba still had the lead by 5%, making the match 2-0. The final round was drawn out, with Leposaurus performing a total of six techniques. However, he only hit two, while Jabba did a straight and a rolling chop to get his final KO of the night.

Jabba 3, Leposaurus 0

SOnasu vs. Leposaurus: This was the finale match of the night, even though it was for second place. I myself had predicted that Lepo's ability to dodge would win him the fight, but I was mistaken. He failed to dodge three separate powerful attacks: a 547 roll assault, an 888 bite in power, and another 647 roll assault. On three separate occasions, these moves KO'd Hare Raiser's Zuum with little extra effort. Lepo did get one win in middle of the match after finally managing to dodge Sonasu's powerful attacks and evgen achieving a KO with a few jumping claws. However, in round four Sonasu connected with the previously mentioned 647 roll assault, winning him the match and second place.

Sonasu 3, Leposaurus 1

So the final standings are, again:

Jabba 3-0
Sonasu 2-1
Leposaurus 1-2
The Hippie 0-3

So, Jabba T Hutt will proceed to the finals, waiting for his next challenger. Who will it be? Make a market monster and it could be you! Good night!

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