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Recapped by Velo: Mon Sep 22, 2003 7:03 pm

To say it in a nice way, this tourney was on the uneventful side, but it had it's moments. It almost seemed as if Torey's simple prediction of "MISO GETS TO WIN" was inevitable, considering the stats of the other monsters entered. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't...you'll have to read to find out!

Rimowa vs Kabal

Round 1: Rimowa and Kabal: the two tanks of this tournament. That's the breaks with monsters such as these, you need to have both power and intelligence with these tech selections, and thus speed usually is the stat to pay for it. Regardless, it meant that this match would be decided by pure offensive prowess and speed. I was tardy to this tournament and missed this very first round. However, I was informed that it consisted of two techs each, Rimowa's being s little more powerful to win 46% to 42%.

Round 2: Rimowa kicked this one off with two 250 damage techniques to bring the mighty crab dragon down to below half health. It was responded to by a single flutters, much less than enough to make this round a contest. Rimowa wins 75% to 44%.

Round 3: In this very close match, Kabal used some of his lesser techs followed by a devastating trample to bring Rimowa to less than a third of health. However, the noble jell struck back with some heavy stuff of his own. When the dust finally settled, however, Kabal was victorious 35% to 32%.

Round 4: This match was very much like round three, though this time Kabal actually did some dodging to increase his lead over, though not by much as he tied it all up 2-2 with a 55% to 47% victory.

Round 5: Using a dragon punch, a fire bretah, a flutter, and a slamming down, the dragon finally proved that he was as powerful as he looked, devastating Rimowa's chances for a win despite the fact that he hit with a Jell COpter. Sorry buddy, but numbers don't lie: 57% to 9%.

Winner: Kabal 3-2

Exzee vs Miso

Round 1: In the battle between the speeders, it was all about accuracy. Miso had an advantage in defense however, which served him well in the coming fights. Round 1 saw some moderate attacks from Ex while Miso replied with three super zuum techniques totalling for over 1000 damage and, therefore, a KO.

Round 2: Lots of misses here...lots. Three techs total hit, and even though two of them were fromExzee, they did not total up to beat out Miso's single jumping claw. The Crab Saurian won 84% to 82%.

Round 3: Ex broke out this time, with 1-2 blows left and right mixed with three flicks. It was enough to make Miso spend more time using GUARD then doing anything else, he lost it 29% to 45%.

Round 4: Just like the last round, Ex was just plain too aggressive to be taken down by Miso, winning once again by percentage, 75% to 35%.

Round 5: Miso did not want to end up like RImowa. Dodging almost every one of Exzee's attacks, Miso then let loose with a 639 burning roll that sealed the deal for him. He coasted to an easy 94% to 15% win.

Winner: Miso 3-2

Exzee vs Rimowa

Round 1: With an advantage in speed, it seemd to me that Exzee had this one in the bag, but Rimowa did not make it easy for him. He kicked things off impressively with a 699 jell copter, from which never recovered. The noble Jell took it 94 to 27.

Round 2: In a total turn around from the last battle, Exzee started acting like his stats suggested he could, dodging every single one of Rimowa's attacks and dishing out quite a bit himself. Easy win, 100% to 17%.

Round 3: This is one of those rounds from which you just want to move on. While RImowa did nearly nothing, Exzee did four lightning attacks...in a row. As you may know, from a m,onster such as this, lightning does low LOW damage. Still, it was enough for a sad 79% to 73% win for Exzee.

Round 4: This was better. Like in the first round, RImowa was impressive with a 704 Jell Copter. Too bad that's all he did. I thought Ex would never recoverfrom it, but he did with five consecutive hit attacks, edging himself out in front of RImowa, winning 27% to 25%.

Winner: Exzee 3-1

Rimowa vs Miso

Round 1: Once again, it was Rimowa vs. a guy with speed, but maybe this one would turn out differently. The first round went as expected, RImowa couldn't hit his beam gun attack, allowing Miso to take it by a small 46% to 36% margin.

Round 2: 999 beam cannon from Rimowa! 'Nuff said, K to the O.

Round 3: This time it was Miso's turn to rip it up. After some laughable Jell techs, the Zuum replied with a 609 roll ••• and a 287 diving claw for a not so instant but still decisive KO.

Round 4: Miso would have secured himself the win here if he didn't waste his guts on a 5 balls attack. Well, he did, and it did 18 damage, allowing Rimowa to tie it all up 65% to 39%.

Round 5: After an impressive array of Zuum techs to bring Rim to 1/3 health, it all looked over for the poor guy. But as fate would have it, he was able to respond enough to make Miso's health half as muh as his own measly number. It stayed this way, thus giving Rimowa the win 33% to 14%.

Winner: Rimowa 3-2

Exzee vs Kabal

Round 1: Facing off against another tank, Exzee was hungry for his chance to go to a tie-breaker with Miso. in fact, he was so hungry that he dodged ALL of Kabals attacks, coasting to a 100% to 59% victory.

Round 2: Once again, Kabal just couldn't hit what he needed to, while exzee unloaded with flicks and jabs to get a percentage win.

Round 3: Kabal had had enough. After a 545 flying combo and a 253 critical wing attack, Exzee looked done for this round. Not so said the funky Hopper. He came right back with a whole lot of flicks and jabs, followed up by a 447 hopper combo to win it 19% to 15%.

Winner: Exzee 3-0

Kabal vs Miso

Round 1: This was it. The winner of this would be meeting up with Exzee in the tie-breaking round. It was the same old story, a speedster versus a tank, and this time, the results were a bit more predictable. Just, not in the first round. Kabal actually dodged Miso's powerful Zuum attacks while managing to land a flutter and a claw combo to win by an 81% to 4% advantage.

Round 2: Kabal used one slamming down, and missed. ZUum hit with several attacks. No more explanation needed in this one, Miso wins 100% to 5%.

Round 3: Kabal ACUALLY managed to hit with a 2 bites here...for 144. Meanwhille, a fire charge, two tail combos, and a diving claw were enough to effectively KO the Crab Dragon.

Round 4: Kabal hit a claw combo. Weeee. Miso did a lot more as usual in the last rounds of this match, getting an easy victory thanks to his speed and good tech choice 57% to 14%.

Winner: Miso 3-1

Exzee vs Miso

Round 1: Ah yes, the tie breaker. As expected it was the two speeders of this bracket who would face off for the last time. I myself couldn't have predicted this victory surely. Round 1 saw Exzee taking advantage of his quickness through a flurry of moderately powerful hopper techs that outweighed some of Miso's less powerful Zuum techs, winning it 42% to 13% for him.

Round 2: Exzee was far less impressive this time, he only did two techs then watched as Miso put his best claw forward with FOURjumping claws in a row, for an easy percentage win.

Round 3: Here, poor exzee missed just about everything while Miso hit with a jumping claw and two normal claws, totalling up to an 89% to 53% win for the Crab Saurian.

Round 4: I felt kind of bad for Ex by now. He had taken a beating and was not dishing it back out at all. This did not change in round four, he was smited soundly by a claw combo and a jumping claw while he was only able to hit one flick himself. He lost 90% to 12%.

Winner: Miso 3-1


Miso: 2-1 (winner)
Exzee: 2-1
Kabal: 1-2
Rimowa: 1-2

There you have it. Miso moves on to the S CLass finals. Thanks to Fenrick for hosting yet another tournemnt, it's a lot of work, especially with one this long! All hail Kimochi and Miso!

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