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Recapped by Velo: Tue Jul 01, 2003 12:54 pm


Four monsters, all who had proven themselves in the preliminary rounds faced off in this final judgement, the Legend Cup S Class 2 Finale! This went as all finales should, it was intense, exciting, and unpredictable. But enough of my bantering, let's get on to the recap.

JabbaTHutt vs. Big Banana

Round 1: The first round of the night began excitingly. After a straight and a long punch from Jabba, BB retaliated with two slaps and a thwack. Having gotten the weaker moves out of the way, Jabba executed a chop combo after BB used his grab throw. Only one of the techs hit, the chop combo, leaving Jabba ahead 66% to 7%.

Round 2: This one was a bit closer. Jabba started out strong with a critical 264 straight, but BB replied with a critical slap and a roll assault for a total of over 450 damage. However, after two long punches, Jabba had still dealt out enough damage to get the percentage win over Big Banana.

Round 3: In yet another exciting and close match, Big Banana got things started with a POWERFUL and CRITICAL 459 roll assault. However, once again, the Gibberer's 801 life would be his downfall as a similar amount of damage done to him was enough to gain a 54% to 46% win for Jabba.

Winner: Jabba 3-0

Strunksy vs. Bait

Round 1: The other two competitors in this tournament proved to be very different from one another. While Strunksy was characterized by using a flurry of slightly weaker attacks combined with a few big ones and withering, negligible damage niton inks. Bait however, would get most of his dealt damage from one or two very strong and accurate skills. This was apparent from the first round, as Strunksy used six techs while Bait used only two. Unfortunately for the metal shell, the damage from a spiked shell and three whips was not enough to overcome the fact that Bait healed himself with a 354 Blood Suction, regaining his health enough to cruise along to a 77% to 39% victory.

Round 2: This one was opposite of the last match. Strunksy got the damage done while Bait's attacks were too sparsely accurate to do any serious damage. Thus, the metal shell was left with the 77% to 24% win.

Round 3: Things switched around once again here. This time is was Strunksy was the one who couldn't land his attacks. However, two hits was all that Bait needed, because of the fact that they were bothPOWERFUL toll assaults, almost KO'ing Strunksy, but in any case, leading to the 58% to 11% win.

Round 4: Things didn't reverse again this time. Bait used another two techniques to bring Stunksy down to below 1/3 health.. However, Strunksy could barely hit anything, letting Bait easily receive his percentage victory.

Winner: Bait 3-1

Strunksy vs. Big Banana

Round 1: Perhaps angry for losing to Bait in the last round, Strunksy was amazingly aggresive in his attacks. Spiked shells and stabs were flying left and right, eventually leading to the first KO for Strunksy and for the night.

Round 2: Once again, Strunksy was the dominating force. Unfortunately, without any spiked shells, his techs were not enough to ensure a KO, but in any case, he was never hit himself, leading to his own 100% to 25% win.

Round 3: Like Bait, Big Banana relied on hitting oner or two big techs to get the real damage done against an opponent. He used this tactic well in this round, using a single 519 grab throw to win 91% to 48%, since Strunksy could not hit anything of real value himself.

Round 4: The Gibberer dominated in the same way this time, doing 883 damage in two moves while dodging both of Strunksy's shell attacks, winning 100% to 11%.

Round 5: In the first five round match of the night, These two strong and resiliant monsters were almost equal. A grab throw to kick things off for 339 was not enough to discourage Strunksy from using a shell attack and a stab. The two monsters then released a flurry of weaker techs, all of which missed. When the dust settled, one monster was slightly more healthy than the other. That monster was Strunksy, 66% to 61%.

Winner: Strunksy 3-2

Bait vs. Big Banana

Round 1: People were hopeful that Big Banana could make a comeback victory to allow for a Bones tiebreaker to decide the winner. By now we knew that Bait and BB essentially had the same strategy for winning, but one of these monsters held to this strategy effectively. A claw pinch for a critical 474 damage was enough to win it for the lobster since all that BB could muster up was two slaps. Thus, Bait received a 100% to 74% win.

Round 2: In what was perhaps the most boring match of the night, Bait hit only one 250 acrobatics while BB hit nothing. There were four moves....the whole round....yawn....Bait wins 100% to 74%.

Round 3: This round was filled with more misses, but it was more exciting as both monstersm did indeed do some damage. However, roll assaults are more powerful thatn slaps. Thus, the 67% to 33% win belonged to Bait, as well as the match victory.

Winner: Bait 3-0

JabbaTHutt vs. Strunksy

Round 1: This was it. To have any chance for Bones, Jabba would have to lose to Strunksy and beat Bait. Some people had hope in this occurence, but it was not to be. Round one was the most exciting of this match, with both monsters using a variety of low guts moves to gain the upper hand on eachother. However, few of them hit...in fact, only three hit. Luckily for Jabba, two of those were his powerful straights, leading him to a 70% to 23% victory.

Round 2: Not as many punches were thrown around this time, both monsters seemed to be content with trying their high damage moves only once. For Jabba, that was a 428 chop combo. For Strunksy, it was a shell attack that completely missed, allowing Jabba to get an easy percentage win.

Round 3: Strunksy put up even less of a fight this time, in fact, all that he hit was a 3 damage Niton ink, the withering of which did little to stop Jabba from using a powerful rolling chop to win the round and match 99% to 55%.

Winner: Jabba 3-0

Bait vs. JabbaTHutt

Round 1: Here it was. Both of these monsters had fought extremely well to get here, and both had some techs that when used well could be quite scary. The age-old battle between crime lord and lobster would happen for the first time, but the interesting thing is that it would not be the last. Both monsters are also in the market competition free for all. Thus, the first and second place winners of Legend Cup would all be mere youngsters at 4y6m. When the battle began, it would not disappoint. Bait kicked things off with a powerful and critical 529 roll assault followed by a 428 claw pinch. Bruised and battered, Jabba could to little to retaliate, but he did manage to land a very nice 303 long punch, as if to show Bait that he was not going to be a pushover in these fights at all. Still, Bait won 50% to 4%.

Round 2: Before this match, I head Jabba say da wanga wonky, hees huttuk noleewa pawa. That's huttese for "that one is mighty, he is Hutt-sized in power" (I'm not making this up). Perhaps now that Jabba respected his opponent, he would be more cautious. It paid off. Though he tried five times, Bait could hit NONE of his attacks, allowing Jabba to hit him with everything he had and to get a perfect 100% to 15% victory.

Round 3: Bait, angered by losing so badly to the Hutt, was much more dangerous this time around. a critical 539 roll assault had Jabba to his knees (so to speak), but he came back with a 396 chop combo at 2 seconds, which combined with an earlier 220 straight, guaranteed him a 46% to 38% win.

Round 4: Bait was still not giving up. a roll assault and a tail swings left Jabba with little more than 1/3 health. This time Jabba did not use his fat man magic, since his chop combo was, this time, barely not enough as he lost 40% to 39%.

Round 5: This was it. It is how all championship final matches should end. Neither monster had any fear of losing, since they would have another chance to go at eachother in the market finals. However, in any case, both monsters could tase victory, and we were all hoping that this would be a good close match. It certainly was. Jabba kicked things off with a 177 long punch and a 335 chop combo, while Bait used two roll assaults....and missed both. But at the very end, when all seemed lost for the Arrowhead, He used Bloodsuction, and hit it for 232 damage, healing the same. Those of us who were bad at math (me) were not sure who was on top when the dust settled. Sure enough, Jabba had held strong, winning the round, match, and championship 77% to 72%. An amazing finish for an amazing tournament.

Winner: Jabba 3-2


1st: Jabba 3-0
2nd: Bait 2-1
3rd: Strunksy 1-2
4th: Big Banana 0-3

Jabba is the winner! Thanks to everyone for making this tournament so great through entering monsters and even just watcdhing the tournaments. Thanks to Torey and everybody else who kept it interesting with varying predictions. But most of all, thanks Fenrick for hosting the best online tournaments around, LEGEND CUP! S Class 3 is starting soon, But first we have the A class round three to worry about this Sunday. More monsters are hungry for victory, but who will it be? Only time will tell! Keep entering those monsters, I'm outta here.

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