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Recapped by Velo: Mon Jun 23, 2003 9:11 pm

Tonight, there were very many excellent fights between four excellent monsters. From the beginning of the tournament, it seemed as if all of the fighters had an equal chance, but in the end there could be only one winner. To find out who it was, read on...

JabbaTHutt vs. ChillyWilly

Round 1: Here it was, the ultimate battle between the blob of goop Jabba the Hutt against a jelly wall...tasty! Oh well, the Ice Candy showed it's stuff early on in this match, using it's intelligence advantage to overpower Jabba with a 474 beam and an excellent 417 double rays to win 30% to 10%.

Round 2: CW did not fare quite as well in this round, as it could only hit with two screecges while Jabba was able to land three minor hits and a 549 chop combo to finish it with a KO.

Round 3: Once again, CW's lack of speed was it's downfall as it stood there helpless against Jabba's steady barrage of back blows and a long punch followed once again with a chop combp to win 80% to 20%.

Round 4: CW nows sought revenge for being overpowered by Jabba in the past, and he strutted his stuff with a powerful screech and an amazing 450 triple beams. Jabba did retaliatre a bit, but a few minor techs weren't enough to get past SW's 41% to 28% victory.

Round 5: This was it, both fighters were on the brink of victory and destruction at the same time, it seemed as if the winner would be decided by tech choice and accuracy. The crime lord Jabba, tired after a grueling battle against CW gathered all of his Hutt strength and let it all out against CW. The Ice Candy meanwhile was only able to perform a couple of flattenings, doing minimal damage and allowing Jabba to take the percentage win and the match victory.

Winner: JabbaTHutt 3-2

Dementia Wood vs. Kirudos

Round 1: Everyone knows that dinoasaurs and wood lobsters have a long history of animosity. Ok, that's kind of a reach, but both fighters indeed tried very hard to destroy eachother. One of them however, was far too slow to do much major damage. That monster was DW, who in round one was only able to land a single punch while being beaten to a pulp by Kirudos' million bites and tail lashes, allowing him to take a 78% to 9% win.

Round 2: Once again, DW could land only one tech while Kirudos used his million bites and tail combo, this time getting a KO win.

Round 3: Yet again, DW only hit once, this time with a hidden sting. Kirudos' victory was less decisive this time, but an 80% to 32% win was enough to get him the match.

Winner: Kirudos 3-0

DementiaWood vs. ChillyWilly

Round 1: The battle of the tanks. All bets were off, the winner of this would be the only one that had a chance in case of a three-way ti, and there would be no missing at all. No monster had a clear advantage, and these fights were the closest of the night. In round one, DW was unfortunately only able to use two techs to get CW to around half health. The ICe Candy however used a ray, a knock, and a flattening to earn himself the 52% to 32% victory.

Round 2: In round two, DW struck back with an assortment of attacks including an amazing 489 critical claw pinch for the percentage victory.

Round 3: DW once again used a large array of techs, but CW laid the smack dowm with a sound wave, a 249 needle stabs an a 300 strange light! This earned him another percentage win, 36% to 4%.

Round 4: Angered by being beaten by a jelly wall, Dementia wood let loose with some energy shots and a 530 critical claw pinch! CW was unable to return the favor, and so he lost 48% to 23%.

Round 5: This was it, the final match. One monster would surely be the loser, but which of these seemingly equal monsters would it be? DW started out strong with a claw assault and a hidden sting for a total of almost 400 damage. But after that, DW's attacks fizzled away, allowing CW to come back with a screech and two strange lights for the very close 45% to 37% win.

Winner: Chilly Willy 3-2

JabbaTHutt vs. DementiaWood

Round 1: Although many people expected thiss fight to be over quickly, DW showed a surprising amount of resilience. Through setady use of claws and stings, he indeed won round one 44% to 41%.

Round 2: This time, Jabba used more of his muscle with a series of punches and chops. DW once again unleashed a flurry of claw assaults and somersaults, but many missed and he was left with being the victim of another Jabba percentage win.

Round 3: This time Jabba's win was more decisive. DW only landed a single tech while the old slug used three straights to KO the woody lobster.

Round 4: DW started out the fight with three jumping claws, but none of them were good enough to prevent Jabba's two chop combos, leading to another KO.

Winner: Jabba 3-1

Kirudos vs. Chilly Willy

Round 1: The first fight was a massacre. Kirudos went all out against the ICe Candy while poor CW could not land a single hit, allowing Kirudos a 100% to 4% victory.

Round 2: ICE CANDY POWER!!! With an exciting triple beams, Chilly Willy exploited Kirudos' low intelligence to gain for himself a 58% to 22% win.

Round 3: The monol did not fare as well this time, as it's strange light and flattening was not enough to surpass the multiple zuum techs that Kirudos unleashed, allowing the Zuum to get a 64% to 14% win.

Round 4: This fight did not last long enough to be any contest at all. After one missed beam, CW fell victim to two bites and a million more, losing by KO.

Winner: Kirudos 3-1

JabbaTHutt vs. Kirudos

Round 1: I had somehow known it would come down to this. These two monsters were almost equal in terms of stats, and both had a wide array of accurate techniques. The battle between the 900 year old crime lord and the Bunny Dinosaur was about to begin, and it would be a good one. The first round saw Jabba opening up with a long punch and a 300 chop combo. Kirudos was able to land one tail combo, but after that he fell victim to Jabba's speed, missing four straight techniques while Jabba coasted to a 83% to 40% win.

Round 2: This time, Kirudos missed even more, hitting none of his techs while Jabba once again whittled the Spot Saurian down to less than half health. The speedy Gaboo won out with a 100% to 43% win.

Round 3: This fight would not be as exciting as the previous two. Both monsters only attacked twice, and while both also only hit once, Kirudos' 257 roll assault beat out Jabba's lowly long punch, winning it for the dinosaur 84% to 74%.

Round 4: Unfortunately, round four was almost as uneventful as three. While there were more attacks, the only hits from Kirudos came from two weak fireball attacks. a simple long punch was enough to win it for Jabba 95% to 86%.

Winner: Jabba 3-1


1st JabbaTHutt 3-0
2nd Kirudos 2-1
3rd Chilly Willy 1-2
4th DementiaWood 0-3

So, Jabba continues on to the finals to face his much superior opponents. The finals are up next, and only one monster can walk away victorious! It's crab vs. villain vs. bunny monkey vs. robot nautilus next time on Legend Cup! Be there!


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