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By Velociraptor on Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Ivanhoe vs. Zeus: This one was surprising to a few of us. Ivanhoe started out using his durahan techs to get a solid win, but then Zeus had a perfect match in round two and even KO'd Ivan in round three. Then, in round four, Ivan came back from an early deficit with two swings to win him the match 23 to 4%. In the final round five, Zeus pounded on three diving presses for a KO and the match win.

Zeus 3, Ivanhoe 2

Ivanhoe vs. Loyal: We were all thinking that Loyal had this one in the bag, but we were quite mistaken.The niton did use it's excellent severe shock attack a few times, but it used it's stab attack far too much, allowing Ivanhoe to win all three rounds rather easily.

Ivanhoe 3, Loyal 0

Bait vs. Ivanhoe: In what would be the durahan'sast match, he went up against the favorite for the night, Bait. Round one went the way one might expect it, Bait was able to endure Ivan's attacks while dishing out twice as much, almost getting a KO. Round two went even better for the arrowhead as he KO'd Ivanhoe in a roll assault and a swift tail swings. However, in round three, Ivanhoe came back, dodging many of Bait's powerful attacks whilst finally landing his twister slash and roll slash on Bait, bringing him down to 24% while staying at a healthy 49% himself. His luck was short-lived however, as in round four Bait yet again needed only a roll assault and a tail swings to get himself a KO.

Bait 3, Ivanhoe 1

Bait vs. Zeus: At first, the match went very poorly for Zeus as he mostly missed with his already feeble tachs, allowing Bait to KO him in two roll assaults. However, in the second round, Zeus managed to dodge every single one of Bait's attacks, also managing to land a few of his own for a 100% to 77% win. It soon became apparent who the true victor was going to be, but it wasn't Zeus. Bait needed only to hit two more techs to secure his victories in the next two rounds. Zeus tried many times to come back at Bait with his own attacks, but they were far too weak to make a difference.

Bait 3, Zeus 1

Loyal vs. Zeus: Loyal came in rather strong, landing a couple of numb whips to bring Zeus down to 43% health. Unfortunately for the Niton, Zeus was bitter from his loss to Bait and he unleashed a wave of slaps and roll assaults, bringing Loyal down to a mere 1/5 health and securing him the round win. Round two was similar, but much closer, with the Mocchi edging out ahead of Loyal by a mere .4%! Things semmed to be getting better for Loyal as she even managed to win the third round through liberal use of Soundwave L™. However, the Mocchi made a quick rebound in round four, winning the match perfectly 100% to 21%.

Zeus 3, Loyal 1

Bait vs. Loyal: This round was a bit anti-climactic since it was a 2-0 vs. 0-2 match, but it was still good all the same. Bait started things off with a 78% to 13% win, making good use of Blood Suction™ to heal his own wounds. In round two however, Loyal let fly with every single ounce of strength left in the little nautilus, finally making good use of shell attacks to bring Bait down to a mere 1% while staying at a perfect 100% herself. Unfortunately for her, the next round diod not fare well, as she was KO'd by a quarter of Arrowhead attacks. Round four also seemed to be a rather sure thing until the very end, where Loyal had more life than Bait dude to a few shell attacks. At 0 seconds, Bait did some Acrobatics™, which has an A class hit. The numbers stayed true: Bait hit Loyal for 233, winning him the match and the tournament.

Bait 3, Loyal 1

That's it MR fans! What will the next Legend Cup bring? Only time will tell, so keep training those monsters. Have a great day.
Well, I can't wait to see what's next for Fenrick's tournaments...except for OAB, pretty much every one of them has been moderately unpredictable. Good fights, and good night MRM!

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