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Recapped By Velo on Monday, August 5, 2002

The fights tonight weren't exactly brawls, but it all ended with a very close finish.

AOL Titanium vs. Strunksy: Fight one was basically a ton of attacks from the metal shell leading to a devastating KO with AOL....sat there. Next was much closer, AOL managed to get in more than a few seed attacks to get Strunksy down to 69%...but in the end he was outgunned by the Niton's stabs and whips. The final match was a blowout, Strunks had little trouble at all KOing AOL and getting his first win.

Strunksy 3, AOL Titanium 0

Luvullo vs. Mink: Round 1 was extremely close. both sides missed a lot and only hit with rather weak techs...in fact, two air shots was basically all Luvullo did to win, despite his many attempts to widen the margin. Nect, thanks to a flame and three air shots, Mink was subdued by the occasionally awesome power of the Wracky...I say occasionally because Luv hardly ever decided to use flame or even head/flame spike. Round 3 saw Luvullo miss almost every single attack whilts Mink unleashed a very powerful giga ray for the win. In the fourth and final round, a fire spike mixed with a lot of withering enabled Luvullo to soar past his Pixie competition.

Luvullo 3, Mink 1

Mink vs. AOL: Hardly a fight really, AOL made a lot of pitiful attacks and rarely hit the good ones while Mink beat the Plant down with ease everytime.

Mink 3, AOL 0

AOL Titanium vs. Luvullo: Round 1 was a massacre, Luvullo utilized his heavy attacks and quickly dispatched Titanium. However, rounds two and three were so filled with misses and weak attacks that Luvullo only won thanks to small percentages, 4 in one case! Still, while it was close, it didn't change the fact that AOL was sweepedyet again.

Luvullo 3, AOL Titanium 0

Mink vs. Strunksy: Most expected a blowout here, but Mink put up somewhat of a good fight. While the first round saw a 671 critical spike shell KO, both sides hit heavily to bring the percentages down to 26 and 19...Strunks barely squeaking by. In round 3, Strunks managed to miss all of his worthwhile techs while Mink's single 570 bang won the round. In round 4, Mink truly died thanks to the fact that she only attacked twice and never hit.

Strunks 3, Mink 1

Luvullo vs. Strunks: This match was interesting...the fights were so close because they were so uneventful. In the first two matches, Luvullo, through a series of misses and power attacks, took heavy hits from Strunks while managing to send back about a tenth as much damage. With things looking bleak for Luvullo in round 3, Luvullo bounced back with a dodging spree to win 90% to 73%. Next was quite possibly one of the saddest matches I'd seen in a while...it was won by two very weak withering attacks thanks to the fact that all that Strunksy could pull off was a 1 damage Niton ink. The final round seemed up-for-grabs at the time...Luvullo started strong with an air shot, a trick, and a necromancy to both damage AND wither Strunks. However, his lack of guts was short lived, and so he replied with a critical 336 electric whip and a 171 numbing whip. With 1 second left, Luvullo let out a massive flame...but it was for not, the possible winning blow was off and Strunks won the match.

Strunksy 3, Luvullo 2

Well, I can't wait to see what's next for Fenrick's tournaments...except for OAB, pretty much every one of them has been moderately unpredictable. Good fights, and good night MRM!

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