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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Today was yet another triumphant day for the species of-I won't ruin it for you, here's the recap:

Big Banana vs. Technomage: The tournament kickedm off with BB wiping the floor with Technomage the Gidras. He got a grit near the end of round 1, but it was of no consequence. Next the Gibberer yet again bested Techno through two mighty grab throws and winning by 20%. Those of little faith said round three was over when BB unleashed a 508 damage swing through, but in reply TM did a 523 flying combo. It looked like TM had this round in the bag up until a 0 second thwack for 164 damage and the win.

Big Banana 3, Technomage 0

WD40 vs. )V(ajin Guu: MG started out lookin' good, his chops were strong and his defense was even stronger to get a 34% win. Then, when MG couldn't land much except for a 7 damage "cyclone," it was the AlohaSaurian who emerged victorious. Next, WD almost won a second time, and he would have gotten a perfect had it not been for a MEGA 658 ninja kick from Guu to grab a second win. In the fourth and final round, each competitor only did a little over 250 damage each, but MG's was slightly more for a very close 75% to 73% round and match victory.

)V(ajin Guu 3, WD40 1

WD40 vs. Technomage: This turned out to be a poor man's five round battle. WD barely won the first round simply because of TM's multiple missed techs. TM won round two due to hitting the techs he needed whilst not taking too much of a beating himself. The third round was the same story. TM almost won it all in round four, but WD came at the last minute with a 222 damage fire charge to win the round. Round five was close, WD40 layed down several moderately powerful attacks, almost killing TM. However, TM's fewer yet far superior techniques won the day, earning him a KO and a match win.

Technomage 3, WD40 2

Technomage vs. )V(ajin Guu: Guu dominated in the first round, getting TM down to 30% with several powerful techs...while managing to not get hit at all himself. Roundtwo2 was a different story, both monsters got their groove on (after some oolery), and at the end TM had won by a margin of .2%. Rounds three and four were blow outs, in each Guu performed an amazingly powerful ninja kick, once going for a critical 808 damage! TM was eventually KO'd twice, and the Gidras was down and out for the tournament.

)V(ajin Guu 3, Technomage 1

Big Banana vs. WD40: The Gibberer won the first through two throws quickly. The second round was also a blowout, WD never hitting his powerful techniques. In round three, WD got very lucky...he landed two moves and managed to dodge all three of his opponent's. He did it yet again in round four, and for a while it seemed as if WD might actually have a chance to be victorious. Sadly it was not to be, BB landed many of his powerful moves and won round four ^^% to 27%...leaving WD40 winless.

Big Banana 3, WD40 2

)V(ajin Guu vs. Big Banana: Round one was Guu's turn to shine, using his signature Gaboo moves to nearly kill the Gibberer. However, BB came back in the second round without taking ANY damage from the big ball of amorphus gunk. He also won round three, mostly because Guu didn't manage to hit his kicking moves. Next, a few hits from BB got MG nagry! He then unleashed two very powerful moves and took advantage of BB's lower life to win 72% to 22%. As per usual in Fenrick's exciting tournaments, S class round 1 came down to a single fight. Both started out swinging for the big time, but missing. Then BB grab throwed MG for 297 damage, followed by getting hit himself by a 110 rolling chop. If MG could land a ninja kick, he would win. It was not to be, BB used up the last few seconds for a slap that only served as a final humiliating blow to

Big Banana 3, )V(ajin Guu 2

That's it, Big Banana is the winner and goes on to the finals. What new triumphs and defeats will surface next week? Be sure to tune in to A class round 1 same time next week! So long MRM!

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