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By Velo on Tuesday, February 12, 2002 - 08:20 pm:
Wow! Some great matches tonight, and a few sweeps, but in any case, here's the recap!

Black Poivre vs. Fran: Fran put up a valiant effort in the first round, thinking itself to have one. Then it realized that he was mixing up his score with BP's, and he never really recovered.

Black Poivre 3, Fran 0

Tree Reborn vs.Anti-Trust: It all started with a Twisters attack which did big time 608 damage. After this ensued several misses on both sides, followed by a wimpy Bajarl Beam which proved to be not nearly enoigh. In round 2, a mystic punch from AT did supreme 645 damage! But then, TR got angry, and followes with two twisters doing mega-high damage and getting a KO for TR. In round 3, AT just about gaver up. He managed one powerful hook, but two energy steals from TR left AT wishing he could change is pot.

Tree Reborn 3, Anti-Trust 0

Fran vs. Anti-Trust: Surprisingly, Fran managed to inflict 500+ total damage with assorted kicks and punches in the first round. He then was able dodge all of AT's attacks for the 100% to 47% win. But, after this, AT was quite distressed. Two CRITICAL mystic punches in the second and third rounds had Fran nearly down for the count. In the fourth and final round, a critical back blow from Fran got it close, but AT managed to win 65% to 47%.

Anti-Trust 3, Fran 1

Black Poivre vs. Tree Reborn: In round 1, TR attacked a lot, and missed just as much. Multiple mocchi headbutts got BP a KO. Interestingly enough, the tables turned in round 2, with TR laying the smack-down on BP while remaining untouched in the process. However, we all know that BP is a no-nonsense mocchi. In rounds 3 and 4, powerful roll assaults gave BP the edge it needed to send the mighty mock to the paper plant.

Black Poivre 3, Tree Reborn 1

Fran vs. Tree Reborn: This wasn't a very good match. Tree Reborn let loose his usual stream of twigs, leaves, and twisters while Fran used......gas? Too bad trees don't have noses eh Fran?

Tree Reborn 3, Fran 0

Anti-Trust vs. Black Poivre: Round one was the only trulyclose match of the night. At kicked off with a 273 hook, and then BP started using what I like tho call the "fwap maneuver." It performed 4 slaps in a row, followed by a thrust, but sadly, only half connected leaving BP 3% away from winning the match. The second match wasn't nearly as close, two critical hooks from AT nearly left the poor mocchi asking for some morphine. In round 3, two powerful hooks yet again sealed the poor mocchi's fate.....or did it? This win from AT led to the vaunted 3-way tie.......

Anti-Trust 3, Black Poivre 0

As usual, Bones was brought out to test the will of these mighty monsters. Here are the results:

Anti-Trust: 23.5%
Tree Reborn: 66.6%
Black Poivre: 76.9%

You know what that means......Black Poivre is the winner! All hail Petit-Trot! I'd also like to thank Fen for his superb work on tourney #2 (can't wait for #3!!!!), and Torey for telling me about match 1, which I was absent for. Sweet dreams MRM!

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