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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Well well, I can't say the fights today were terribly exciting, but they were fulfilling. (disclaimer: these fights are not in chronological order)

Psyloch vs. Anti-Trust: Psy started out strong, with three telekenisis attacks connecting while AT missed a lot. Then, when it seemed like Psy had won, AT let loose a 776 damage hook JUST IN TIME!!!!! He then won the next round, then lost a VERY close 3rd round. In round four, AT got speedy, dodging all but one attack and leaving Psy with a mera 31%.

Anti Trust 3, Psy 1

Stabber vs. Anti-Trust: Stabber impressed us all in the first round, landing three major attacks while staying nearly un-scathed himself. After that however, he got pretty mediocre. He would land a few, but At would land more, always getting around a 40% advantage.

Anti Trust 3, Stabber 1

Jaba vs. Stabber: Me wanna che boocha da grengo, twana no pata na sleecho Stabber, oh ho ho ho ho. Bo shuda.........but that's besides the point. Again, in the first round, Stabber yet again impressed us, getting one of only two Kos on the night. But yet again, he bit a genie's magic dust. He lost the next three rounds. In fact, in two of them, he didn't even land a hit. Jaba the Hutt was not impressed.

Jaba 3, Stabber 1

Jaba vs. Psyloch: Jaba didn't put up much of a fight here. Round 1 was a blow out, round 2 was close but no cigar, and round 3 78% to 51%. Not the worst of performances, but it was bad enough to lose to Psyloch.

Psyloch 3, Jaba 0

Jaba vs. Anti-Trust: Ah yes, the legendary battle between the two genies. One an enterprising crime lord, the other a lawsuit against Microsoft. Jaba had the advantage, because he had some POT!!!!!! damaging magic pots, healing miracle pots, and gut draining mystic pots were all extremely useful to Jaba as he got three in a row.

Jaba 3, Anti-Trust 0

Psyloch vs. Stabber: Stabber put up a good show, usually getting Psy down to 50%, but he ended up losing with 13%, 0%, and 39% in that order. Bleeeeeeh.

Psyloch 3, Stabber 0

Well, you know what that means............TIE! Yep, that's right, so we brought out bones once again to see who could stand up to him the most. Here are the results.

Psyloch 0%
Jaba 17%
Anti-Trust 66%!!!

Well, that means that Mr. Gates is in a lot of trouble, Anti- Trust is the winner! By the way, I'm now introducing the Fenrick typo meter.

Today's Fenrick typos: 12

Well, good night MRM!!!!!!

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