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Recapped by Velo Mon Nov 17, 2003 12:28 am

Yet another master class, yet another great series of fights. ALl of the monsters here had a chance, they were well trained, with great techniques, and each was hungry for a chance at the finals. Anyway, on to the recap

Lord De Seis vs. Purity

Round 1: Lordf kicked things off with the technique that would define his prescence in this tournament: lightning. His first one did an amazing 528 damage! Purity tried to reply in turn with a couple of big bangs, but they missed. Two lightnings later, the match weas over. KO for Lord De Seis.

Round 2: Once again the lightnings had it. Purity could not even hit Lord with her attacks, making this one an easy 100% to 5% for Lord.

Round 3: This time, Lord starting out using his less powerful conventional techniques. Even when given this opportunity to make a comeback, however, Purity once again could not hit her hard-hitting techs, making her lose this match 54% to 27%.

Winner: Lord De Seis 3-0

Abattoir vs. Maxwell

Round 1: In a somewhat uneventful first round, Abattoir got a good first start in damage only to have it negated by a healing petal vortex from Maxwell. A 138 mocchi ray was all that was needed for Maxwell to take this one 100% to 85%.

Round 2: Abattoir's only hit was a jell copter here. While it was a formidable hit, it was still overcome by Maxwell's ray, roll assault, and thrust. The mocchi took it 63% to 39%.

Round 3: Battoir turned things around here with a 541 3 cubes! It was a hit Maxwell could not overcome, as attacks from the Mocchi ended up being too weak to win it. The chloro jell took it 63% to 39%.

Round 4: One fly swatter is never going to be enough to beat a maxxed monster. A ray and a swirl were all the mocchi needed for the round and match win 83% to 58%.

Winner: Maxwell 3-1

Lord De Seis vs. Abattoir

Round 1: Yet again, Lord impressed us all by winning in a way that is somewhat rare in master class tournaments, a KO. His critical lightning combined with dash slashes made short work of abbatoir.

Round 2: Each monster only landed one attack, but, in a turn around from the last match, abbatoir's tech had more punch to it. He took the match 75% to 72%.

Round 3: This was yet another close match since, once again, neither monster could hit much of anything. Yet again, however, Abbatoir's dmagae was slightly more than Lord's allowing him to wein by another short margin 70% to 67%.

Round 4: Lord just sank into hapolessness in this one. He attempted his powerful lightning attack three times, but all three times it missed. Abbatoir's techs did not, and thus he won the match 100% to 61%.

Winner: Abattoir 3-1

Maxwell vs. Purity

Round 1: If one word can describe this match, it would be CRAZY. The amount of techs flying around was phenomenal, as both monsters had guts to use on the weak ones. Combined from both, there were a total of six ray attacks used only in the span of this battle. In any case, the amount of attacks was no real consequence, since about all of them missed. In fact, all of Purity's DID miss, meaning that Maxwell took a 100% to 37% victory to start the match.

Round 2: Once again, for Purity quantity was apparently a better idea than quantity. It wasn't A couple of kicks hit for a grand total of about 180 damage, which of course was nothing that Maxwell couldn't handle. The mocchi won 82% to 66%.

Round 3: Purity finally wisened up here and used a big bang and a mega ray! Whoops, neither hit. A press and two thrusts were all Maxwell needed to seal the deal at 76% to 67%.

Winner: Maxwell 3-0

Abbatoir vs Purity

Round 1: Purity's strategy here seemed to be do no damage but heal when hit. This kept both monsters at full health until the end of the round, when Abbatoir snuck in a suffocation to win 100% to 73.

Round 2: REVERSAL!!! This time it was Abbatoir who sat there and took the heat, obviously allowing his opponent to tie it up, 100% to 37%.

Round 3: No lethargy this time around. Purity kicked things off with a critical mega ray combined with some weaker techs to put Abbatoir in trouble. Then, at the last second...Jell COpter for 372! It barely wasn't enough, Purity retained her lead and won 62.7 to 62.3.

Round 4: Once again the misses were flying around everywhere, but Purity eventually gained the upper hand with a critical 394 flame! Abbatoir just couldn't reply with any force, losing the match for him by percentage.

Winner: Purity 3-1

Lord De Seis vs Maxwell

Round 1: Here it was kiddies, the crucial match! Lord had to win this and a tie-breaking round to win the tournament, and that gave Maxwell two chances to win it for itself. Bolth monsters started out well using their powerful techniques. Near the end of the match, Maxwell appeared to be in the lead, but Lord came through with a 458 slash combo to win it 64% to 38%.

Round 2: Maxwell dished out the heat whilst taking little here. combined roll assaults and a petal storm brought Lord to his knees (but then again, he doesn't really have knees in the proper definition). Maxwell won it 97% to 23%.

Round 3: Not mcuh happened until the end until Maxwell hit a powerful petal storm which was replied to by a triple slash! The former won out in power and the mocchi took another round 68% to 55%.

Round 4: Lord finally hit with his lightning here, which was quickly answered by a 327 petal storm. Then, a second lightning oon Lord's behalf won it for him 43% to 23%.

Round 5: Ah yes the critical, sensual, exotic fifth round! Lord kicked things off with a 304 lightning! Then a 304 punch combo! Maxwell did its best to counterattack but the efforts were deftly evaded by the metal glory. A 100% to 39%.

Winner: Lord De Seis 3-2

And now....


Much to my dismay, Abbattoir's loss to Purity prevented us from once again being graced by the prescence of the amazing Bones. Ah well, another time perhaps. In any case, the tiebreaker here would simply be another best of five round just as the last one had been. WHich monster would pull it out?

Maxwell vs. Lord De Seis

Round 1: Things started well for Maxwell when a mocchi ray landed for 175 damage. This was quickly counteracted and negated by a 343 lightning from Lord. ANother ray caused a critical 298 critical damage, but a rush slash and a cut in two sealed the deal for Lord. He won 61% to 54%.

Round 2: A 136 ray was all Maxwell could muster here. Lord however, still had plenty of lightning left in him to win, and some thuinderbolts too! He won by overkill, 86% to 4%.

Round 3: Maxwell had to hang in there. It started things out with a critical roll assalkt for a good 367 damage. Then, Lord replied with a two twister slashes for almost the same damage. Lord then went with a roll alash, doing 402 critical damage to Maxwell. The mocchi just couldn't come back from this. Despite a couple more attem,pts at damagingf Lord, the winner had been decided. It was Lord 48% to 35%.

Winner: Lord De Seis 3-0

The Final Standings!

Lord De Seis (2-1 Winner)
Maxwell (2-1
Purity (1-2)
Abattoir (1-2)

Thank you Fen, the trainers, and all the spectators for another great tourney. I can't wait until the next one, have fun with MR4!!!


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