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Recapped by Velo: Mon Sep 29, 2003 6:14 pm

Here is the full recap.

After looking at the results of this second S Class tournament, your response may be one of surprise, but trust me, we all were too. However, it illustrates the point that in Master Class, anything can happen. When monsters all basically have the same stats, the winner is decided by any one of many factors including guts factor, tech selection, and plain old luck. The winner had all three, let's take a look.

Anti-You vs. Kabal
Round 1: I fully expected this match to be between the two worst monsters in the bracket. I was only half right. In retrospect, I should have been more confidant about AY. He was fully maxxed with great guts regeneration and some good quick, decent techs. Kabal on the other hand, was fine excpet that he was a dragon with horrible guts regen and a lower than max defense. In any case, we'd know who was better after this match. It all started off with a bunch of misses. These were followed by a hit flutters from Kabal and some return blows from AY. It was all mostly equal until the old Queen PLant did a plant combo under anger for a critical 238 damage, winning the round 79% to 49%.

Round 2: Bite, wing combo, fire breath. All in qwuick succession, these dragon techs threatened Anti-You by taking away nearly half of his health. However, this plant feared nothing, replying with a series of his signature quick and moderately damaging techniques that got Kabal to slightly less than her own health, which was all she needed. ANti-You wins 58% to 52%.

Round 3: Wing combo-164! Yeah, that's about all Kabal did in this stinker. Anti-You was riding the wave of superiority to his 83% to 38% victory in this one. Thing were looking up for Anti-You, but could he possibly beat either of his other two opponents?

Winner: Anti-You 3-0

Chiton vs. Carrot

Round 1: It almost seemed as if Carrot had one this entire tournament before it had all started. Those of us who had seen Carrot fight before knew exactly what he was capable of, and the only reason he could lose in my mind would be if the game's AI totally threw him a curveball. In round 1, Carrot was just fine. After dodging a rush slash, the Leaf Hare needed only to wither with a gas and follow up with a 1-2 and a bang attack to lift him above the centaur 75% to 57%.

Round 2: The fists on the hare go miss miss miss in this one. Two inaccurate heavy smashes and a roll blow led to zip, meaning that Chiton needed to hit only one tech to win. He hit 2! The overachiever got the win 100% to 57%.

Round 3: Sacre bleu, my eyes deceive me! Carrot did it AGAIN in this round, once again with two of his attacks being spent on heavy smashes, which is fine to try once or twice in a match but when it's your only move, you may end up wasting a lot of guts for nothing. Chiton once again did more than necessary to win, three attacks were enough for a 100% to 34% win.

Round 4: This roujnd started off pretty equal, with each monster having doled out about 200 damage when the final seconds began rolling up. However, Carrot finally pulled himself together and won it with a 287 bang attack 81% to 53%.

Round 5: This was it, would there be an upset in the fifth round? A hard straight and a normal straight got Chiton down to 71% damage, to which he replied with 2 javelins and a turn stab to get the Leaf Hare into below half range. This was it, with the final seconds ticking down, Carrot had his chance to win! But, in a scatologically tragic final move, the hare hit with a foul gas for a total of 0 damage. It really was kinda sad, but Chiton deserved his win, 71% to 46%.

Winner: Chiton 3-2

Anti-You vs. Carrot

Round 1: Here, the two lv. 120 monsters faced off. After seeing the last round, it seemed to me that either could take it. The first round saw Anti You using his effective face drill technique several times, getting critical twice to do major damage. Carrot, meanwhile, used foul gas twice. Not the best decision, since the lack of damage from the Hare let Anti-You take a 69% to 43% win.

Round 2: Three techs were enough for the hare this time, since two of them were hit big bangs! It added up to a lot of damage for Anti-You, which his less powerful plant techs could not accomodate for. Carrot wins 49% to 17%.

Round 3: Carrot once again showed off his ability to miss every attack here. No explanation needed for why Anti-You won 100% to 87%.

Round 4: Carrot really needed to step forward in this one and he did. with two 1-2s and two straights, he affectively outdamaged AY by dodging his opponents most important attacks. Things were looking up for Carrot after this 57% to 52% win.

Round 5: Holy Moses, did Carrot need a win here. He had thus far been very unimpressive, hitting no techs in three round within his first two matches. He needed to win this round to prove to the audience that he was not a push-over. This, he did not do. While ANti-You, as per usual, flooded the round with various whittling plant techniques, Carrot sat there and missed 2/3 of his attacks, hitting only one straight for 108 damage. Needless to say, it would be Anti-You that took the lead with a win by the margin of 89% to 67%.

Winner: Anti-You 3-2

Kabal vs. Chiton
Round 1: Now, it was time for the 117 comp monsters to show their stuff. Both had some pretty powerful techniques, but Kabal had the disadvantage of a lower than max defense, which would hurt him larer on. The first round proved this point, when a meteor dive against him single-handedly took his health down to 48%. Chiton didn't even need anything else to win, Kabal only hit one tech himself, and it was a measely tail whip. Through an advantage in power, CHiton took it 87% to 48%.

Round 2: Kabal struck back here, pulling off a 85% to 68% win by hitting just one flutters and dodging Chiton's powerful moves.

Round 3: Meteor dive-754! Enough said, CHiton once again dominated the round with just one tech, winning 77% to 24% against the inaccurate Kabal.

Round 4: Now KABAL showed his mad moves. two flutters and a flying combo all hit for major damage against the pure centaur, all of which added up to around 950 damageto which Chiton just couldn't reply. 73% to 5%, Kabal ties it up 2-2.

Round 5: ANOTHERE fifth round, another impressive victory. CHiton whipped out the big guns and went all out with five hard hitting Centaur techs that all hit. As a finale, his 281 rush at the end was enough to finally show us a KO for this tournament. Nice moves, but he still had another opponent to worry about.

Winner: Chiton 3-2

Kabal vs. Carrot
Round 1: Before that though, we'd have to find out who'd take dead last. neither monster wanted it, but in the end, one of them had to take the defeating blow. In the highly boring first round, Kabal's two weak technique hits outweighed Carrot's 1. Kabal took a sad 85% to 70% victory.

Round 2: Things were lookng fairly average once again here. That is until Carrot unleashed a 430 critical bang! This left Kabal shakin in his boots, unable to deliver any kinmd of a significatn return blow. He lost \cyan77% to 25%}.

Round 3: Both monsters did some decent damage here, but Kabal's flutters outweighed the strnegth of Carrot's straight. Kabal took it 67% to 57%.

Round 4: In a near reversal of round three, Carrot one-upped Kabal with a 360 bajng followed by some weaker hits while Kabal could barely muster up more than a glide charge. Carrot, for the third time tonight, tied it all up 2-2 with a 69% to 35% win.

Round 5: Here it was kids, which monster would be dubbed 0-3 loser? Carrot stepped forward, once again doing no real damage. He only hit one gas for 60, that was IT. Kabal meanwhile used a single flying combo to show Carrot how it's done, winning it 93% to 44%.

Winner: Kabal 3-2

Anti-You vs. Chiton

Round 1: In the unexpected final, anything could happen. Anti-You had shown us that through withering and sheer volume of techs, you can do many great things. Chiton had shown us that he had the pure power needed to overtake the Queen plant in just one or two moves. The first round saw both of them TRYING to dish out the big stuff, but a lot of it ended up missing. Chiton hit one tech in the end while Anti-You hit three, making the autotroph the winner 70% to 60%.

Round 2: Chiton unfortunately only hit once, again. AY, or AY]67 in Fenrikese, also did little damage, but it was still a little more than Chiton's. Anti took the 2-0 lead 88% to 82%.

Round 3: In the final match, Chiton needed a big turnaround to show that he had a chance. It just didn't happen. For the third time in a row, he only did one move. WHile it was an impressive 305 Z Smash, Anti-You replied with root attacks and toxic nectars and pollens to seal the deal for himself, winning it all 69% to 51%.

Winner: Anti-You 3-0


Anti You 3-0
Chiton 2-1
Kabal 1-2
Carrot 0-3

An unexpected and impressive win for AY. The she-plant joins Omega in the Master Class 1 Finals. COntestants are already beginning to show up to challenge them both in the third bracket. Congrats to Newblish and Anti-You, good fights!


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