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(The full event was not streamed, this is the full live-stream of the finalists)


Recapped by CoGators: Sun Oct 05, 2003 8:04 pm

Our night starts off with The Disciple from SlapShotz and Welcome from Red Hare.It starts off with a kill shot from the Gobi,a 766 Cyclone! Round 2 starts with Welcome and a 287 Rolling Slash which is charged away from The Disciple's mind,but Welcome gets angry and doesn't let the Gobi live it down and he gets the KO. Round 3 is simaliar to the last and ends with a KO for the Durahan.The Gobi starts off and Charges for 588,but Welcome Slash Combo's to even the score.Then again the Palm Strike made it impossible for the Durahan to come back and win the match.Final round Welcome starts an onslat of techs while dodging ones against him.Welcome wins 3-2.

Next up was Powerhouse and Suzerain.Powerhouse claps for 436.Suzerain starts an attack of weak techs while PH gets into busissness and KO's.PH comes out with a Brow Hit a Flash Slash angers PHand he claps him with anger and finshes with an Uppercut.Round 3,to be put the lightest Suzerain was beaten like a red headed step child .
Sweep Powerhouse!

Powerhouse moves onto his other Golem counterpart.Round 1 The Disciple actually gets a lead on PH and then goes back to punching.But a Clap makes the difference and PH wins round 2.The Disciple starts off by getting smashed by Ph,he won't stand for that and answers with a 871 Cyclone,KO.Someone please scrap PH off the side of the wall.Round 3 another Cyclone and amount of damage this time it was only 545 whcih gets PH into gear then after a Diving Press from PH,Ko's the Gobi.Round 4 TD Cyclones again,but misses and is left gutless and out to dry.
3-1 Powerhouse

Welcome gets his turn against Suzerain.Suzerain was giving a valiant effort by giving hits and taking them too.Unfortunatly he took too mnay.Round 2 Welcome Roll Slashes back into the lead this time Suzerain lacks his hitting ability and Welcome piles up more and more.Suzerain just couldn't take it and he soon lost and that gave Welcome the win.
Welcome Sweep!

The Disciple and Suzerain.Well TD Cycloned and Suzerain well he tried atleast.Round 2 Suzerain attacked weakly and well TD doesn't doesn't thats the story.
The Disciple Sweep!

The final matches.Welcome vs. Powerhouse.Welcome rolls out for 263.Welcome is rentless as he Slash Combo's for 505,but a 454 Brow Smash helps,but you can't win when you get Ko'ed,Triple Slash.Round 2 Giant Clap is missed and Welcome swings for 300.Slash after slash Welcome wittles down the Golem.Dash Slash puts the Golem outta his misery,Round 3.PH Brow Smashes for 436 a Triple Slash for 305 boosts confidence,but PH slaps it away.PH won't go donw easily.Then a eoll slahs for WEk does 255 whatever did that still confuses me.Then PH learns Rolling Slash.Just a bizzare match,anwyays PH won.The final round PH starts his comeback with a 428 Brow Smash.Then a PH Slap puts Welcome at 10 life and another slap ends the hope for Welcome .What a comeback.Nice try Red Hare now you learned something I hope and you won't have this problem again?Anywho..
3-2 Powerhouse

Thats it folks now Powerhouse is added to the next victums of Luffy who will be the next victum for him?It could be you! All Hail Powerhouse! All Hail Hellraiser83!

Good night LC!

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