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(The full event was not streamed, this is the full live-stream of the finalists)

Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 - 06:42 pm:

Well, I can't say the competition was fierce (save for Headfirst and Maxine), but the fights were entertaining nevertheless.

Idee Fixee vs. Everybody Else: If you didn't already know, IF lost all her matches. It only hit once, a tail assault for 9 damage. DFespite it's sad performance, I'd like to welcome Hare Raiser to our monster ranching community and congratulate her on having the guts to enter Idee. I salute you Hare Raiser!

Catarac vs. Maxine: In rounds one and two, Cat hit a lot of powerful techs, nearly KOing Maxine both times. Maxine on the other hand didn't hit much at all, thus losing badly. However, in round three Maxine bounced back, winning by a 71% to 19% margin! Sadly, after this impressuve victory Maxine was Ko'd brutally by a chewing and two yodels. She did good, but not good enough to beat MP and HR's relentless chewing machine.

Catarac 3, Maxine 1

Maxine vs. Headfirst: We all knew this would be the match of the night, and while it wasn't spectacular, that it was. The first match involved several weak but low guts and repeated techs. Maxine won out because of her high life. Next, Maxine slowly withered HF down to 9%. However, the next match was very close, and HF managed to escape with a 5% lead. His luck had run out, Maxine soundly defeated Headfirst in round four to claim victory.

Maxine 3, Headfirst 1

Headfirst vs. Catarac: These fights were quick and painful for HF. In all three rounds he was KO'd by Catarac, and in the last two within 30 seconds. Obviously, the poor guy had wore himself out after Maxine.

Catarac 3, Headfirst 0

That's all folks. Thanks Fen, all of the spectators, and all of the trainers (especially Hare Raiser). Good night, and be here next week for the A class round two!

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