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Recapped by Velo onSun Sep 07, 2003 10:05 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, this bracket was, in a word, amazing. Four 90 comp monsters battling for the right to fight in the 4th A Class Finals at Legend Cup, and it wouldn't be easy for any of them. Simply put, this is what LC is all about.

Vladimir vs. SonOfTheSun

Round 1: Coming into this round, I and several others knew how each of these monsters would try to win. Vladimir has the slow and grumlbing powerhouse that took all the heat and tried to dish out even more of it against his opponent in a small amount of techs. Son, however, had to dodge his opponents attacks while executing a flurry of Naga maneuvers to get the better of his opponent. In this match, it would be Vlad's strategy that prevailed. After SOTS missed a frill attack, Vladimir returned with a 933 wing throw! Reeling form this devastating attack, Son could only deal about 600 damage, which wouldn't be enough against the Ape with full life. Son hung his head this round, losing 36.8% to 6.6%.

Round 2: Once again, Vladimir's only attack was a swing throw, this time doing a "mere" 831 damage. This time, however, Son scoffed. Through a series quick and damaging Naga techs, Son gained the upper hand, finishing the match with a 649 turn assault under power! Naturally, Vladimir was left dazzled and KO'd.

Round 3: After a missed pierce and a missed drill attack, something that I have not seen for a long time happened. Vladimir pumped himself up, then went in for a swing throw. The results? Subtract 1 from a thousand and add a whole lot of KO. Garnish with bananas, and you have an Ape style win.

Round 4: Vladimir's formula held true once again here, but not in a good way. After a missed roll assault in the beginning, all he could muster up was a slap. Meanwhile, Son showed no mercy. Powerful turn assaults + a few basic techs = one KO'd piece of monkey. Son was basking in his Time Noise glory.

Round 5: "Wherever the bright sun of heaven shall shine, his honour and greatness of his name shall be"
Henry VIII, Act v, Sc.4

Shakespeare is never wrong. In his most impressive fight of this match, SOTS showed no mercy. A missed roll assault was all that a weakened Vladimir could muster against a barrage of turn assaults and belly punches. Son stood tall, a fresh and undamaged monster with a colossal KO.

Winner: SonOfTheSun 3-2

sven vs. Project Blue

Round 1: These two fighters had strategies consistent with SOTS as that of a speeder. This time therw ould be no tank that one could count on hitting nearly every time. Therefore, both fighters would have to gauge their chances of hitting their techs carefully, else they would find themselves with a loss. This round did indeed start with inaccuracies, with both monsters missing expensive techniques. After that, however, one monster, sven, turned it all around. With two impressive turn stabs, PB was left with 40% health. Then came the stab throw from sven, doing a totally unnecessary, yet devilishly satisfying 760 damage to brutally KO Project.

Round 2: "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them"
Twelfth Night, Act ii, Sc.5

Specifically, death thrust. Project Blue's initial missed hailstorm was answered by the aforementioned attack. Like Vlad's swing throw, this attack left no room for retaliation, it was an instant 999 KO. Ride on sven, ride on.

Round 3: Project Blue kicked things off with more damage this time, doing 629 damage with a very well played hailstorm followed by a 155 splash. Sven, however, was not impressed. First he answered with a 329 critical smash, then another for 180. Then like in round 1, he executed a stab throw, doing an amazing 768 damage. Project was, without a doubt, finished with sven for the night.

Winner: sven 3-0

Vladimir vs. sven

Round 1: Vladimir and sven...the monsters of two bitter (not really) rivals in the MR2 world. Things were looking pretty good for sven at this point, but one can never know. The centaur oddly missed his first two attacks against the tank, one of which was the famed death thrust. Feeling lucky, Vlad went forward with a swing throw and hit with it. While it was nowehere near the quality of swing throws shown against SonOfTheSun, it would be enough here since sven's hitting techs were relatively weak. Chalk one up for the primate, 49% to 35%.

Round 2: This time, sven wasn't going to miss. A total of six attacks doing slightly more than 100 each battered Vladimir into submission. The Ape answered with a grab throw, but it wasn't enough. Sven won 43% to 28% with cool efficiency.

Round 3: This round once again saw death thrust, and this time it hit. However, it only did 439 damage as opposed to 999. It was no consequence to sven, he got even closer to KOing Vlad this round than the last one, while the Russian could only reply with 700 damage. Thus, the win goes to sven once more, 26% to 3%.

Round 4: "If I lose mine honour, I lose myself"
Antony & Cleopatra, Act iii, Sc.4

Vladimir, in his heart, knew he was done in this match with sven. He simply wasn't quick enough to pose a real threat to the Celious, despite his immensely powerful techniques. He demonstrated this power to sven for the last time with a 700 swing throw. Then, he stood down, allowing sven to execute four powerful techniques, leading to the KO of Vladimir.

Winner: sven 3-1

SonOfTheSun vs. Project Blue

Round 1: Bad things happen when you lose hope. Project Blue started a trend in this round that would worsen throughout her match with SOTS. She just didn't do much. In round 1, she hit with two cold fogs....and after that, attempted nothing. Meanwhile, Son did not hold back, starting with a 535 drill attack and ending with a 613 turn assault for a very decisive KO.

Round 2: This time, Son's attacks caused PB to go into POWER. This led to a missed ice sword and a missed aqua wave. One stab later, she was on the receiving end of a perfect KO.

Round 3: "Some innocents 'scape not the thunderbolt"
Antony & Cleopatra, Act ii, Sc.5

Project Blue tried to hit with her costly techniques, but unfortunately for her, they all missed, and thus were for not. Meanwhile, a drill attack was followed by a second for 999 damage, KO'ing her in good time. Son would move on to the winner's round, and Project Blue had one more opponent to face...

Winner: SonOfTheSun 3-0

Vladimir vs. Project Blue

Round 1: Perhaps her devastating loss had humiliated her. Perhaps she abhorred being last place. In any case, Project Blue regained her will in her match against Vladimir. In round 1, she showed it. Dodging Vladimir's roll assaults, she answered with several damaging intelligence techniques in quick turn to reduce Vladimir to 1/3 health. He answered with a grab throw at the last second, but it was not enough and he lost 46% to 34%.

Round 2: Once again, Vladimir found himself "showered" (woo!) with Undine techs. A 307 slap quickly brought her to 60%. Then, unexpectedly, she used vitalization and completely healed herself. However, Vlad was unphased, and he negated the healing by inflicting 678 damage and went on to get a percentage win.

Round 3: "What wound did ever heal but by degrees ?"
Othello, Act ii, Sc.3

And heal Project Blue did. The 491 damage done by a grab throw was healed by a 374 vitalization and a 250 slap was then healed over by a second vitalization. PB had meanwhile also done a good amount of damage to the Russian Ape, leaving him desperate for a quick winning attack. He decided to proceed with a roll assault, doing 713 dameg and nearly KO'ing the Undine. To his horror, however, she did vitalization once more. This time, however, it missed, leaving PB in bad shape. She lost 56% to 4%.

Round 4: Though the round began with a critical 383 hailstorm, Vlad countered it with a slap and a 686 roll assault. Short and sweet, Vladimir takes third with a KO.

Winner: Vladimir 3-1

SonOfTheSun vs. sven

Round 1: This was it, the final battle. As should be common in fights that are so dramatic as these, the starting words from the host should be thought provoking and appropriately meaningful. The words were: rush s;ashj frpo,m sven. Fenrick quotes aside, this rush slash was answered by a deadly duo of turn assaults that effectively KO'd sven.

Round 2: Son used a different strategy this time, whittling away sven's health with multiple thwacks and a pierce. Sven's rear leg kick and rush slash evened up the score, but then another turn assault threw off any equality in their healths, KO'ing sven with 617 damage points of pure Naga deadliness. Ouch.

Round 3: Now, sven had a purpose. Having been beaten in the next two rounds, this Celious still would not back down. It would be a wise decision. By carefully choosing his attacks and dodging his opponents, sven was able to maintain an advantage over SonOfTheSun by simply being too quick to hit. Naturally, any amount of damage from sven would be enough to win it for him, and he did more than necessary, winning 100% to 55%.

Round 4: This round was quite quick. Sven started thing off with an impressive 390 rush slash, and while Son hit one of his trademarked turn assaults himself for a critical 708 damage, it meant nothing after sven went under POWER and executed a 754 rush slash for a brutal KO.

Round 5: "All ignorant that soul that sees thee without wonder"
Passionate Pilgrim 3

Sven had now tied it all up 2-2. The entire bracket would be decided by this single match, this clash of the titans. In this clash, only one monster reigned supreme. Three turn assaults from Son, all in quick succession, led to nthing. The Time Noise had used all of his guts in this risky strategy, and he paid for it dearly. A rear leg kick, a rush slash, and two turn stabs later, Son was but a memory. Even his Naga greatness could not stop sven from issuing out a KO and one of the most impressive comebacks I have ever seen. Bravo sven, bravo.

winner: sven 3-2

So then, The Final Standings Are:

sven 3-0
SonOfTheSun 2-1
Vladimir 1-2
Project Blue 0-3

An excellent tournament. A special thanks to Fenrick for an excellent job at hosting it and to all the spectators for making it fun. All hail SSJ and sven! Good night Legend Cup!


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