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Recapped By Velo on Sun Aug 17, 2003 9:59 pm
Well, there were certainly some very good fights today. A Class is my favorite kind of tournament, because ANYTHING can happen, and surprises often do. More on that later, let's get on with the recap!

Luffy vs. Rimowa

Round 1: The night started out with a set of fairly one sided matches. This one in particular was abnormally quick. After and impressive 445 gatling, Luffy got POWER, and unleashed a 999 heavy smash, obviously KO'ing him in a single blow. Ouch.

Round 2: Although this one was not quite as quick, it was still a large margin of victory for Luffy as he used two heavy smashes to KO Rimowa while managing to dodge every one of his opponents attacks. Ouch once again.

Round 3: Just like the last match, RImow landed no hits on Luffy and got himself KO'd in turn, giving the match to Luffy. Final ouch.

Winner: Luffy 3-0

Dur-2 Attack vs. Griphook

Round 1: Quite possibly, these fights were even more sad than the first ones of the night. In round 1, GH could only land two slash claws, one of them critical! They totalled 3 damage. Dur responded in kind with a million stabs and rush slash that KO'd the low-lifed Kato.

Round 2: Griphook actually managed to land a 286 damage tornado claw this round, but it was overshadowed by the fact that the rest of his attacks were worthless. Dur's 857 slash combo was all that was needed for the KO win.

Round 3: After one rolling slash, end of fight. How depressing.

Winner: Dur-2 Attack 3-0

Rimowa vs. Griphook

Round 1: Griphook was his same old self in this one, and Rimowa obviously didn't need to do much to counter that type of fighting. A single 311 gatling gun sank the kato into low health, and he stayed there losing 99.1% to 30%.

Round 2: Ha! Finally showing some initiative, Griphook did two tornado claws to bring Rimowa to less than half health. The jell never really recovered, and anded the match with only half of Griphook's remaining life, losing 42% to 84%.

Round 3: This match was similar to round 2, though on a lesser scale. A single tornado claw was enough for GH, since RImowa couldn't really dish it out. The kato won 86% to 71%.

Round 4: Rimowa came smashing back here, using a gatling and an intense beam gun to KO Griphook, tying it up at 2-2.

Round 5: GH did once again land a tornado claw, but once again, Rimowa's attacks just had more punch. Because of GH's low life, two whips and a jell cube were enough to win 70% to 36%

Winner: Rimowa 3-2

Luffy vs. Griphook

Round 1: GH's tornado claw did a whopping 449 damage right off the bat, but it wasn't quite as whopping as Luffy's 580 big bang! The latter resulted in a KO, leaving Griphook battered and angry.

Round 2: Luffy tried another big bang here, but they say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. For Griphook, that certainly applied as he went under POWER and unleashed a 698 twister claw for the KO.

Rounds 3 and 4: Unfortunately, I had to be afk for these fights, but I know that Griphook did not repeat his lucky win in round 2. Luffy's insane power was simply too much for him, and thus he lost the match after 4 rounds.

Winner: Luffy 3-1

Dur-2 Attack vs. Rimowa

Round 1: Ah, the famed battle between knight and glop of JELLO. Round 1 came and went quickly, with Dur using his strong techniques to exploit Rimowa's low life and getting a KO

Round 2: Much like in round 1, RImowa put up a fight, but 999 health is a lot to get down, especially when you yourself are in the middle of an assault of durahan techs. Poor Rim was KO'd once again.

Round 3: This time, it got a lot closer. Dur only landed one of his strong techs, and it wasn't quite enough to kill Rimowa. In the meantime, the Jell was responding with everything he had, heavily dmaging Dur 2 and finishing his assault off with a 370 beam gun under power. However, in the end, it just wasn't enough, and he fell 36.6% to 7%

Winner: Dur-2 Attack 3-0

Luffy vs. Dur-2 Attack

Round 1: Ah yes. This was the final match of the night, and it proved to be a good one. Both had a lot of power, but they relied on two different things. Dur had to rely on his higher life to take the punishment long enough to get the upper hand, while Luffy had to dodge that punishment altogether as much as possible. In round 1, Luffy got his way. Two twister slashes and a rolling slash all missed, allowing Luffy to take pot shots at Dur with a bang and a back blow with some 1-2's in between, winning 100% to 23%

Round 2: Triple slash! 519! KO! Seriously, that's how the match went for Dur. Short and sweet.

Round 3: Just like in the first round, Luffy dodged EVERYTHING that was thrown at him. Meanwhile, Luffy leisurely did some techniques, winning 100% to 8.2%.

Round 4: Luffy put up a very good fight here, nearly KOing Dur-2 Attack, but once again a triple slash was enough to KO Luffy in a single blow.

Round 5: Here it was, the hoppin choppin bunny versus the slicin dicin armor dude. It wasn't a fight to miss, and nobody could have predicted the winner. Dur 2 opened things up with a critical 367 jumping stab, which was replied to bi a bang a 1-2 and a 467 heavy smash, bringing Dur to 1/10th of his full health. Running out of options, Dur attempted a deathblow...and succeeded only in doing dmage to himself. When the dust settled, Luffy was sitting high on his 26.7% to 9.9%.

So there you have it, the final standings are:

Luffy 3-0
Dur-2 Attack 2-1
Rimowa 1-2
Griphook 0-3

I can't wait to see who Luffy will face in the finals. Keep your eyes open for the next Legend Cup battle! Good night!

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