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Recapped by SlapShots: Sun Aug 03, 2003 10:46 pm

A Class #3 Finale Recap

Ok, ill try this again. I was done, and it all got deleted. Poor me. I'll Just post this now as each secton is finished.

This tourney crowned the newest A Class Champion. With many interesting battles behind us, and the dust still settling, one monster and trainer left the others in that dust...LET SS's RECAP BEGIN!!!

Fight 1
Rackchelechi vs Sandosaurus

Round 1
No misses, but BIG HITS in this one. Sando dealt 865 damage with a Fire Charge, Million Bites, and a Roll Assault. Rackchelechi however hit bigger with a POWERED UP 690 critical Heavy Punch to cap off a KO.

1-0 Rack

Round 2
After 2 Roll Assaults and a kick, Sando techs did not help him as he fell victim to another KO.

2-0 Rack

Round 3
Rack started off with a 450+ Roll Assault. An Angry Zuum hit with 3 consecutive charges. Rack came back with a 486 Diving Press. Once again Angered, Sandosaurus landed a Jumping claw for 169 damage. This still wasnt enough asRack held on to win by Percent.(17.8-7.1)

3-0 Rack


Aphrodite vs Ribcracker

This battle was hyped, but it soon proved to be a slaughtering. Hampered by numerous ice Swords in all 3 rounds, Aphrodite found herself in "Puddle-Form" after each battle. Ribcracker Drilled, Turned, Thwacked, and Assaulted his way to 3 easy victories, 2 by KO, and one by a 90% margin. No need to go any more "in-depth" on this Fight. Sorry Diablos.

3-0 Ribcracker

Fight 3
Aphrodite vs Rackchelechi

This Fight was a quick one.

Round 1
A Critical Fist Shot at 840 ended this abruptly.

1-0 Rack

Round 2
Aphrodite, seeking vengence started out with a 289 Hailstorm, dodged a Brow Hit, gave a 1 damage Ice Sword, dodged a Heavy Punch, landed two Cold Fogs totaling 259, and then was KO'd once again by a 899 Crit. Clap Attack.

2-0 Rack

Round 3
Another quick round. A 250 Water Gun started it off. Then.... BOOM!! A Crit Crit 999 Cyclone! Bye Bye Undine.

Rack takes it 3-0.

Sandosaurus vs Ribcracker

A friendly rivalry here between Strunks and Mepersoner added to the excitement in this fight.

Round 1
A drill off the bat dealt 265 damage to the Zuum. Angered by this, Sando used the powerful bite throw to retailiate with 675 damage. A Fire charge missed, and then a Drill hit Sando back. Promptly missing a charge soon thereafter, the naga Punched Sando's belly for 118 Damage. Angered again, Sando lashed his tail out at Ribby for 172 damage to seal a 34- 15 Percent victory.

1-0 Sandosaurus

Round 2
After a Sando miss, the naga hit with a 322 turn Assault. Angered yet again, Sando hit with a 608 Bite Throw. A 208 Turn assault hit sando back. The battle ended with 3 misses and Ribcracker ended up winning by 9%.

1-1 Tied

Round 3
Seemed like Sando just lost that spark and the monsters exchanged low damage hits, with Sandosaurus talking the brunt of them. Ribcracker won again 49.9%-.7% .

2-1 Ribcracker

Round 4
Ribby started this round strong, not wanting to go to a tie breaking round 5. A 261 Drill Attack, 293 Drill, a 120 pierce, and a 90 and 84 damage Thwack, left Sando barely standing. Summoning all of his stength for a late comeback, Sandosaurus unleashed a tail for 175 damage and a 454 damage Bite Throw. This wasnt enough to overwhelm the Naga as time ran out, and Ribby prevailed,37%-14%.

3-1 Ribcracker

Fight 5
Aphrodite vs Sandosaurus

Round 1
Unfortunately, as usual, Fire Charge missed to start the battle. Taking advantage of this, Aphrodite Splashed Sando for 108, and then shot him wiht a water gun for 261, causing the Zuum to become angry again. A tail hit Aphro for 190, BUT the Undine VITALIZED itself to regain 190 HP. an Aqua wave then hit the Wet down sand sculpture for 140 damage, ultimately closing the battle. (A last second fireball did no serious damage). The Undine wins 99%-49%.

1-0 Aphrodite

Round 2
A short round contained a 375 critical Hailstorm, a 656 Million Bites, and then a 999 powered up critical WHIRL. Sando was KO'd.

2-0 Aphrodite

Round 3
Again a missed Fire charged started off the battle. 3 geysers in a row did 262(crit), 146, and 127, to the wounded Dinosaur. A misssed Fireball came next, and then 3 Ice Swords did a total of /b{9} damage (one was critical too). A 423 bite hurt the Undine who came back wiht a 3 damage Ice Sword. For those doing the math, Sando won by 11%.

2-1 Aphrodite

Round 4
Finally! a Fire Charge hit. And for 550 damage!!!
Unfortunatley, Aphrodite powered up and delivered a 843 Hailstorm to the dismay of Strunks and Sandosaurus. An Angry Zuum missed another Fire Charge and allowed Aphrodite to hit hit a 123 and 118 Cold Fog, to KO Sandosaurus.

3-1 Aphrodite

Fight 6
Rackchelechi vs Ribcracker

Round 1
Out of the gates Ribcracker landed a 318 damage Drill Attack. Rack then decided to miss a heavy punch. Capitalizing, Rib connected with a 220 Tail assault. Rack charged back..ironically with a charge for 431 damage. Turning the tablesyet again a Turn assault dealt 343 to the Golem. Shooting back into the mix with a Fist Shot the Golem cracked the Ribcrackers ribs for 527 damage. Time was up, and Rack was up 11%-4%.

1-0 Rackchelechi

Round 2
A 320 damage Drill started us off this time. Two missed slaps later a 402 damage Turn assault combined with a 320 Drill Attack made quick work of the Rack Attack. Score 1 KO for MP and Ribcracker.

1-1 Tied.

Round 3
After a 475 damage Fist Shot hurt Ribby, Ribby MISSED a Drill Attack. Furiously Mepersoner scolded his monster saying "DODGE, ATTACK, DODGE ATTACK. You ARE NOT A TANK. YOU CANT WIN TANKING IT OUT WITH HIM!!!" Now Ribcracker proceeded to deal a 308 damage turn assault. Though, alas, A PALM STRIKE! 648 KO!!!! I guess the coaching didnt work out...

2-1 Rackchelechi

Round 4
Could it be the final round?
Rack slapped the Naga for 277 to start out. A Belly Punch from Rib took 137 damage. then a Turn Assault did 342. A Charge from Rack missed. Thwack went the Thwack for 109 damage. A last effort from the Big Guy---a Diving Press missed, allowind a 413 Turn Assault to KO the golem.
We have one more round on our hands kiddies!

2-2 Tied

And it all comes down to this...

Round 5
Roll out the ROLL ASSAULT. for the GOLEM smashing the NAGA with 809 damage. a flurry of Belly punches for 127,125, and 112 helped Ribcrackers cause. A punch from Rack then went wide. But WATCH OUT!!! Another Punch (323) laid out the naga for a KO!

3-2 Rackchelechi


Rackchelechi-- 3-0
Ribcracker---- 2-1
Aphrodite----- 1-2
Sandosaurus--- 0-3

I would like to thank Fen for the great tourney once again. The new champion, Newblish, and the rest of the competitors, Diablos, Strunks, and Mepersoner all deserve prasie also for all their hard work. A good audience was also present as usual.

This is my first time as the Scribe, so i hope this recap summarizes this tourney well for you!

Until next time,


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