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Recapped By torey luvullo on Monday, July 7, 2003 - 02:10 pm:
There! Now for the recap.

It was a tough crew of A class monsters who graced Sunday Night with its first Legend Cup tourney in quite a while. In the end, a familiar figure emerged...

First match: Kirudos v Exzee

The zuum and hopper traded 5 straight misses before Kir broke the ice with a jumping claw on his way to a 84-40 percentage victory in the first battle. It got worse - in the second battle, Exzee missed everything and got KO'd by a 550 pt roll assault. It looked like a sweep, until a last minute 3 jump blow gained Exzee a 34-2 win. In the fateful fourth battle, Kirudos KO'd Exzee, who gritted right back and almost won the day...but not quite. 6-.1; 3-1 Kir.

Second Match: Dur v Ribcracker

This was a slugfest. Neither monster missed until the third battle, and the blows landed were often in the 400+ damage range. Unfortunately for Dur, most of them were landed by the naughty Naga, who KO'd once, and won by % twice en route to a sweep. 3-0 Ribcracker

Third Match: Exzee v Dur

Upset special! in the first battle, the hip hopper landed quite a few techs, while Dur concentrated on landing two - a 256 rish slash and a 566 rolling slash, good for a KO victory. The doughty durahan tried to get by with one big tech, and was outpointed 34-31 in battle two. Then...DEATHBRINGER!!! one hit KO. In the final battle, 5 feeble techs by Ex lost 22-8 to one 684 triple slash. 3-1 Dur.

Fourth Battle: Exzee v Ribcracker

all battles ended in KO's here - even Exzee's one victory came from two jump blows that laid the naga low. However, the other 3 came from turn assaults and drill attacks by Ribby [including a 757 drill attack one hit KO]. 3-1 Ribcracker.

Fifth Battle: Dur v Kirudos

Kir easily outpointed the empty suit of armor 26-3 in the first battle...then, perhaps looking ahead to the final battle, found himself on the business end of a 661 twister slash KO. Shaking it off [in that cute zuum-y way they shake, of course] Kirudos got down to business and KO'd Dur 3 times in the next 2 battles. He needed 2 KO's to win the ultimate fourth battle, when Dur refused to stay down and got grit. 3-1 Kirudos

Sixth Battle: Kirudos v Ribcracker

This was it! 2 undefeated monsters! The first 2 battles were polar opposites of one another: in the first, Ribcracker missed everything, and Kirudos roughed him up pretty good, culminating in a 531 bite KO. In the second, Kir whiffed on all his techs, and RC set him up for a 444 drill attack KO. The third battle was one of the best I've ever seen. I will set it out in column form:

Kirudos - tail combo - 241
Ribcracker - belly punch - Miss
Ribcracker - belly punch - 157
Kirudos - jumping claw - 161
Ribcracker - drill attack - Miss
Kirudos - jumping claw - 422

Kirudos had the big lead, and there were under 20 seconds left. But not for long! Ribcracker unleashed a 422 drill attack...that sent Kirudos into Power. Immediately, Kir retaliated with a 382 Tail that pushed RC to within an inch of his life. Unfortunately for the zippy zuum, it also put the nifty naga into Power as well. So with about 10 seconds to go, two wary, weary brutes circled each other, each knowing that the next blow would likely decide it all. Ribcracker landed it - a 816 drill attack KO. Well fought, monsters!

This seemed to take all the wind out of poor Kir's sails, and although he put effort into the fourth battle, he showed none of the brilliance that had gotten him there. Ribcracker, also obviously worn out, landed enough thwacks and belly punches to eke out a 67-39 win, and take the tourney. 3-1 Ribcracker.

So the grizzled veteran edges out the fresh-faced newcomer, and once again mepersoner takes a monster to the finals. Well fought by all - hope to see you in the arena soon.

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