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Recapped by Velo: Mon Jun 09, 2003 8:21 pm :: El Muchos Grande A Class 3 Round 2 Recap


Well, today was a welcome return to the exciting and mostly unpredictable fights of Legend Cup A Class. Here's the recap brought to you by Velo (that's me!), Pepsi, and viewers like you!

Woodrow vs. Sinclair

Round 1: Can we say...flame on? Woody started out rather slow in this fight as he let his Jilt opponent get the best of him with a scorching giga ray and a powerful flame to KO the dendro-man early in the fight.

Round 2: This time, Woody put up more of a fight with a 273 headbutt to bring Sinclair into the yellow, but he was once again by those powerful Pixie techs, specifically an 844 bang which quite decisively KO'd the Mock a second time.

Round 3: By now, Sinclair could smell the flames that still hung on Woodrow's branches, it smelled of fear. However, Woodrow turned his fear around as a fiery veangence, using two leaf cutters to KO Sinclair without remorse.

Round 4: While this fight was close, Woodrow was too mad to give up, dodging all but the least powerful of Sinclairs attacks and using head butts of all things to gain the 79% to 75% upper branch on Sinclair.

Round 5: From birth, every tree must know that the key to survival is sucking the nbutrients out of living matter. Well, Woody went back to his "roots," sucking Sinclair's life dry with a single energy steal, winning it for the autotrophic fighter.

Winner: Woodrow 3-2

Veldrus vs. Aphrodite

Round 1: Unlike some previous Durahans, Veldrus was no pushover. However, would he have the power to slay the sea nymph known as Aphrodite? Or, would he simply rust in the onslaught of water and ice attacks? We would soon fight out, and it started out looking pretty good for Veldy. After a few splashes and guysers from the Undine, Veldrus went all out with a 983 slash combo, instantly KO'ing Aphrodite and getting a 1-0 headstart in the match.

Round 2: Veldrus started this one out with an impressive 566 jumping stab, but an Undine is not so easily bested. she returned "suit" with a splash, a cold fog, and a water gun for the decisive KO victory.

Round 3: This time around, Veldrus simply could not hit any of his attacks. In fact, he only attempted one attack, allowing Aphrodite to whittle her way to a 100% to 26% victory.

Round 4: Once more Veldrus made but one attack. While this one did hit, Aphrodite still had more than enough will to use her powerful ice attacks to leave Veldrus a heap of frozen steel.

Winner: Aphrodite 3-1

Sinclair vs. Veldrus

Round 1:Math with Velo!
Sinclair's life of 493 - an 822 rolling slash = one dead Jilt.

Round 2: See above.

Round 3: See above. Seriously, Sinclair put up nearly no fight at all, allowing Veldrus to cruise to an easy KO victory.

Winner: Veldrus 3-0

Sinclair vs. Aphrodite

Round 1: Same old Sinclair. She hit only one slap while Aphrodite needed only to land a hailstorm and a water gun for the KO.

Round 2: One missed ray from Sinclair, one KO from Aphro. Is it cold in here?

Round 3: This time, the Jilt put up soemwhat of a fight with a big bang and a lightning storm. The thing is, these attacks are only useful when they hit, and they didn't, allowing the Undine to once again cruise her way on to a KO victory and the match win.

Winner: Aphrodite 3-0

Veldrus vs. Woodrow

Round 1: In the battle between wood and sheet metal, durability is king. Thus, the winner must have attacks that can effectively pierce the defense of his opponent. Veldrus proved that this was him in the beginning of the match as he used a rolling slash an a flash slash to KO the Mock.

Round 2: Woody was a bit more aggressive this time, shooting his leaves at Veldrus left and right. However, once again it only took two moves to make paper out of Woody.

Round 3: Now, the tree once again shows us that it only truly becomes powerful when it is in dire straits. Using his powerful twister and leaf gatling attacks, Woodrow was able to muster enough power to cause over 1000 total damage to the pure Durahan, winning by KO.

Round 4: It was short lived. This match was over after a dash slash and an 875 rolling slash from Veldrus. Old Woody was toothpicks, and thus the stage was set for a possible three way tie.

Winner: Veldrus 3-1

Woodrow vs. Aphrodite

Round 1:The crowd was ready for a Bones tie breaker. If Woodrow pulled out a victory, all of the entrants except for Sinclair would be at 2-1. However, the tree was battered after his previous fights in which he had been repeatedly burned as cut. Hoping he would have an advantage over an aquatic monster, Woody charged into battle. It did not go as he had hoped. The tree was left frozen after a flurry of fogs and water guns, taking away the Mock's life and guts. Only able to perform a weak leaf cut, Woodrow was down and out.

Round 2: This time, he didn't even get one attack to connect, making it a "breeze" for APhrodite to get the win.

Round 3: Yet again, the Mock shows his stuff after losing two rounds. He finally let loose with his powerful leaf cutter attacks and even some worthy head butts. Even after a cold fog in POWER, Woodrow stood tall in a 60% to 14% victory.

Round 4: By now, Woodrow seemed to have nothing left. from the first 473 hailstorm the crowd knew that this would be it for the venerable stump. When the ice settled, Woodrow was motionless and unconscious on the ground as Aphrodite basked in her victory.

Winner: Aphrodite 3-1


1st Place Aphrodite(Diablos) 3-0
2nd Place Veldrus(Toado the Great) 2-1
3rd Place Woodrow(Kurasu) 1-2
4th Place Sinclair(CyberHillBill) 0-3

Well folks, Aphrodite joins Sandosaurus in the finals. Who will fill out the roster of champions? Only time will tell, keep sending those monsters in! A special thanks to Fenrick for hosting another great tournament. Good night everyone!

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