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Recapped By Velo on Monday, April 21, 2003
There were some very good fights today. Some predictable, some surprising, and some that were just downright cool. The recap follows.

Sonansu vs. Sandosaurus: I would have expected this fight to go on in the last part of the tourney, but in hindsight I'm glad that it didn't. The first match started out with the two dinos going back and forth...with weak techs. Then, it finally got interesting when old Sando let fly with a roll assault and a fire charge, bringing Sonan down to 5% and winning. The second round fared almost as well for Sando. Through only two techs, he was able to bring Soni down to 17% health while managing to stay at 35% himself, winning him the round. In the third fight was the closest on the day. Both monsters used a combination of their strong and weak techs to bring eachother to less than a fifth of their total life. However, when the dust settled, Sandosaurus was at 18% while Sonansu was only at 17, getting him the close third round and match win.

Sandosaurus 3, Sonansu 0

Chilly Willy vs. 8-Ball: Ah, the battle between two monsters with little life and even less power. From the beginning I knew this would be interesting, and it was. In the first round, only one strange light was enough to win it for Chilly Willy, despite the fact that 8-bal had sent many of his weak, but withering techs at the monol. However, in the second and third matches, 8-ball utilized eye-beams, telepathy, and licks to KO CW twice in a row. It seemed as if 8-ball had it made in the corner pocket, but CW came back to win round 4, tying it at 2-2. In the last round, 8-ball once again strutted his stuff with a solid win due to a few withering techs and a lot of luck, winning it all 3-2.

8-ball 3, Chilly Willy 2

Sondosaurus vs. 8-Ball: In the first round, Sandy seemed to be his normal self, using a roll assault to overcome 8-ball's low life, suffering only a bit of withering for it. However, in round two, 8-ball showed Sando up by winning 71% to 30%. He did it again in round three, and it seemed as if Sando might actually be beaten. He answered that question quickly, since round 4 was only one move long, a 556 fire charge that instantly KO'd the glass eye. Round five lasted longer, and 8-ball had plenty of chances to win it for himself, but he instead allowed Sandosaurus to gain the upper hand with powerful fire charge, KOing the suezo and ending this exciting match.

Sandosaurus 3, 8-Ball 2

8-Ball vs. Sonansu: The first round was quite odd. Sonansu could not lay a claw of 8-ball, allowing him to coast to an easy victory thanks to some withering. However, the dino came back in round two with some well-performed Zuum techs to even it all out. In round three, 8-Ball actually KO'd Sonansu to make it 2-1. In the fourth round, * ball used some excellent yodel moves to counter Sonansu's relatively weak techs, getting him a solid 72% to 37% win.

Chilly Willy vs. Sonansu: It seems that after his loss to 8-ball,Sonansu lost all hopes of winning. Against Chilly Willy, he made very few truly good attempts at defeating the monol, getting himself KO'd three times in a row.

Chilly Willy 3, SOnansu 0

Sandosaurus vs. Chilly Willy: This fight was expected to be very exciting, and it was. Kinda. It all started out with a Sandosaurus win thanks to a fire charge and some luck in defedning against CW's powerful moves. Two matches later, however, the monol had picked up a win and it became obvious that the match would not be a shoe-in for Sandy. The fourth match, however, ended rather solidly in favor of the zuum as he overcame a powerful double beams attack to return fire with some claw attacks and a bite throw for 558 damage, leading to a KO and making Sandosaurus the champion.

Sandosaurus 3, Chilly Willy 1

That's it folks, the final standings are:

Sandosaurus 1st
8-Ball 2nd
Chilly Willy 3rd
Sonansu 4th

All hail Sandosaurus and SSJ, who will continue on to the A Class finals once again.. Who will challenge them? Enter a monster and it could be you. Good night!

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