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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, September 3, 2002

The wins today were oddly allocated, involving a minor upset in the regular rounds, but indeed the final winner was as predicted.

Omni Snake vs. First: First started with an excellent array of strong golem techs, smashing OS down to a measely 1.1%. Then, in round two, OS came back with a 638 tail assault and an amazing 631 drill attack for a ko! OS repeated this for the next two rounds, leaving First bent and bruised.

Omni Snake 3, First 1

First vs. Rage: Rage made some attacks in the first round, but was quickly quelled by a simple palm strike and a slap. In round two...BOOM! First landed the most powerful attack in the game, Cyclone, for 999 damage and a KO. In round three, the exact same thing happened, giving First the sweep.

First 3, Rage 0

Omni Snake vs. Rage: Rage began with an impressive 298 roar, then got angry and unleashed an incredible 705 blizzard for the KO!. In the next round, OS used his ultra-powerful naga techs to bash Rage into a 4% submission to tie up the tally. In the next round, a 449 critical roar angered OS enough to yield a 693 drill attack followed by a thwack for the KO. Rage won his second match in round four with an impressive array of roars and ice bombs. In the final round, Rage's blizzard attack was not enough to compensate for the heavy damage he received from the Naga, losing 10% to 31%.

Rage vs. Omni Alien B: This was by far the biggest upset of the night.Rage actually began with a win, using two roar attacks tro get OAB down while managing to dodge the infamous UFO attack. Next,Rage actually KO'd OAB with a seriers of ice bombs and roars. AT this point, we were stunned...we were all thinking OAB might lose. In round three and round four, the fights got very close, but through OAB's quick and powerful technique execution, he squeezed by to tie the tally. In the fifth and final round, after a few fglancing hits from both competitors, Rage took a deep breath and ROARED for 999 instant-ko damage!

Rage 3, Omni Alien B 2

First vs. Oamni Alien B: Not much happened here, first only managed to get a couple weak hits in before he was easily taken down by OAB.

Omni Alien B 3, First 0

Omni SNake vs. Omni Alien B: Ah the battle of the omnis, we were hoping that this would be a very exciting fight. We were wrong. The first fight was close enough to have hope for OS, he only lost by a 12% difference and he had shown incredible strength with his drill attacks. Sadly, in rounds two and three, combinations of UFO ATtacks and Back Charges gave OAB the sweep. However, these monsters would have to fight again as a tie-breaker!

Omni Alien B 3, Omni Snake 0

TIE-BREAKER: OS fought hard in round one, delivering multiple stabs and tail assaults...but two UFO attacks and trwo elbow strikes were more than enough for OAB to win it. Basically the same styory in rounds two and three, OS showed some fight in him, but OAB alwqays managed to pull off two UFO attacks for KOs, therefore winning the tie-breaker for OAB.

The final standings: 1) Omni Alien b
2) Omni Snake
3) Rage
4) First

There were a couple great fights tonight! I can't wait for A class #4, thanks to Fenrick for a rob well done. All hail Omni Alien B, all hail Hellraiser!

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