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Recapped By torey luvullo on Monday, August 26, 2002

A very exciting match! Rage edged out Phoenix and Xanadu in a tie-breaker. Here is how it unfolded...

Rage v. Dreadnought

A long night for the "other" henger began with this one-sided match against the titanic tiger. Dreadnought took a big lead with yoyo and hammer fall, only to see it slip away after roar and lightning struck. That was as close as he came, 2 more ko's and it ended 3-0 in Rage's favor.

Xanadu v. Phoenix

The lightly regarded flaming chicken sent a powerful message in the first battle, using two 700+ heat beams to vulcanize the hapless henger. The second battle was even worse - after a hammer fall had the battling bird on the verge of unconsciousness, he powered up and delivered a 999 heat beam for a second straight ko. The third battle was the same - fire twister/heat beam ko...3-0 Phoenix!

Dreadnought v Xanadu

A 999 hammer fall ko by the X-man in the first match set the tone...no more ko's, but a 3-0 win for Xanadu.

Dreadnought v Phoenix

Phoenix unleashed an immediate 999 heat beam to win the first match, but was felled by Dread's yoyos and hammer fall in the second. Undaunted, the blazing bird delivered an 814 heat beam for a 2d ko. However, the henger fought back with another yoyo/hammer fall ko to even the match at 2-2. The deciding 5th battle was tense. each monster missed with its marquee move - henger/hammer fall and phoenix/heat beam. Phoenix unwisely chose beaks, and Dread took advantage, bringing it within a few points of being ko'd with a yoyo and a missile. In the final seconds, however, a 597 fire twister decided the issue, and Phoenix escaped with a 3-2 victory.

Rage v Phoenix

Another great match! Fire vs Ice. Rage dominated the first battle as Phoenix missed all its techs, the ko coming on a 385 roar. Second battle, Rage missed everything, and Phoenix ko'd with a fire twister/heat beam combo. 3d battle - Rage 210 blizzard ko decided the issue. 4th battle, after a 671 heat beam gave Phoenix the lead, Rage roared [and bolted] back to within a few points of having the flammable fowl down for the count. But Phoenix rose from the ashes, and delivered a 332 fire twister to even the match at 2-2. The deciding 5th match was tense down to the wire, with lots of misses. Basically, Rage took his customary lead with blizzard and ice bomb, then watched as Phoenix missed his big techs, only landing a few pitiful beaks. 3-2 Rage.

Xanadu v Rage

So Xanadu had to beat Rage to create a 3 way tie. In the first battle, the 2 traded big techs, with Rage landing one more to get a ko. Then began a biting, scratching and missing spree for the tepid tiger. Xanadu took advantage with a 565 hammer fall in the 2d to win on points, a 582 drill shots to win by ko in the 3d and a 612 laser sword to capture the match, 3-1.


Rage took on the maxxed Skeleton first, and was leading until a last second 600 crit drill shot gave Bones a 65-13 victory. Xanadu hung for a bit...until a 918 laser swords collapsed his stately pleasure dome. Phoenix also died by the sword...a 601 laser sword, that is.

So Rage won the tie-breaker, and moves into next week's finals!

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