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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, May 7, 2002

There were a couple exciting fights tonight. But, as you may have guessed...OmniAlienB's fights were not so much exciting as bloody and quick. Here's the recap.

Amuro Ray vs. OmniAlienB: Fen decided to start out with a fight between the projected winner and the projected big-time loser. The results were not surprising...AR hit a couple of straights, but with OAB pounding on him so hard it was hard to get a fist in.

Poseiden vs. Headfirst: This fight set the record for fastest 3 matches EVER in an online tourney that we know of. All three fights were but 5-7 seconds long, and all three were one hit KO's.....from Poseiden's fist shot. Ouch.

Poseiden 3, Headfirst 0

Amuro Ray vs. Poseiden: Easily the most exciting and surprising match of the night. AR started out well, landing a few lucky techs and winning 46 to 42%. Then, Poseiden NEARLY lost the second round due to a NICe electric blow. At the last second, he got grit and did a heavy slap for the win. Pos dominated in round three, and then things looked bad for the Gaboo Soldier. However, AR is a resilient one. In round four he landed three HEAVY attacks while managing to not get damaged as much as his opponent was. It all came down to round 5. Pos began with a 259 damage slap, which was countered by a jumping chop which hit. Pos attacked and hit again, this time with a fist shot. AR was in no mood to take that from Poseiden. A chop combo followed by a critical straight won it for the mighty Gaboo 42% to 22%.

Amuro Ray 3, Poseiden 2

Amuro Ray vs. Headfirst: These battles did not bide well for AR. If HF did one thing in this battle, it was withering. AR just couldn't get any shots in, except for round 2 when he won by a very small margin. Every other round was relelntless kissing, yodeling, and licking. Yuck.

Headfirst 3, Amuro Ray 1

OmniAlienB vs. Headfirst: These fights were similar to when this metalner faced off against AR. The usual blend up endless metalner attacks and quick KO's, all the way through. Can anybody say...concussion?

OmniAlienB 3, Headfirst 0

Poseiden vs. OmniAlienB: This was supposed to be tonight's fight, but alas t'was not to be. The first round consisted of two, count em two UFO attacks ending with a very dramatic KO. Round saw Pos hitting a few getting OAB to half life, but he still lost. Round three began with a very nice critical 395 damage fist shot, but OAB gave Poseiden an even nicer string of attacks in return, leading to a KO.

OmniAlienB 3, Poseiden 0

That's all folks, can't wait for master class round one!

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