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Recapped By Velo on Wednesday, November 28, 2001

My sincere apologies about the delay guys. Being a teenager can get time consuming :).

Cyber Virus vs. Rygar: Ah, the legendary battle between guy with blue armor...and uh, guy with...silver.....armor. It started out looking bad for CV, with Rugar punding away just like he did in round 4. But, after a 287 rolling slash, CV powered up! He then did his own rolling slash for....9...9...9!!!!!!!! He won the next round with a POWER too, in fact he got it in every round. He lost once but Rygar eventually fell.

Cyber Virus 3, Rygar 1

Boing vs. Psyforce: Wel, this battle was pretty sad really. Of 36 attacks, 22 missed. Sadly for Boing, most of those misses came from him. He won once....but his low life just didn't cut it in the end.

Psyforce 3, Boing 1

Rygar vs. Boing: It was at this point, that Hellraiser suddenly realized that his own monster's life was only 578! In any case, Boing was slaughtered. All three matches followed this pattern: Boing misses a bunch of techs, Rygar hits two, Boing is dead. Rinse, reuse, repeat.

Rygar 3, Boing 0

Boing vs. Cyber Virus: Since Cyber Virus doesn't have as much speed as Rygar, Boing actually hit with most of his techs.....for about 60 damage. Needless to say, Boing got his third loss.

Cyber Virus 3, Boing 0

Cyber Virus vs. Psyforce: This was probably the best match of the night because it was the only close one. PF started strong, using telepathys to get a KO. Then Cyber Virus retorted with two knockout fights! Then, Psy-Force gave CV ANOTHER two KOs, winning the match and putting the tournament in a strange position. If Rygar could win the next match, there would be a three-way tie!

Psy-Force 3, Cyber Virus 2

Psy-force vs. Rygar: Well whaddya know? Rygar got back to his old self after that CV fight, doing a lot of that durahan multi-tech magic! He swept PF, and now, we had to decide what to do next.....

Rygar 3, Psy-force 0

A three way tie! Everybody eventually decided that they would pit the monsters against Bones to see who lasted the longest. Here are the results:

Cyber Virus: 1.2%
Psy-Force: 40%
Rygar: 100%

On the Legend Cup site, Fen refers to Psy-Force as Nova Force. Don't be confused, he is just exhibiting his uncanny ability to type in the wrong things ;). Anyway, as you can see Rygar has been decalred the Legend Cup A class winner! See you next time, with the MMBA Master class round 2!

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