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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Well...I will start by saying that it is a sad day for Phoenix trainers everywhere. However....Carruscante stood proud...even in his final moment of defeat. The recap must go on.

Fjirw vs. Carruscante: This was the most exciting match of the night. Carr started off strong with two, count em two powerful heat beams, getting an easy KO. He did it again next round, only with a fire stream. Then....the joker got mad. He performed a weak death final, doing only 484 which Torey called a death semi-final. However, he landed two more techs to get the win. In round 4 Carr landed another strong heat beam, but fell to multiple death punches and cutters. In the final round, a fire twister and heat beam got the joker down by a lot, getting him angry. Sadly for it, this anger led to nothing.

Carruscante 3, Firjw 2

Wurme vs. Rygar: Not much to say, three rounds of Rygar relentlessly pounding away at Wurme. Boom. Cut. Smash. Ouch.

Rygar 3, Wurme 0

Wurme vs. Fjirw: Pretty much the same thing here, only this time Wurme won a match through a 999 roll assault.

Fjirw 3, Wurme 1

Wurme vs. Carruscante: Time for me to eat my words. If Blast O Doom is looking here, I apologize for the 99-1 odds. Wurme gave Carr a run for his money. Wurme won twice due to strong wheel attacks, but ultimately Carruscante's stronger tech selection and speed won it over for him.

Carruscante 3, Wurme 2

Fjirw vs. Rygar: Rygar dominated yet again, constantly unleashing powerful durahan techs. He even did a swing that went for 3040 damage!!!!!!! Yes....that's a typical Fenrick typo. The joker did perform a critical 724 death final, but alas it was not to be.

Rygar 3, Fjirw 0

Rygar vs. Carruscante: It seemed unfair how fast this durahan is. He is also very frail, but his speed ultimately was more important. In round one, Rygar acted as he did in the last two matches, getting Carr down to 42% and only getting hit by one beak. In round two, Carr struck back with a 999 critical heat beam! At this point it seems like Carr gave up...he was pummelled by Rygar in the next two rounds.

Rygar 3, Carruscante 1

Well, good fights I suppose. The 4x4 final will certainly be interesting. Before I go, Cyberhill suggested I do awards, and I will provide.

Wurme: Most underestimated
Joker: Most spirit
Carruscante: Strongest move
Rygar: Most relentless

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