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Recapped By Velo on Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Wow! There were some excellent fights tonight. Here goes my second recap:

Caliente vs. Boing: This was a pretty sad match. Boing showed no mercy as he let loose constant attacks, bringing Caliente's life way down. In one round Caliente melted Boing with a fire stream, but it was not to be.
Boing 3, Caliente 1

Bfkp vs. Evil Eye: Boy, these two were heavy hitters. The wins went back and forth with the Big Blue charging for 400+ damage and Evil Eye doing turn assaults for similar power! It all came down to a round five when after a big ol' slap, EE got mad, thwacking and then turn assaulting for 579 and the KO!
Evil Eye 3, Bfkp 2

Evil Eye vs. Caliente: Ah, another legendary battle, this time between bird and snake. Unofrtunately, Caliente went back to his instincts, pecking nearly non stop for tiny damage. Evil Eye did not show remorse, he let loose stabs, thwacks, drill attacks, and turn assaults to KO three times in a row.
Evil Eye 3, Caliente 0

Boing vs. Bfkp: To begin with, Boing tried to impress the golem with flicks and jump blows. But the Bfkp gave him the cold shoulder (sorry) and charged for a KO. Next, Boing pounded away while Bfkp missed a lot. It then went back and forth, once with Bfkp getting the hopper down to 4 pints {fenrick typo} winning 1.7% to .6%, and again with Boing not getting hurt at all! Eventually the big guy was shown what a fat mech rat can do.
Boing 3, Bfkp 2

Bfkp vs. Caliente: In the beginning, things looked bad as Cali got charged twice to be Ko'd. But Caliente hates losing, it burns him up inside. He used his brains, unleashing twisters and tornados. Needless to say, there was fire everywhere! For a dramatic finish he performed a 984 damage heat beam to get revenge against Bfkp for the MMBA loss. Revenge is a dish best served hot!
Caliente 3, Bfkp 1

Evil Eye vs. Boing: Now THIS was a fight! In round one, Evil Eye started with an impressive turn assault, but Boing did an even more impressive hopper combo for the KO. Next, after another heavy Naga attack Boing came back yet again for a KO. In round three, Boings constant flicks got EE very ANGRY! He quickly did a turn assault and a pierce for the KO! In round four, he did it yet again to tie it all up! In the deciding match, Hellraiser had given up, but was it premature? After an early life steal, Boing demolished Evil Eye with a hopper combo, doing damage that can only be described by Fenrick:"9 the frickin 9 ty 9!!!"
Boing 3, Evil Eye 2

Shew! Boing will meet up with Cyber Virus in the finals, but there are still two more 4x4 rounds to go. Personally, I can't wait! Good night!

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