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Recapped by Velo Thu Aug 14, 2003 6:27

Here is the full recap:

Well, this was the first batch of Monster Rancher 1 battles. It really was an exciting day for me, I didn't know what to expect at all in terms of tech damage and abundance. This also marked the first time I would see a dino in battle at all, which was pretty neat. Anyway, on to the recap!

Black Dino vs. 51 Pesos

Round 1: This one started out rather slow.Black Dino basically did a whole lot of weaker basic techs while Pesos just....sat there, allowing BD to get a percentage win.

Round 2: Here's when things kicked off. Pesos started things out with a devastating 257 firewall (ok, not devastating, but for all the weaker techs that were prevalent in this tournament, it kinda was). However, Black Dino responded kindly with a flurry of tackles, punches, and bites to get a quick KO on the low-lifed Gara.

Round 3: This time, Pesos was not going to sit there and take the heat. He opened up the round with a respectable lightning and followed up with....scratches and kicks for about 15 damage each. Black DIno on the other hand was using his power techs with more success, bringing Pesos down to low life. That's when this Gali got angry, FURIOUS to be exact. Taking advantage of his status, he unleashed a TRULY devastating 470 firewall to burn up poor BD to low health. Too bad the Dino had a lot more life than him, he followed the firewall with a 148 bite to KO Pesos and win the match.

Winner: Black Dino 3-0

Ultrimus vs. Bushwack

Round 1: The other two contestants in the first MR1 tournament were a Pull Worm and an Ape. Ultrimus started out by establishing what his fighting style was. A simple bite did 622 damage against poor Bushie, illustrating to everyone that didn't already know that the Ape had a very poor defense. This is what would kill him, seeing as he could only retaliate with two weak punches and a boomerang that did "3" damage (not kidding). Ultrimus got an easy KO.

Round 2: BW put up more of a fight here as he used a flip throw to get Ultrimus doown to below 50% health. Once again. however, all it took from Ultrimus was two techniques to bring BW down to an even lower level, winning it 45% to 29%.

Round 3: The single advantage that Bushwack had over Ultrimus was speed, and in this round he used it. Dodging every one of Ultrimus' attacks, Bushwack managed to prevent a sweep with a few weak techs, winning 100% to 57%.

Round 4: Back to his old tricks, Ultrimus needed only a pierce and two bites to finish off the tired Ape and win the match, facing little resistance from Bushwack and getting another KO victory.

Winner: Ultrimus 3-1

Bushwack vs. 51 Pesos

Round 1: In this battle of the first round losers, both sides had large disdvantages. However, it would soon become apparent whose was worse. Pesos' fight against Bushwack looked very much like his fight against Black Dino. He just didn't have enough punch or speed to really be a contender. Bushwack, while also low on the strength side, had lots of speed to go around, giving him a distinct advantage over the Gara. In round 1, Pesos did hit a 571 holy flash, but that's about all he hit. BW, meanwhile, needed only a few punches and a couple throws to take advantage of Pesos' low life and win 42% to 1%.

Round 2: Pesos put up an even more sad more here, hitting only one 77 scratch while Bushwack used his primate powers to KO the floating mask.

Round 3: I guess it figures, Pesos hit two techs in round one, oine in round two, and in round three....none. Yep, Pesos pulled up a big fat zero, allowing Bushwack to beat his chest as his own first victory 100% to 27%.

Winner: Bushwack 3-0

51 Pesos vs. Ultrimus

Round 1: Judging from the last two Pesos fights, I could have guessed what would happen here, and I would have been right. WHile he couldindeed hit with all of his techs this time, his weak kicks and scratches did damage in the mere teens against sturdy old Ultrimus. The Pull Worm replied with a KO.

Round 2: See above, KO

Round 3: Honestly, 51 Pesos' luck didn't change, he couldn't do any real damage, allowing Ultrimus to KO him with ease. Good night Pesos, ye shall be missed.

Winner: Ultrimus 3-0

Black Dino vs. Bushwack

Round 1: I was expecting BD to take this one, but I was pleasantly surprised with Bushwack's newfound luck. Here's how Black DIno's attacks went: miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, miss. Yep, he didn't hit him once, allowing Bushwack to win with a measely sneeze and two boomerangs 100% to 78%

Round 2: You guessed it, Dino mostly missed again, hitting only one tech that did 25 % damage. Meanwhile, BW showed him up once again with some flip thriws and punches, whittling BD down to low health and winning 75% to 24%.

Round 3: Predictably, Black Dino hit only one tech once more, though it did just happen to be a 294 punch. It just wasn't enough though, Bushwack used a flip throw and a punch to do about 300 damage, getting BD down to mid-health and securing himself a victory with a 70% to 60% win. MONKEY POWER!

Winner: Bushwack 3-0

Black Dino vs. Ultrimus

Round 1: Here it was, the fight of the night, and it would definately prove to be the closest one. If Black DIno could pull off a win, then there would be an incredible three way tie in the very first MR1 match! I was indeed hoping for this myself, but I would have to see if he could pierce Ultrimus' hard shell without getting PIERCED too much himself (hehe). Round 1 was characterized by a LOT of techs, 14 to be exact. While most were weak, the ones that broke 100 would make the real difference. With three attacks that all did about 180, mixed in with a couple of other hits, Ultrimus won the day over the sheer volume of techs that BD was putting forward 33% to 22%.

Round 2: This one ended up being a little bit closer. Ultrimus once again had more p[ower per tech in this one, but here it lost out to BD's ferocity. It didn't hurt that he got two critical's either, he won 20% to 16%.

Round 3: In this round, more monsters went back to their loads of sub-par techniques strategy. In this field, Black Dino is the king, and he showed it with a 25% to 20% win.

Round 4: Uh oh. These two monol subs seemed as if they were evenly matched, but Black DIno was on the verge of w in. COuld Ultrimus get out of this jam? Going back to his old strategy of a low number of slightly more powerful attacks, the Pull Worm Managed to absorb enough of BD's 50 range punches to walk away standing, winning 39% to 14%

Round 5: Here we were. It was the battle of cheesy sci-fi movies: Jurassic Park vs. Tremors. But these monsters wouldn't let bad acting get in their way of carnage, the final fight was upon us! Ultrimus kicked it off with FOUR pierces, which was replied to be a flame and a tackle. After this opening frenzy, things went back to normal with both monsters using their bite techs to do about 75 every time. Techs were flying back and forth in this one, but when the dust settles there can only be one winner. That winner was Ultrimus, having pulled away with a mere 4% margin, 25% to 21% specifically. The Pull Worm had done it, he was going to the finals bracket.

Winner: Ultrimus 3-2


Ultrimus 3-0
Bushwack 2-1
Black Dino 1-2
51 Pesos 0-3

Congratulations to Ultrimus and Toado! I wish you the best of luck in the finals, you will be facing some stiff competition I'm sure. In any case, nobodycan miss the next Legend Cup tournament, the beginning of A CLass 4! It's sure to be exciting, be there or be square!

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