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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher - Raising methods, schedules, Drill types

There are many aspects to raising your Kaiju. Drills to raise stats, Errantry to learn to attacks, participating in tournaments for money or game progression. This page is not meant as a Walkthrough or step by step guide to beat the game, rather it breaks down several of the aspects of the game into smaller consumable bits of information that you can apply to your overall experience which will lead to beating the game. Some of the advanced raising schedules won't really be affordable on a fresh game, it's OK to use a first Kaiju or two to help stockpile your funds so you can concentrate on a very strong Kaiju later.


Work and Feeding Schedules for all occasions
Basic raising tips to consider while using the schedules
  1. Rampages are OK. they reset anger and build up anger tolerance. Getting a couple of rampages out of the way early, means later, when your loyalty is higher you should be able to trigger a rampage when you need to increase Max stat caps (from 10k to 12k) which will take ~3 additional rampages.
  2. Focus/Specialize in a few stats rather than try to raise things evenly. Pick 1 Attack stat (POW or INT), Pick 1 Defense stat (SPD or DEF), Fill in with SKI and LIF drills between your Attack & Defense choices.
  3. Use Inheritance Cookies!! these can drastically help keep fatigue under control, or easier to raise stats to better Drill levels.
  4. Monthly Food is important. Giant Egg > Nutrition Pellet > Ultra Meat > Fresh Fish Plate > Heaping Salad.
  5. Territory bonus is only 5 extra points to a drill. Territory battles can still be useful if you need to reduce anger, but It's not worth defending your territory just to retain a bonus, (Low class enemy fights can give less than doing a drill even without the bonus).

Schedules and options

Baby/Cheap Schedule (OPTIONAL)
Week 1: Monthly +
Choice Item
Hard Drill
Week 2: Ultra Mango Light Drill
Week 3: Ultra Mango Light Drill
Week 4: Astro Mint Rest
Monthly: Pellets, Fish, Meat
(+Fear/-Stress etc)

Choice Item: Food that raises
Fear, or any affordable item.
(Mango, Biscut, Snake, Coffee)

- +Drill Cookies for low gain stats.
- Switch methods around:
50-60 loyalty or 2-3 Rampages

Lazy No-Rest (~70 Loyalty)
Week 1: Monthly +
Mandarin Juice
Hard Drill
Week 2: Relaxing Cacao Light Drill
Week 3: Mandarin Juice Hard Drill
Week 4: Astro Mint Light Drill
Monthly: Feasts>Eggs>Pellets>Meat>Fish
(+Fear/-Stress etc)

Adjust as needed for:

  • Anger/Rampage
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
Robots: Heavy > Light oil are the
only useful Monthly to feed.
Tyrant Cookie No-Rest
Week 1: Monthly +
Mandarin Juice
Hard Drill
Week 2: Relaxing Cacao Hard Drill
Week 3: Mandarin Juice Hard Drill
Week 4: Astro Mint Light Drill
Monthly: Feasts>Eggs>Pellets
(+Fear/-Stress etc)

Adjust as needed for:

  • Anger/Rampage
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
Random range of values of Stress and Fatigue from drills may still lose a small amount of lifespan on occasion, but averages should work in your favor.
Tyrant Magic Banana 4xHD?
Week 1: Monthly +
Mandarin Juice
Hard Drill
Week 2: Magic Banana*
-10 Stress
Hard Drill
Week 3: Mandarin Juice Hard Drill
Week 4: Astro Mint Hard Drill
Experimental 4x Hard Drills
  • MUST use the best foods: Egg, Feasts, Pellets. Spice
  • Spices and Territory battles are the only form of Anger Management.
  • Randomness of Stress/Fatigue from drills may cause occasional spike to breech LI.
4x HD will heavily depend on a Monthly Food that reduces stress by the largest amounts. On the average Stress/Fatigue ranges, the schedule is stable, but random spikes may cause intermittent lifespan hits.

Magic Banana tip: 100 Loyalty

  1. With none in inventory, Buy many Magic Bananas in Bulk/at once.
  2. Save before each feeding: Select and Use the Magic Bananas from:
    Left-to-Right & Top-to-Bottom.
  3. First ones will be the +10 Loyalty/-10 Stress
    (You'll see the side status indicators display an Inrease in Fear & Dependence)
  4. Once they no longer give the notice for Fear Increased and Dependence Increased...
    Reset, and Sell the remaining Magic Bananas.
  5. Repeat
Use to get 100 Loyalty Baby in about 3 months, or top off an adult Kaiju.

Magic Bananas have 1 of 3 effects. In earlier games the effect is random on feeding. In UKMR the effect is random on purchase. The MB is sorted by effect in your inventory, which is why this works.


Anger Meter and Rampages

Anger Meter

The anger meter does not indicate it's capacity, but each rampage effectively increases the numerical amount of anger between empty and full.
Rampage anger limit is based on life stage, aging type, personality, dependence, fear, and the number of previous rampages.
  • The anger limit is limited to 2000
  • Aging Type multipliers are
    • 0/Normal: 1.1
    • 1/Early: 1
    • 2/Late: 0.9
  • rampage_limit = (int)(rampage_anger_life_stage_base * aging_type_multiplier * personality_multiplier) + 10 * rampages + fear + dependence/2
    (dep/2 is rounded down towards 0)
PersonalityRampage Multiplier
PersonalityRampage Multiplier


Rampages & Stat Cap increases

Rampages are caused when your Anger meter reaches 100%. A Rampage will reset the Anger meter. It doesn't incur a lifespan hit outside of the weeks lived during the rampage. You can observe your Anger meter and plan out when you want to rampage to get some of the early rampages out of their system.

You can mostly predict and plan for productive rampages that increase your Kaiju's maximum stat capacity with the following conditions.

  • At about 60+ Loyalty.
  • At or after the 3rd Rampage (This means, allow for your Kaiju to rampage early a couple of times before 60+ loyalty)
  • It will usually take 3 Stat Limit Rampages to raise the caps from 10k to 12k limits.
  • Late Bloomer types can reach max cap limits without any rampages, if you raise a Late Bloomer up to the Retirement Warning from Holly with 0 rampages. This seems like a waste since there's little lifespan left to raise stats, but maybe there is a benefit we don't yet know about.


Holly & Kanezo's Messages
Holly and Kanezo give separate life stage notifications. Holly's notifications are alerted when you enter a new week at the first point of entering the alerted Life Stage, during the normal dialogue and can easily be missed. Kanezo's messages are from a different menu. While Kanezo doesn't automatically alert through normal dialogue, you can manually check on the life stage at any time, though you may not know how far into the Life Stage you're in.

Holly's Notifications

  • Upon entering stage 5:
    "[MONSTER] is really something! How we raise this Kaiju from here on will decide victory or defeat in the fights ahead."
    • Stage 5 is "Prime" which is considered the peak stat raising period.
    • If you have Gold or Silver peaches, this is the stage to use them in!
  • Upon entering stage 9:
    "[Monster] is looking pretty worn down. We may have to retire it soon."
    • Stage 9 and 10 are considered Elder/Twilight stages and will most likely see gains taper off, which the exception of high drill Levels helping offset the lower gains of the life stage.
    • Depending on the Kaiju's Base Lifespan and their Aging Type, this could be anywhere from ~8 months, to ~2.5 years of life left when Holly gives this alert, so don't be too hasty to retire it early.

Kanezo's Notifications

If you miss Holly's message, press Y to talk to the monster, and ask how it is feeling.
Kanewill give you the following messages which correlate to which Life Stage a Kaiju is in currently. Note that it can be any time during a given stage, unlike Holly's message that alerts immediately upon entering a given stage.
Stage 1-2[KAIJU] was only just born. I sure can't wait to see how they'll grow!
Stage 3-4Seems to me [KAIJU] is growing up really nicely! They're starting to develop their own traits.
Stage 5[KAIJU] is in the middle of a growth spurt! Keep at it, [KAIJU]!
Stage 6[KAIJU] still has growing to do! Don't stop now!
Stage 7-8[KAIJU] is finally a mature Kaiju. They've come so far...
Stage 9-10[KAIJU] has been with us for a real long time. I think it's almost time for them to retire.

Use the  Song List  data and enter the details below.
If you're unsure, use the base  Kaiju Data  instead for a close estimate:

Life Stage Calculator

Compare Lifespan and lifestages before and after lifespan adjustments per each stage:

Aging Type: Prime Lifespan: wks
Life Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Individual Duration 9% 10% 15% 15% 10% 5% 10% 5% 5% 16%
Weeks Used 35 38 57 57 38 19 38 19 19 60
Cumulative Weeks Used (end) 35 73 130 187 225 244 282 301 320 380
Remaining (start) 380 345 307 250 193 155 136 98 79 60
Adjust Weeks +/- Total of Items
New Individual Duration 9% 10% 15% 15% 10% 5% 10% 5% 5% 16%
New Weeks Used 35 38 57 57 38 19 38 19 19 60
Weeks Used Difference 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
New Cumulative Weeks Used (end) 35 73 130 187 225 244 282 301 320 380
New Weeks Remaining (start) 380 345 307 250 193 155 136 98 79 60

  • The Top area shows the life distribution based on life type and total weeks.
  • Use the Center area to enter +/- weeks of lifespan for each life stage.
  • The Bottom Area will display the new lifespan distribution after the +/- weeks have been entered.

Lifespan Increasing or Decreasing items

The calculator will do all the work for you, but here's an example with the math explained.

Gold & Silver peaches: Use at Stage 5 to maximize Prime life stage.

  • Using peaches extends lifespan by +50 (Gold) and +25 (Silver) weeks total.
  • These weeks are spread out over the 10 life stages of a Kaiju, based on the duration they are in that stage.
  • Stages that you've progressed past are added to the current life stage
    • A Gold Peach is +50 weeks of lifespan; Let's feed this to a 380 week Normal aging type monster during stage 5.
    • Add each Stage duration, including current: 9%+10%+15%+15%+10% = 59%
    • 59% x50 = 30 (29.5). 30 weeks are added to Stage 5.
    • The remaining stages 6-10 are multiplied for each stage Duration x 50:
         5%(2.5) 2wks | 10% (5) 5wks | 5%(2.5) 3wks | 5%(2.5) 2wks | 16%(8) 8wks
      -- Alternate rounding: If there is no decimal/remainder from a proceeding % then it is rounded up, otherwise it is rounded down
    • The +50 week Gold Peach equates to 30 weeks for Stage 5, and 20 weeks distributed over 6-10 based on stage duration.
Consumables that subtract lifespan: Use at stage 1 (or ASAP) to minimize hits to Prime life stage.
  • Using items reduces lifespan by their designated amount (See Item List)
  • These weeks are spread out over the 10 life stages of a Kaiju, based on the duration they are in that stage.
  • Stages that you've progressed past are added to the current life stage
    • A Devil SPlinter is -50 weeks of lifespan; Let's feed this to a 380 week Normal aging type monster during stage 5.
    • Add each Stage duration, including current: 9%+10%+15%+15%+10% = 59%
    • 59% x50 = 30 (29.5). -30 weeks are added to Stage 5.
    • The remaining stages 6-10 are multiplied for each stage Duration x 50:
         5%(2.5) -2wks | 10% (5) -5wks | 5%(2.5) -3wks | 5%(2.5) -2wks | 16%(8) -8wks
      -- Alternate rounding: If there is no decimal/remainder from a proceeding % then it is rounded up, otherwise it is rounded down
    • The -50 week Devil Splinter equates to -30 weeks for Stage 5, and -20 distributed over 6-10 based on stage duration.

  • The -1 week items, if few enough are used, it will only affect stage 1 (or current stage used), but if enough are used in a given stage, it will creep into the other stages, just like using a single item with many weeks.


Drill Types, bonuses & Gains
Drill Preference appears to have bearing for how much Fatigue or Anger it causes. An unliked Light Drill can cause more Anger than a liked Hard Drill, for example.

Drill Bonuses

  • Territory Bonus(+5)
  • Preferred Drill bonuses (+10)
  • Super Success (+10 to Main & Sub)
  • Inheritance Cookie Drill Traits (+30).

Drill Levels

Raising your drill level equates to more stats gained from the drill.
Light Drill Unlocks
  • Lv1 : Basic/Starting level
  • Lv2 : Primary Stat >= 3000
  • Lv3 : Primary Stat >= 7000
Heavy Drill Unlocks
  • Lv1 : Basic/Starting level
  • Lv2 : Primary x2 + Secondary >= 9000
  • Lv3 : Primary x2 + Secondary >= 21000

Drill Expectations / Observations (No bonuses)

Level 1 Gains
Light DrillEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)35516279101
Stage6 (Prime2)3546577590
Heavy Drill MainEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)54/5883110135164/167
Stage6 (Prime2)567996127152
Heavy Drill SubEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)2629/35405464/68
Stage6 (Prime2)2031405262
Level 2 Gains
Light DrillEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)5981104134150
Stage6 (Prime2)5475100124150
Heavy Drill MainEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)98134170200200
Stage6 (Prime2)90124154/156200200
Heavy Drill SubEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)476583100100
Stage6 (Prime2)45627998/100100
Level 3 Gains
Light DrillEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)119150150150150
Stage6 (Prime2)114150150150150
Heavy Drill MainEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)178/181200200200200
Stage6 (Prime2)169200200200200
Heavy Drill SubEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)7097/100100100100
Stage6 (Prime2)6994100100100
Light Drill summary

+ 1~5 Stress / + 8~10 Fatigue / +Anger
Drill + Stat Fatigue
Planting Seeds Lif ↑ Fatigue ↑
Windmill Turner Pow ↑ Fatigue ↑
Treasure Hunting Int ↑ Fatigue ↑
Snow Sculpting Ski ↑ Fatigue ↑
Dig a Hot Spring Spd ↑ Fatigue ↑
Sculpting Def ↑ Fatigue ↑

Light Drill Baseline
Bonus Range10~150

Heavy Drill summary

+ 5~12 Stress / + 13~15 Fatigue / +Anger
Drill ++ Stat + Stat - Stat Fatigue
Watering Plants Lif ⇈ Def ↑ Ski ↓ Fatigue ⇈
Removing Trees Pow ⇈ Lif ↑ Spd ↓ Fatigue ⇈
Fishing Int ⇈ Ski ↑ Def ↓ Fatigue ⇈
Snow Proofing Ski ⇈ Spd ↑ Lif ↓ Fatigue ⇈
Cooking Spd ⇈ Int ↑ Pow ↓ Fatigue ⇈
Fossil Surveying Def ⇈ Pow ↑ Int ↓ Fatigue ⇈

Heavy Drill Baseline (P-rimary, S-econdary, Drop)
LV1 P50LV1 S20Drop Amt-20~-30
LV2 P80LV2 S40Fatigue13~15
LV3 P150LV3 S60Stress5~12
Bonus P30~200Bonus S20~100Form-2~-5

Preferred Drill Bonuses (+10)

Monster Type
Main or Sub
Preferred DrillsMonster Type
Main or Sub
Preferred Drills
GomoraRemoving TreesMiclasFossil Surveying
King JoeTreasure HuntingBirdonWindmill Turner
Alien MetronPlanting SeedsNovaWatering Plants
GolzaDig a Hot SpringGandarSnow Sculpting

Unlisted Kaiju do not have preferences.
Bonuses applies to BOTH Main and Sub.
Nova Gomora gets both Removing Trees
and Watering Plants bonus.
Pure breed does not get double bonus.

Territory Gauge Affinities

Your territory gauge has a numeric value of 100.
- Drilling will increase the gauge.
- Not defending a contested territory will decrease this gauge.
- Winning/Losing a contested territory battle doesn't adjust the gauge.

Doing a Drill
Preferred (+)+18
Undesired (-)+12

Undefended Territory
Lessened by 5 with Traits

Preferred Location
Gauge Affinity (+)
Undesired Location
Gauge Aversion (-)
GomoraWild WoodsNone
ElekingFuller BeachBarrage Desert
King JoeFuller BeachNone
Gan-QNoneFuller Beach
Alien MetronGanot GardensNone
GaramonGanot GardensNone
GolzaBarrage DesertFuller Beach
MiclasBarrage DesertMt. Snowkin
NerongaNoneGanot Gardens
ReicubasMt. SnowkinBarrage Desert
BirdonBellow VolcanoNone
WindomNoneMt. Snowkin
TelesdonBellow VolcanoMt. Snowkin
Skull GomoraBellow VolcanoMt. Snowkin
GandarMt. SnowkinBellow Volcano
MocchiGanot GardensFuller Beach
SuezoWild WoodsBarrage Desert

This applies to BOTH Main and Sub.
+ and - will cancel each other out.
Special subs are not counted as a breed.
Pure breed does not get double bonus/penalties.


Other Drill Info

  • Drill Bug: There is a bug that can occur where no matter which drill you try, every drill gives the message: "[Monster] is tired of training here". To fix this:
    1. Exit the game completely (Shut down/close. Don't put to sleep)
    2. Open another game, then close that game completely.
    3. Re-launch Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher. The drills should no longer be bugged for all drills, though your monster may still be tired for a particular drill.
  • Territory battles on Drill locations do not decrease lifespan. They are the equivalent of doing a drill. The amount of incurred Stress/Fatigue correlates to the disparity between your Kaiju's grade VS the rival's grade. (Low gains and low stress/fatigue if you're S grade and rival is E grade etc.)


Errantry is where you learn new Attacks/Techs from Rival trainers you meet and defeat as you progress through the game. See Kaiju Techs page for the complete Tech list and where, and how to qualify to learn them.

Locations & Trainers

Trainers/Rivals are unlocked through game progression and tournament encounters.

Heart Meter: Every 20 Errantries with a trainer will fill up 1 heart. Once the meter is full, you will get a passive item from that trainer that makes it easier to learn techs from them.

Errantry Locations determine which stats are raised and lowered. The trainers randomly change locations week to week, making it possible to learn specific attacks taught by specific trainers at locations that are beneficial to you.

+10 Bonus Locale
Leila/LiraLifSupportGanot Gardens
VictorPowHeavyWild Woods
NeelIntWitherFuller Beach
MaySkiHitMt. Snowkin
ColtSpdCritBellow Volcano
AlvaroDefSpecialBarrage Dessert
Errantry Gain/Drop patterns
Number of times a Stat is raised or dropped
Ganot Gardens⇈ 4--↓ 2↓ 1↑ 3
Wild Woods↑ 3⇈ 4↓ 1-↓ 2-
Fuller Beach-↓ 1⇈ 4↑ 3-↓ 2
Mt. Snowkin↓ 2--⇈ 4↑ 3↓ 1
Bellow Volcano↓ 1↓ 2↑ 3-⇈ 4-
Barrage Desert-↑ 3↓ 2↓ 1-⇈ 4

Errantry Gains

Super Success grants +10 to Main & Sub stat.
An additional +10 bonus is added to the Main & Sub stat gains when the Trainer's preferred stat aligns with the Training location.
Errantry lasts for 4 weeks total, each week giving Stat Gains to the location's Main and Sub stats, while lowering other stats by a small amount.
Week 1 Gains
Main StatEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)3548628098
Stage6 (Prime2)3548607794
Week 2 Gains
Main StatEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)7198125161199
Stage6 (Prime2)6994119153182
Stage5 (Prime1)2637486277
Stage6 (Prime2)2636475873
Week 3 Gains
Main StatEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)85116148190230
Stage6 (Prime2)78107137176214
Stage5 (Prime1)3245577491
Stage6 (Prime2)3143546986
Week 4 Gains
Main StatEDCBA
Stage5 (Prime1)171236300300300
Stage6 (Prime2)161221292300300
Stage5 (Prime1)84100100100100
Stage6 (Prime2)91100100100100


Rearing Traits/Cookies
Various Stat raising help while doing drills. Consider "Rear" Inheritance Cookies to help more easily raise your monster. (See Items).
Inheritance Cookies are permanently equipped onto your monster.
Cookies can be removed with an Adventure-found item from a few locations: Reset Powder if you need to change them out.

Fatigue management:
Auto-management of fatigue through cookies can help you concentrate on keeping stress managed much more easily, or help you squeeze in an extra hard drill. In this regard, Prevention is better than the cure, which means the Tyrant cookie is superior.

  • Tyrant's Eternal Grudge makes Fatigue harder to increase. (Prevention is better than the cure)
  • Windom's Capsule Recall makes Fatigue easier to reduce. (For when you can't get the above)
Drill Bonuses Cookies:
Some cookies will give a +30 bonus to any drill at any level. Since Drill Levels are important for higher gains with a snowballing effect the higher the drill level is, this means you can max stats sooner and concentrate on other stats as well.
This is especially useful for Low gain stats too and triggers ANY time the stat is raised during a drill, regardless if it is the Primary or Secondary stat raised in a drill.
    Cookie nameHelps with Drills
    Golza's Earth ShakerLIF Drill bonus
    Red King's King of StrengthPOW Drill bonus
    Alien Mefilas' Test of the SpiritINT Drill bonus
    Gan-Q's Big EyeSKI Drill bonus
    Alien Baltan's Darkness LurkerSPD Drill bonus
    King Joe's Pedanium Space AlloyDEF Drill bonus


Stress, Fatigue, and Lifespan Index
Fatigue Meter

Face ColorFatigue
Red0 (Min)
Blue80-100 (Max)

Lifespan Index

LI = ((Stress * 2) + Fatigue)
    Index LI#Additional Life Lost
    0 - 6910 (Current week)
    70-10421 additional wk
    105-13932 additional wks
    140-17443 additional wks
    175-20954 additional wks
    210-24465 additional wks
    245-26976 additional wks
    270-30087 additional wks


  • Will incur 70 fatigue (LI: -1 wk)
  • Costs the 4 wks on Adventure + LI
  • With Tyrant will incur 68 fatigue (LI: -0 wks)
  • Passives apply -2 fatigue but AFTER the LI hit.
  • SOS/Out of Energy is -10 wks + (-4 wks + LI)

Lifespan Hits

  • Fighting in Tournament : -3 weeks Flat
    (no LI modifiers).
  • Errantry:
    • Current LI plus Errantry LI:
    • Best Case LI: +80 (-1 wk)
    • Worst case LI: +132 (-3 wks)
  • Rampage/anger: 0

Managing Stress, Fatigue, AND Anger

UKMR introduces ANGER in addition to Stress and Fatigue. How are you supposed to manage all three of these things now?
  • Mandarin Juice is the equivalent of MR2's Nuts Oil, (-28 Fatigue) but ALSO reduces stress by 20%!
  • Astro Mint is the equivalent of MR2's Mint Leaf, and is -50% Stress (exactly the same)
  • Relaxing Cacao reduces Anger by 30%.
To compare to MR2's generic Nuts Oil/Mint/Nuts Oil/Mint -- The addition of Stress relief in the Mandarin Juice on a similar schecule (Juice/Mint/Juice/Mint) means you can sub out one of the mints, for an Anger management item, like Relaxing Cacao.

Basic principles:

  • Territory battles Raise stats, lower Anger, and do not incur a lifespan hit by themselves.
  • Relaxing Cacao if there are no territory battles to reduce anger.
  • Ultra Mangos slightly help with Fatigue but add weight. A good new-game item until you can afford the good stuff.
  • Mandarin Juice -5 to all stats but greatly reduces fatigue, and reduces stress by 20%.
  • Consider an Astro Mint in your schedule for 50% stress reduction. Stress is currently hidden and hard to track what it does!
  • RAMPAGE! your Max-Stats can only be increased through Rampages, and there's no lifespan hit for a rampage. Don't be afraid to just let it happen.



Personality Traits

  • Personality traits seem to affect AI v AI behaviour, as such will be important to acquire or avoid certain personalities for competitive play.
  • There are 3 starting baby Personalities, based on the Aging Type of the Kaiju.
  • Personality changes in Stage 3, and will randomly become one of several other personalities (This can be save scummed)
  • Holly gives a message like:
    • ... "Developing their own traits"
    • ... "Growing bigger, This one seems to have a [---] Personality"
  • Personality can be altered by reloading prior to Holly's message and reach the message again.
  • Late bloom types can change again at stage 9 if they've had 0 rampages.

Personalities only change into other personalities within their groupings.

Aging Type 1 (Normal)

Aging Type 1
Starts as:
Life Stage 3
Will become:
Fiery / 熱血
Honest / 素直
Lively / 元気
Earnest / 真面目
Rowdy / やんちゃ
Tenacious / がんばりや
(All Normal have x0.9 Fatigue Multiplier)

Aging Type 2 (Early)

Aging Type 2
Starts as:
Life Stage 3
Will become:

Brave / 勇敢
Cool / クール
Hot-Cold / ツンデレ
Nervous / 神経質
Rivalrous / 負けず嫌い
Stubborn / 頑固

Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer)

Personality Evolutions
Aging Type 3
Starts as:
Life Stage 3
Will become:
Life Stage 9 w/
0 Rampage becomes:
Easygoing / のんきCalm / おおらか
Lazy / なまけものProdigy / 天才肌
Selfish / わがままSlow / マイペース
Spoiled / 甘えん坊Sociable / 人なつこい
Timid / 臆病Cautious / 慎重
Whimsical / 気まぐれLiberated / 自由人
(All Late Bloom have x1.1 Fatigue Multiplier)
Note: This group has a special additional
condition at stage 9 for a second personality

Personality Behavior in Battle / Auto & PVP

For full A.I. Processing breakdown, please see the AI Processing data mined guide by SmilingFaces96.

A subjective explanation of personalities based on the data-mined info (By FakeLife)

Baby/Starting personalities

These are the three personalities all monsters start with. These are listed here for completeness sake, but keeping these on a competitive monster is basically impossible.
  • Naughty: Starting personality for Aging Type 1 (Normal) monsters. A weird personality that attacks aggressively in slot 2 and very rarely in other slots.
  • Obedient: Starting personality for Aging Type 2 (Early) monsters. Saves guts and rarely attacks.
  • Carefree: Starting personality for Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer) monsters. A weird personality that attacks aggressively in slot 3 and very rarely in other slots.

Aging Type 1 (Normal)

One of these personalities is randomly chosen when an Aging Type 1 (Normal) monster gets to life stage 3. This replaces the Naughty personality the monster is born with.
  • Fiery: Walks forward and uses slot 1 and 2 techs a lot.
  • Honest: Good all-around personality that attacks more often when over 50 guts. Saves guts the most out of the similar Honest, Earnest, and Tenacious trio.
  • Lively: Attacks frequently and moves a lot.
  • Earnest: Good all-around personality that attacks more often when over 50 guts. Is the most aggressive over 50 guts out of the Honest, Earnest, and Tenacious trio.
  • Rowdy: Walks forward and uses slot 1 and 2 techs a lot. Attacks even more aggressively than Fiery. Rarely attacks in slots 3 or 4.
  • Tenacious: Good all-around personality that attacks more often when over 50 guts. Is the most aggressive under 50 guts out of the Honest, Earnest, and Tenacious trio.

Aging Type 2 (Early)

One of these personalities is randomly chosen when an Aging Type 2 (Early) monster gets to life stage 3. This replaces the Obedient personality the monster is born with.
  • Brave: Aggressive personality that moves forward and attacks aggressively in all slots.
  • Cool: Saves guts and rarely attacks. Probably not a good choice.
  • Hot-Cold: Weird personality that likes to back up and knockback, but attacks aggressively when it is in slots 1 and 2. Rarely attacks in slots 3 or 4.
  • Nervous: Aggressive personality that moves a lot and attacks aggressively in all slots.
  • Rivalrous: Attacks often when you have low guts and rarely when you have high guts, which is the opposite of what you want. I do not recommend this personality.
  • Stubborn: Moves forward and attacks aggressively in slot 1. Rarely attacks in any other slot.

Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer)

One of these personalities is randomly chosen when an Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer) monster gets to life stage 3. This replaces the Carefree personality the monster is born with.
  • Easygoing: Saves guts and rarely attacks. I do not recommend this personality.
  • Lazy: Saves guts and rarely attacks. This is probably the worst personality in the game… Even more than the other “Lazy” personalities, Lazy monsters just don’t do anything.
  • Selfish: Attacks fairly often at any guts total, and swaps techs like crazy.
  • Spoiled: Good all-around personality that attacks more often when over 50 guts. Tends to walk forward and generally prefers techs in slots 1, 2, and 3.
  • Timid: Saves guts and rarely attacks. I do not recommend this personality.
  • Whimsical: A weird personality with random numbers. Attacks more often in slot 4 when you have low guts, and in slot 1 when you have high guts. I do not recommend this personality.

Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer) with NO RAMPAGES by Life Stage 9

One of these personalities is randomly chosen when an Aging Type 3 (Late Bloomer) monster gets to life stage 9 without having any rampages over the course of its life. This replaces the personality unlocked when the monster reached life stage 3.
  • Calm: Moves backwards a lot and attacks aggressively in slot 4.
  • Prodigy: Good all-around personality that attacks more often when over 50 guts (although it saves guts more than most personalities of this type.)
  • Slow: Saves guts and rarely attacks. I do not recommend this personality.
  • Sociable: Walks forward and uses slot 1 and 2 techs a lot, more likely to attack with over 50 guts. Rarely uses slot 3 or 4 techs.
  • Cautious: Almost never attacks with less than 50 guts. Slightly more likely to walk back and knockback.
  • Liberated: Another weird personality with pretty random numbers. Attacks more often in slots 1 and 2 when you have low guts, and in slot 3 and 4 when you have high guts. I do not recommend this personality.


Confusion Chance: is determined by Loyalty.
% Base Chance: ((100-loyalty ) * (100-loyalty)) / 400
LoyaltyConfuse %LoyaltyConfuse %
Anger PercentExtra % Confusion

Anger can cause Additional
% chance for Confusion on top
of the base chance.

Starting Guts:

Anger can adjust your
Starting guts amount (bomb icon.)
Single player only (not PVP)

Anger PercentBattle
Starting Guts

Bonus Damage:

Anger can adjust your damage
by a the following ranges:

Anger PercentExtra Damage
Per Attack
60%-79%10 to 50
80%+50 to 100

Weight Adjustments:

Form can adjust SPD & DEF
(by up to 5% to both.)

  • Max Skinny: +5% SPD, -5% DEF
  • Max Plump: +5% DEF, -5% SPD

Form from Tournaments

  • -2(form) x # of Matches competed in
Post Battle Gains & Adjustments

Win 1stNot 1st
Not Last
Last or

Adjusted stats are randomly selected

  • Anger % < 60%: 3 Stats
  • Anger % >= 60%-80%: 2 to 4 Stats
  • Anger % >= 80%: 1 to 5 Stats
Fame Adjustments per Match

<=Tourney Rank>Tourney RankConditionResult
3 to 70OverkillWin
3 to 70KnockoutWin
1 to 30Time UpWin
1 to 20Give Up (during)Win
1 to 20Withdraw (before)Win
-4 to -2-8 to -4OverkillLoss
-4 to -2-8 to -4KnockoutLoss
-2 to -1-4 to -3Time UpLoss
-4 to -1-8 to -3Give Up (during)Loss
-4 to -3-8 to -5Withdraw (before)Loss
Overkill: Knock out by over 10% of opponent's Life

Tourney Fatigue Adjustment

Min WeightMax Weight
Not 1st/Not Last4050

Tourney Stress Adjustment

Min WeightMax Weight
Not 1st/Not Last-50-62
Withdrew-2 x # of completed matches

Tourney Lifespan Adjustment
  • -3 weeks per tournament (Flat/No multipliers)
  • LI is still calculated on the following week rollover
    (Starting 40 Fatigue + Withdraw ~95 LI = -5 weeks)


Competitive Tips
Competitions and tournaments are run AI vs AI. Engineering your Kaiju for the best possible outcome under AI control is part of the meta of raising a competitive Kaiju. Losing an AI vs AI tournament does not mean your Kaiju is bad; It might still be an exceptionally raised Kaiju that had bad luck. Below are some tips on how to help optimize for AI vs AI battles.

  • When you're done raising your Kaiji you probably should get some Reset Powder and get rid of all your Rearing cookies and replace with Battle cookies.
  • NOTE that when replacing cookies, this may adjust your Total stats, so be aware of this if you are working within a Stat Cap!
  • Self Repair and Overnight Revival are the come-back cookies of UKMR. If you decide to equip these, there is an important thing to note:
    • Self Repair: Recover Life when Life drops below 20% (once per battle)
    • Overnight Revival: Recover 1 Life when Life is reduced to zero (once per battle)
    • EQUIP ORDER is important for these two cookies. Equip Self Repair first, then equip Overnight Revival second. You want to get the heal first, then the 1hp revive second, otherwise if equipped in the reverse Self Repair will activate immediately after Overnight, using both at the same time.
  • There are plenty of other cookies to consider that may fit a particular meta better than others, or might be considered to boost other techs for tech-specific scenarios.

VS Mode: How-To and Comp Preparation

  1. While on the Ranch, press "L" to access the Arena.
    Step 1 to upload monsters in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
  2. Select VS Mode from the Arena menu.
    Step 2 to upload monsters in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
  3. Select Register Kaiju from the VS Mode menu.
    Step 3 to upload monsters in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
  4. Choose the Kaiju to register and press "A" to confirm.
    Step 4 to upload monsters in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
  5. Your Kaiju is now uploaded for other folks to fight against for fun, or to be used in a community PVP tournament that you signed up for.
    Step 5 to upload monsters in Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher
Other Info:
  • Uploaded Kaiju are a frozen "Point in Time" of the Kaiju. You may upload any Kaiju at a point in time. Continuing to raise the Kaiju will not change the Kaiju that was uploaded.
  • If you wish to remove any uploaded Kaiju, select "Kaiju Registry" to see your currently uploaded Kaiju and remove any unwanted Kaiju. Deleting a Kaiju from the Kaiju Registry does NOT delete them from your Ranch or Association, it only removes the uploaded copy.

VS Mode preparation Tips

Cookies can be difficult to acquire, and Reset Powder is only available twice a year.
follow these steps to save some hassle and reuse these items for multiple monsters:

  1. Save your game.
  2. Use your Reset Powder to clear out any Rearing traits (If you haven't already)
  3. Apply your desired Cookie/Traits.
  4. Register Your Kaiju, and select the Kaiju you've applied the cookies to.
With your Registered Kaiju copied to the Online Registry with the applied cookies, you can now reload your game to a point before using the cookies and Reset powder. This will not affect your uploaded Kaiju as it is a captured point in time when it was uploaded.

Ultra Kaiju Tier List and analysis

Nash's tech review and tier list for competitive play:


Money & The Traveling Merchant

Making Money

  • Making money early in the game isn't too difficult. A C class monster can easily make decent tournament money for progression.
  • There's a special "G" Tab in the inventory. Anything in this tab can safely be sold. This tab can fill up with all sorts of goodies from Adventure, Monster gifts to you, random items from Grandpa, etc. Sell it when you need money.
  • Consider stockpiling "G" tab items if you plan on raising multiple monsters back to back and don't want to money farm in between, you can just sell of these items on demand if you don't feel like farming for the cash.
  • End Game there's also multiple tournaments that give in incredible amount of money in a single tournament, between 1 and 5 million depending on the tournament.
  • THERE IS A GOLD CAP of 9,999,999 G.

The Merchant

  • You are on year 10 of the game or higher
  • You are Breeder Rank 4 or higher
  • You have 100,000 gold on hand

With the requirements met, there's a 5% chance every week he'll show up and offer you an unidentified object for 100k. It's always worth it to pay, and see what it is, because if it is junk you can simply exit to the Title screen and load the AUTO save, which reloads the game to before the Merchant dialogue, where you can choose NOT to buy the item instead. (The item appears to be seeded and cannot be RNG rolled).

There's a 70% chance the item will be junk, and a 30% chance it will be a notable item such as:

  • Gold Peach
  • Silver Peach
  • Ultra Statue (Sells for 500k)
  • Kanegon Statue (Sells for 350k)
  • Alien Baltan Statue (Sells for 300k)
  • Various Ores that sell for more than 100k / Cost of buying from the Merchant.


Credits: Ag-Yanma, FakeLife, GreyPenguin, Just J, Nash, Silvris, SmilingFaces96, Yukoku_Yuko
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