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Monster Rancher Advanced 2 Cheat Codes

These are GameBreaker specific cheat codes for Monster Rancher Advanced 2. If GameShark codes are added later, the codes will be broken out to reflect which ones are which.


General Codes
    Master Code (has to be on)
    0000A228 000A
    101C7064 0007


Breeder Codes
    Max/unlimited Funds
    82002B48 E0FF
    82002B4A 05F5

    All Items with Max Quantity (includes combo items)
    42006C80 6363
    00000026 0002

    All Monsters Unlocked through Shrine/Regen (Still Restricted to Ranch Size)
    7201DFBC E628
    3200DFE5 0001

    Octachrome is impossible to acquire normally. Use this with the above code to force Octachrome, then turn off to resume normal generation.
    7201DFBC E628
    8200DFD0 200B


Monster Codes
    Fame: 100
    32006E05 0064

    Have all Techs/Skills
    82006DCC FFFF

    Max Stats (All)
    42006DB0 03E7
    00000006 0002

    Individual Max Stats
    Max POW: 82006DB0 03E7
    Max INT: 82006DB2 03E7
    Max ACC: 82006DB4 03E7
    Max SPD: 82006DB6 03E7
    Max DEF: 82006DB8 03E7
    Max LIF: 82006DBA 03E7

    100% Success in Training (No Greats, only "success")
    7200DFC6 0000
    3200DFD9 0001

    Maximum Recovery During Rest
    7201F82C 003C
    3201F828 003C

    Always Energetic
    82006DE6 0000

    No Stress
    82006DE2 0000


Battle Codes
    Unlimited Guts
    3200CA4C 0063

    No Guts For Opponent
    3200CD1C 0000


Item Codes
    All Items with Max Quantity (includes combo items)
    42006C80 6363
    00000026 0002


Credits: Gamebreaker Codes, Lucky
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