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Monster Rancher 3 Encyclopedia Sharing

Share your MR3 encyclopedia with any other player. You can copy any monster from any PS2 Memory Card or PCSX2 game save to your own game or another's!


Encyclopedia Sharing Steps
  1. From the start menu, choose Encyclopedia.
    Monster Rancher 3 Start Menu Screen
  2. Load the Source and Destination memory cards/game saves, then choose Compare.
    Monster Rancher 3 Load Memory Cards
  3. Select a monster. Under each sub-species, you'll see the 1P and 2P icons which will be dimmed if the corresponding save doesn't have a monster, and bright if it does.
    Select the Monster that you want to copy between the 1p and 2p memory cards.
    Monster Rancher 3 Compare Memory Card Data
  4. At the 1P / 2P Data comparison screen you can compare stats and traits and Copy over an existing monster if it's better, or copy over a missing monster.
    Monster Rancher 3 Copy Memory Card Data


PCSX2 Memory Card Management
The PCSX2 Memory Card manager can be accessed by clicking Config > Memory cards. This is a virtual memory card manager, where each memory card file behaves like a physical memory card. Mcd001 and Mcd002 are the default files. Newly created, or downloaded memory card files such as the Completed Encyclopedia should also be stored in the memcards folder in your PCSX2 location.

Memory Card Ports

The memory card ports are equivalent to the memory card slots on the PS2. Active and unused memory card data is stored in PCSX2's memcard folder.

PCSX2 Memory Card Port explanation

Changing Save Files

Drag and Drop any memory card files from the Unused cards section into either Port 1, or Port 2. The replaced memory card will move to Unused Cards.

PCSX2 changing memory card files to a port


Credits: MonsterFenrick
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