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Monster Rancher 2 Gameshark Cheat Codes

Monster Rancher 2 Cheat codes for Game Shark, ePSXe, DuckStation or other formats that use GameShark codes, and Cheat Engine tables for DX.

MR2 & DX Cheat Engine tables

Cheat Engine files that can be used on PC/Steam version of MR2DX, or NTSC version with ePSXe & pSX emulators.


Name Changing Codes
It is recommended to disable the name code immediately after you have confirmed the name change. This is easiest while in Town, and you can talk to Wyola at the Market who should address you by your Trainer Name right away. Once the Name cheat is disabled, attempt to save your game, then restart and load the game from the new save with the Name change to confirm your save is not corrupted.
Technically, a name can be 16 chars. long, but only 12 fits in name box. The text boxes are locked to 12 characters.

    Click for Manual Demonstration/Explanation

    The the character coding for the name is not traditional ascii. Each memory location can contain 2 characters in hex, which are read Top to Bottom, Right to Left. Unused characters are filled out with Null Terminate for each unused character.
    Use the below guide to help construct the correct code for a name replacement.

    Hex letter chart
    00 = [space]
    01-0A = 0 to 9
    0B-24 = A-Z (uppercase)
    25-3E = a-z (lowercase)
    3F = .
    40 = ·
    41 = !
    42 = ?
    43 = -
    FF = Null Terminate (end of name)

    So, let's convert the name "Fenrick".

    1. Spell it backwards (Right to Left): kcirneF
    2. Using the chart, Convert each letter into hex: 2F 27 2D 36 32 29 10
    3. Chunk out the code in pairs* with no space: [  2F] [272D] [3632] [2910]
    4. Going Right-To-Left, add the pairs of letters to each memory location top to bottom. *For odd character slots, fill with with "FF" to the left of the letter like so: (Note Fenrick has an odd number of letters, so the 4th location has: [FF2F])
      80098FAA 2910 < eF
      80098FAC 3632 < rn
      80098FAE 272D < ci
      80098FB0 FF2F < (null) k
      80098FB2 FFFF < (null)(null)
      80098FB4 FFFF < (null)(null)
      80098FB6 FFFF < (null)(null)
      80098FB8 FFFF < (null)(null)
    5. Now you use the entire group of codes together to replace the entire name in the game.

Trainer Name memory locations:
To automatically generate your TRAINER name code, Type your name in the text box and press Enter:

    #Change Trainer Name
    80098FAA [2nd][1st]
    80098FAC [4th][3rd]
    80098FAE [6th][5th]
    80098FB0 [8th][7th]
    80098FB2 [10th][9th]
    80098FB4 [12th][11th]
    80098FB6 [14th][13th] (Omitted)
    80098FB8 [16th][15th] (Omitted)

Monster Name memory locations:
To automatically generate your Active MONSTER name code, Type your name in the text box and press Enter:

    #Change Monster Name
    80097B78 [2nd][1st]
    80097B7A [4th][3rd]
    80097B7C [6th][5th]
    80097B7E [8th][7th]
    80097B80 [10th][9th]
    80097B82 [12th][11th]
    80097B84 [14th][13th] (Omitted)
    80097B86 [16th][15th] (Omitted)


General Codes

    Max Funds
    80098FBC E0FF
    80098FBE 05F5

    Current Date
    80099228 xxxx
    xxxx=0000 (04/01/1000)
    1 Week = +0001(h)

    All Monster Cards
    (Caetla/Game Enhancer)
    B00CC002 00000000
    8009908C 0101

    (GameShark 2.42+ and "Pro")
    5000CC02 0000
    8009908C 0101

    Full Zooming in View Mode
    D001C3CC 2821
    8001C3D0 0000
    D001C3CC 2821
    8001C3D2 0000


Breeder Codes
    Breeder Grade
    300098FC0 00xx
    xx=00 (Beginner), 01 (Grade 9), 0A (Expert)

    Ranch Size
    30098FC1 000x (x= 0-4)

    Stable Size
    30098FC2 000y (y=0-2)

    Max Purse
    80098FC8 E0FF
    80098FCA 05F5

    80098FC4 xxxx = Wins
    80098FC6 xxxx = Losses
    8009903C xxxx = K.O.
    xxxx= 0000-03E7

    Final Rank
    E = 8009902A xxxx
    D = 8009902C xxxx
    C = 8009902E xxxx
    B = 80099030 xxxx
    A = 80099032 xxxx
    S = 80099034 xxxx
    xxxx= 0000-03E7

    All Emblems Won
    80099060 0001
    80099064 0001
    80099068 0001
    8009906C 0001
    80099070 0001

    Authorize Breeder
    B0260001 00000000
    30099386 0001

    (Version 2 carts)
    50002601 0000
    30099386 0001

    Note: It took almost a full day of hacking to find the proper memory locations to edit, and there may very well be a few more. If you find a CD that will not allow you to breed, please email me with the details.


Monster Codes
    Race Reference the Race Modifiers to adjust the entries:
    Main: 80097A18 00??
    Sub: 80097A1C 00??

    Using Cheat Codes to Shrine Proper Monsters
    Changing the Main/Sub of a monster while in the freezer is ONLY a reskin! You won't get the variety that you might get if you use the Make-A-Monster app from the Laboratory, But you CAN create a monster with its respective proper Lifespan/Gains:
    • Go to Market.
    • Activate Race code(s) above with the Main & sub modifiers added. (Non-existent combinations may crash your game!)
    • Choose any market monster (Zuum is first one to show up).
    • Allow the game spawn the monster fully.
    • Deactivate the code(s).

    300097B92 00xx
    xx= 00 (E) - 05 (S)

    Lif Max 80097A20 03E7
    Pow Max 80097A22 03E7
    Int Max 80097A24 03E7
    Ski Max 80097A26 03E7
    Spd Max 80097A28 03E7
    Def Max 80097A2A 03E7

    Get Hex for other values:

    Hex for 999 is: 03E7

    80097BD7 xxxx
    (Frames per guts generated. Lower value is faster guts. 0006 should equate to Metalner's guts)

    80097A14 xxxx
    +0001(h) 1 Week
    +0004(h) 1 Month

    Fatigue: Never Tired
    30097A37 0000

    Stress: Never Stressed
    30097A3B 0000

    Techniques Aquired
    Activation Code (This code is required in order to use all of the attacks in battle.)
    80097BD0 0600
    80097BD2 120C

    • Pixie has no techs in locations: 80097B9E, 80097BA6, or 80097BC0
    • 0001 in the below locations means the tech is learned/present.
    • 0000 in the below locations means the tech is unlearned/not present.

    80097B9A 0001
    80097B9C 0001
    80097B9E 0001
    80097BA0 0001
    80097BA2 0001
    80097BA4 0001

    Short Attacks
    80097BA6 0001
    80097BA8 0001
    80097BAA 0001
    80097BAC 0001
    80097BAE 0001
    80097BB0 0001

    Medium Range
    80097BB2 0001
    80097BB4 0001
    80097BB6 0001
    80097BB8 0001
    80097BBA 0001
    80097BBC 0001

    Long Range
    80097BBE 0001
    80097BC0 0001
    80097BC2 0001
    80097BC4 0001
    80097BC6 0001
    80097BC8 0001

    Max Fame
    80097A38 0064

    Style & Max. Loyalty
    30097A3C 00xx
    30097A3D 00yy

    xx= yy= Style
    A4 44 Doting
    84 44 Fond
    84 86 Soft
    64 64 Even
    64 84 Strict
    44 84 Harsh
    44 A4 Spartan

    30097A3E 00xx

    xx= A4 - Skinny
    D4 - Slim
    00 - Normal
    34 - Fat
    64 - Plump

    Nature (NOTE: Does not work all the time. The value will come close the desired Nature, but you will still have to either use Jellies or Cheats).
    30097A59 00xx

    xx= 34 - Best
    14 - Good
    00 - Neutral
    D4 - Bad
    A4 - Worst

    Likes NOTE: See the "Item Modifier" section for proper digits. 80097B1A 00xx

    Dislikes NOTE: See the "Item Modifier" section for proper digits. 80097B1C 00xx

    80097A66 xxxx = Wins
    80097A68 xxxx = Losses
    80097A6A xxxx = K.O.
    80097A6E xxxx = Hurt
    80097A70 xxxx = Run Away
    80097A72 xxxx = Sickness
    80097A74 xxxx = Resistance
    xxxx= 0000-03E7

    Max Purse
    80097A5C E0FF
    80097A5E 05F5

    All Emblems Won
    80097A80 0001
    80097A84 0001
    80097A88 0001
    80097A8C 0001
    80097A90 0001


In-Battle Joker Command Codes
    Max. Guts
    D00938AE jjjj
    801FFCFC 00FF

    Max Strength
    D00938AE jjjj
    801FFCDC 03E7

    Opponent Guts Drain
    D00938AE jjjj
    801FFC7C 0000

    Opponent Life Drain
    D00938AE jjjj
    801FFC5C 0000

    jjjj= Joker Command Modifier

    0001 L2
    0002 R2
    0004 L1
    0008 R1
    0010 Triangle
    0020 Circle
    0040 X
    0080 Square
    0100 Select
    0800 Start
    1000 Up
    2000 Right
    4000 Down
    8000 Left

    ie. for L2 & SELECT Max Guts
    D00938AE 0101
    801FFCFC 00FF


Frozen Monster Codes
    ** Note: Changing a monster's Main/Sub in the freezer is ONLY a reskin. The monster retains Lifespan/Gains of the frozen monster.
    See Monster Codes for instructions to spawn a monster with the proper Lifespan/Gains.

    Slot 1
    Type 80097DB0 00??
    Sub-Type 80097DB4 00??
    Max Life 80097DB8 03E7
    Max Pow. 80097DBA 03E7
    Max Def. 80097DBC 03E7
    Max Ski. 80097DBE 03E7
    Max Spd. 80097DC0 03E7
    Max Int. 80097DC2 03E7

    Slot 2
    Type 80097F7C 00??
    Sub-Type 80097F80 00??
    Max Life 80097F84 03E7
    Max Pow. 80097F86 03E7
    Max Def. 80097F88 03E7
    Max Ski. 80097F8A 03E7
    Max Spd. 80097F8C 03E7
    Max Int. 80097F8E 03E7

    Slot 3
    Type 80098148 00??
    Sub-Type 8009814C 00??
    Max Life 80098150 03E7
    Max Pow. 80098152 03E7
    Max Def. 80098154 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098156 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098158 03E7
    Max Int. 8009815A 03E7

    Slot 4
    Type 80098314 00??
    Sub-Type 80098318 00??
    Max Life 8009831C 03E7
    Max Pow. 8009831E 03E7
    Max Def. 80098320 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098322 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098324 03E7
    Max Int. 80098326 03E7

    Slot 5
    Type 800984E0 00??
    Sub-Type 800984E4 00??
    Max Life 800984E8 03E7
    Max Pow. 800984EA 03E7
    Max Def. 800984EC 03E7
    Max Ski. 800984EE 03E7
    Max Spd. 800984F0 03E7
    Max Int. 800984F2 03E7

    Slot 6
    Type 800986AC 00??
    Sub-Type 800986B0 00??
    Max Life 800986B4 03E7
    Max Pow. 800986B6 03E7
    Max Def. 800986B8 03E7
    Max Ski. 800986BA 03E7
    Max Spd. 800986BC 03E7
    Max Int. 800986BE 03E7

    Slot 7
    Type 80098878 00??
    Sub-Type 8009887C 00??
    Max Life 80098880 03E7
    Max Pow. 80098882 03E7
    Max Def. 80098884 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098886 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098888 03E7
    Max Int. 8009888A 03E7

    Slot 8
    Type 80098A44 00??
    Sub-Type 80098A48 00??
    Max Life 80098A4C 03E7
    Max Pow. 80098A4E 03E7
    Max Def. 80098A50 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098A52 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098A54 03E7
    Max Int. 80098A56 03E7

    Slot 9
    Type 80098C10 00??
    Sub-Type 80098C14 00??
    Max Life 80098C18 03E7
    Max Pow. 80098C1A 03E7
    Max Def. 80098C1C 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098C1E 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098C20 03E7
    Max Int. 80098C22 03E7

    Slot 10
    Type 80098DDC 00??
    Sub-Type 80098DE0 00??
    Max Life 80098DE4 03E7
    Max Pow. 80098DE6 03E7
    Max Def. 80098DE8 03E7
    Max Ski. 80098DEA 03E7
    Max Spd. 80098DEC 03E7
    Max Int. 80098DEE 03E7


Race Modifier Codes
    00 - Pixie
    01 - Dragon
    02 - Centaur
    03 - Color Pandora
    04 - Beaclon
    05 - Henger
    06 - Wracky
    07 - Golem
    08 - Zuum
    09 - Durahan
    0A - Arrow Head
    0B - Tiger
    0C - Hopper
    0D - Hare
    0E - Baku
    0F - Gali
    10 - Kato
    11 - Zilla
    12 - Bajarl
    13 - Mew
    14 - Phoenix
    15 - Ghost
    16 - Metalner
    17 - Suezo
    18 - Jill
    19 - Mocchi
    1A - Joker
    1B - Gaboo
    1C - Jell
    1D - Undine
    1E - Niton
    1F - Mock
    20 - Ducken
    21 - Plant
    22 - Monol
    23 - Ape
    24 - Worm
    25 - Naga
    26 - ??? (Enemy)
    27 - ???
    28 - ???
    29 - ???
    2A - ??? 
    2B - ???
    Note: Not all monsters have enough Rare (???) entries to use. Using a Rare code outside of a monster's range might crash the game, or can yield an invalid monster, similar to using a sub-breed for a monster that doesn't have that sub.


Item Modifier Codes
    NOTE: The number of items which can be held is determined by stable size. (see "Breeder Codes" section)


    01: 8009923C 00xx
    02: 80099240 00xx
    03: 80099244 00xx
    04: 80099248 00xx
    05: 8009924C 00xx
    06: 80099250 00xx
    07: 80099254 00xx
    08: 80099258 00xx
    09: 8009925C 00xx
    10: 80099260 00xx
    11: 80099264 00xx
    12: 80099268 00xx
    13: 8009926C 00xx
    14: 80099270 00xx
    15: 80099274 00xx
    16: 80099278 00xx
    17: 8009927C 00xx
    18: 80099280 00xx
    19: 80099284 00xx
    20: 80099288 00xx

    xx =

    00 Potato 
    01 Fish 
    02 Meat 
    03 Milk 
    04 Cup Jelly  
    05 Tablet 
    06 Sculpture 
    07 Gemini's Pot 
    08 Lump of Ice 
    09 Fire Stone 
    0A Pure Gold 
    0B Pure Gold  
    0C Pure Silver 
    0D Pure Platina 
    0E Mango 
    0F Candy 
    10 Smoked Snake  
    11 Apple Cake 
    12 Mint Leaf 
    13 Powder  
    14 Sweet Jelly 
    15 Sour Jelly 
    16 Crab's Claw 
    17 Nuts Oil  
    18 Nuts Oil  
    19 Star Prune  
    1A Gold Peach  
    1B Silver Peach 
    1C Magic Banana 
    1D Magic Banana 
    1E Magic Banana 
    1F Half Eaten Nuts 
    20 Irritator 
    21 Griever 
    22 Teromeann 
    23 Manseitan 
    24 Larox 
    25 Kasseitan 
    26 Troron 
    27 Nageel 
    28 ??? 
    29 Paradoxine 
    2A Tiger's disc. 
    2B Hopper's disc. 
    2C Hare's disc. 
    2D Kato's disc. 
    2E Suezo's disc. 
    2F Naga's disc. 
    30 Gaboo's disc. 
    31 Jell's disc. 
    32 Niton's disc. 
    33 Plant's disc. 
    34 Mew's disc. 
    35 Mocchi's disc. 
    36 Zuum's disc. 
    37 Arrow Head's disc. 
    38 Ape's disc. 
    39 Monol's disc. 
    3A Bay Shrimp 
    3B Incense 
    3C Shoes 
    3D Rice Cracker 
    3E ??? 
    3F Olive Oil 
    40 Kaleidoscope 
    41 Torles Water 
    42 ??? 
    43 Perfume 
    44 Stick 
    45 Bone 
    46 Perfume Oil 
    47 Wood Ball 
    48 Cedar Log 
    49 Pile of Meat 
    4A Soil 
    4B Rock Candy 
    4C Dummy 
    4D Ice of Papas 
    4E Grease 
    4F DNA Capsule (Red) 
    50 DNA Capsule (Yellow) 
    51 DNA Capsule (Pink) 
    52 DNA Capsule (Gray) 
    53 DNA Capsule (White) 
    54 DNA Capsule (Green) 
    55 DNA Capsule (Black) 
    56 God's Slate 
    57 Hero Badge 
    58 Heel Badge 
    59 Quack Doll (pieces) 
    5A Dragon Tusk 
    5B Old Sheath 
    5C Double-Edged 
    5D Magic Pot 
    5E Mask 
    5F Big Footstep 
    60 Big Boots 
    61 Fire Feather 
    62 Taurus' Horn 
    63 Dino's Tail 
    64 Zilla Beard 
    65 Fun Can 
    66 Strong Glue 
    67 Quack Doll (built - see 59)) 
    68 Mystic Seed 
    69 Parepare Tea 
    6A Match 
    6B Toothpick 
    6C Playmate 
    6D Whetstone 
    6E Polish 
    6F Silk Cloth 
    70 Disc Dish 
    71 Gramophone 
    72 Shiny Stone 
    73 Meteorite 
    74 Steamed Bun 
    75 Razor Blade 
    76 Ice Candy 
    77 Fish Bone 
    78 Sun Lamp 
    79 Silk Hat 
    7A Half Cake 
    7B Shaved Ice 
    7C Sweet Potato 
    7D Medal 
    7E Gold Medal 
    7F Silver Medal 
    80 Music Box 
    81 Medallion 
    82 No Desire 
    83 Battle 
    84 Rest 
    85 Play 
    86 Mirror 
    87 Colart Tea 
    88 Galoe Nut 
    89 Stick of Ice 
    8A Ocean Stone 
    8B Seaweed 
    8C Clay Doll #1 
    8D Clay Doll #2 
    8E Clay Doll #3 
    8F Mock Nut 
    90 Colt's Cake 
    91 Flower 
    92 Pixie's disc. 
    93 Dragon's disc. 
    94 Centaur's disc. 
    95 ColorPandora's disc. 
    96 Beaclon's disc. 
    97 Henger's disc. 
    98 Wracky's disc. 
    99 Golem's disc. 
    9A Durahan's disc. 
    9B Baku's disc. 
    9C Gali's disc. 
    9D Zilla's disc. 
    9E Bajarl's disc. 
    9F Pheonix's disc. 
    A0 Ghost's disc. 
    A1 Metalner's disc. 
    A2 Jill's disc. 
    A3 Joker's disc. 
    A4 Undine's disc. 
    A5 Mock's disc. 
    A6 Ducken's disc. 
    A7 Worm's disc. 
    A8 Gali Mask 
    A9 Crystal 
    AA Undine Slate 
    AB Reward #1 
    AC Reward #2 
    AD Stick 
    AE Cup Jelly 
    AF Spear 
    B0 Wracky Doll 
    B1 Quack Doll (with instructions) (see 67 & 59)

    Items listed as "???" or "n/a" are still present in the game but are missing names and/or descriptions, and may be unobtainable through regular play. It is unclear whether they are simply untranslated by the U.S. programming team, or have been removed completely.

    28 = Some type of genie lamp. No name or description listed.
    3E = Cigarette. Present in the Japanese version, but unlisted in the U.S. release.
    42 = Unknown.
    6A = Match. No description given. May have been removed from U.S. release.
    6B = Toothpick. No description given. May have been removed from U.S. release.
    6D = Whetstone. No description given. May have been removed from U.S. release.
    6E = Polish. No description given. May have been removed from U.S. release.
    6F = Silk Cloth. No description given. May have been removed from U.S. release.
    82 = No Desire. No description given. Used for Likes/Dislikes.
    83 = Tourney/Battle. No description given. Used for Likes/Dislikes.
    84 = Rest. No description given. Used for Likes/Dislikes.
    85 = Play. No description given. Used for Likes/Dislikes.

    Fame - 80097A34 0000


Credits: SmilingFaces96, Lexi, ChroniusNightmare, Fenrick, Teawch, xiaNaix

This guide is based on "The Complete GameShark Cheater's Guide" and has had some modifications, corrections, and additions.
(xiaNaix@mindless.com -- Original site no longer exists: Monster Rancher 2 Macumba http://members.tripod.com/MonsterRancher2)

Note from the original author, xiaNaix:
WARNING!!! The use of these codes may spoil the Monster Rancher 2 experience. I hope you will instead use them sparingly to "enhance" your game. The codes have been created & tested using a "Caetla" Game Enhancer cart and should work fine with the latest version GameShark (2.42 and up) and GameShark Pro. Not all codes will work properly with older version carts. Whenever possible, I have tried to include alternate versions.

Feel free to post these wherever necessary, in whatever format, but be sure to include author credits and a link to the website.

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