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Monster Rancher 1 Tech List

Tech data breakdowns, and where to learn your attacks.

Choose a Monster:

Tech Information

Training Locales:
Any Class Monster
  • Alta Vista (LIF): Heavy Techs
  • Barees (INT): Withering Techs*
  • Tonga (SKI): Hit Techs
*Withering depletes enemy Will/Guts
In-Game this is shown as:
"Tak. Will" in the Tech's stats.
C Class monster or higher
  • Hartville (SPD): Ranged Techs
Special Techs:
  • Salem (POW): Special Tech 1
  • Reno (DEF): Special Tech 2

Learning Techs:

  • To learn: Heavy 1, Hit 1, Wither 1, Ranged 1
    • Training Locale Stat + Spoil + Fear + (Random 0-99) ≧ 250

  • To learn: Heavy 2, Hit 2, Wither 2, Ranged 2, or Special 1 or 2
    • Training Locale Stat + Spoil + Fear + (Random 0-99) ≧ 500

  • Random number is randomly 0 to 99
  • Spoil + Fear = Loyalty. Spoil & Fear can go up to 100 each. Loyalty caps at 100, even if Spoil and Fear are both at 100.

  • Learning the new tech is determined after the 4th week of training, regardless of success or failure of the training itself.
  • If you succeed in learning a new Tech, you will never get lost. If you get lost, you will not learn a new Tech.

Techs of Note:
  • APE:
    • Blast: Crit base dmg acts as 29 instead of 19.
    • Magic Banana: Recovery rating of A (30).
    • Chomp: Crit base dmg acts as 28 instead of 18.
  • HARE:
    • Shriek: Crit base dmg acts as 28 instead of 18.
  • JELL:
    • Suffocate: Icon is Yellow, but damage is based on INT.
  • MAGIC:
    • Diversion: Crit base dmg acts as 28 instead of 18.
    • Machine Gun: Crit base dmg acts as 29 instead of 19.
  • MONOL:
    • Sound Wave: Crit base dmg acts as 21 instead of 15.
  • PIXIE:
    • HP Recovery: Recovery rating of B (25).
  • PLANT:
    • Hook: During a crit, the damage behaves as 19 force instead of 6.
      (Crit damage behaves as if multiplied by 3 instead of 1.5)
  • SUEZO:
    • Bite: Crit base dmg acts as 36 instead of 25.
    • Telepathy: Crit base dmg acts as 24 instead of 17.
  • Source: JP Wiki.
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