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Monster Rancher 1 consolidated item list

Item effects and information for Monster Rancher 1 and MR1DX. Items are an important and often overlooked aspect of Monster Rancher. See what items do and what effects they have on your monster!


Shop Item Unlock Dates
New Shop items occur every 200 weeks from the first shop visit, so be sure to visit as soon as possible.

If you don't show up to the shop as soon as an item is available, the next item's countdown will be delayed until you have visited the shop to be shown the most recently unlocked shop item.
The first 5 items (Pill, Vitamin A & B, Fly Pill, Heart Pill) appear randomly seeded at the start of a new game for the order of availability at the shop, However the dates the items are released are the same.

    Shop Item Earliest Availability
    Item NameAvailable Date
    Pill (Power Pill)
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B
    Fly Pill
    Heart Pill
    June 1, 1004
    August 1, 1008
    October 1, 1012
    December 1, 1016
    February 1, 1021
    Nya DollApril 1, 1025
    Vitamin CJune 1, 1029
    Vitamin DAugust 1, 1033


Monthly Food items
  • Potatoes: 10g, +10 Stress, x0.7 Fear, x0.7 Spoil
  • Fish: 100g, +2 form
  • Meat: 300g, +1 wk Lifespan, -10 Stress, +3 Spoil, +6 Form


Passive Items (while Held in Inventory)
Passive items don't appear to Stack, however, this is a moot point since you can feed multiple items a week.
Tested with Calm Stones. Stress only drops -5 regardless of multiple stones.
  • Stable Upgrade #2: -2 Stress per week
  • Calm Stone: -5 Stress on week 1 (Sells for 5000)
  • Fire Stone: -5 Fatigue on week 1 (Sells for 5000)
  • Wind Drum: +3 Fear (Sells for 5000)
  • Wind Whistle: +3 Spoil (Sells for 5000)


Combining items
Disc Chips:
Visual Disc Chip Guide
Dino Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Gali Disc Chips
(sell: 1000 G)
Golem Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Hare Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Jell Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Monol Disc Chips
(sell: 1000 G)
Naga Disc Chips
(sell: 1000 G)
Pixie Disc Chips
(sell: 2000 G)
Plant Disc Chips
(sell: 1000 G)
Suezo Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Tiger Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
Worm Disc Chips
(sell: 500 G)
  • Dino: +10 SKI, (Sells for 500)
  • Gali: +10 INT, (Sells for 1000)
  • Golem: +10 POW, (Sells for 500)
  • Hare: +10 SKI, (Sells for 500)
  • Jell: +10 DEF, (Sells for 500)
  • Monol: +10 DEF, (Sells for 1000)
  • Naga: +10 POW, (Sells for 1000)
  • Pixie: +10 INT, (Sells for 2000)
  • Plant: +10 LIF, (Sells for 1000)
  • Suezo: +10 SKI, (Sells for 500)
  • Tiger: +10 SKI, (Sells for 500)
  • Worm: +10 LIF, (Sells for 500)
  • Frelia God Statue: +50 LIF, +50 INT (Sells for 1000g)
  • Gadamon God Statue: +50 POW, +50 DEF (Sells for 2000g)
  • Paragama God Statue: +50 SKI, +50 SPD (Sells for 2000g)
Breed Unlock Items:
(See unlock guide for specific conditions to use these items)
  • Cat Doll: Used to unlock Nya
  • Clay Doll: Used to unlock Henger
  • Dragon Tusk: Used to unlock Dragon
  • Magic Banana: Used to unlock Ape
  • Old Mirror: Used to unlock Magic


Active Items
  • Gold Peach: +50 weeks Lifespan (Sells for 10000)
  • Plant Egg: +25 weeks Lifespan, -50 Fear, -50 Spoil (Sells for 5000)

    * Any one monster can find only one Gold Peach & Plant Egg each during it's life... However any monster can be fed as many Gold Peaches or Plant Eggs as you've managed to find.

  • Apple Cake: x0.5 Fear, +10 Spoil, +10 Form
  • Candy: +1 Spoil, +10 Form
  • Herb: +1 Fear, -20 Form
  • Mint: -50 Stress, +2 Fear, -5 Form
  • Mango: -10 Faigue, +1 Spoil, +1 Fear
  • Sting Dust: +10 Fear, +10 Spoil
  • Taffy: -50 Fatigue, +2 Spoil, +5 Form
  • Mystic Snake: +10 Fear, x0.5 Spoil, -10 Form
  • Medicine A: -25 weeks Lifespan, POW & SPD x2 for 1 tournament (Sells for 5000)
  • Medicine B: -25 weeks Lifespan, DEF & SKI x2 for 1 tournament (Sells for 5000)
  • Fly Pill: -1wk Lifespan, +20 SPD, -10 DEF (Sells for 1000)
  • Heart Pill: -1wk Lifespan, +20 SKI, -10 POW (Sells for 1000)
  • Pill (Power Pill): -2wks Lifespan, +10 POW & DEF, -10 LIF (Sells for 1000)
  • Vitamin A: -2wks Lifespan, +10 POW & LIF, -10 SKI (Sells for 1000)
  • Vitamin B: -2wks Lifespan, +10 DEF & LIF, -10 SPD (Sells for 1000)
  • Vitamin C: -1wk Lifespan per week, for 4 wks, +10 POW & SKI Per Week for 4 wks (Sells for 500)
  • Vitamin C (DX): -3wk Lifespan per week, for 4 wks
  • Vitamin D: -2wks Lifespan per week, for 4 wks, +20 POW & +SKI Per Week for 4 wks (Sells for 750)
  • Vitamin D (DX): -6wks Lifespan per week, for 4 wks

    NOTES: Vitamin C and D's effects (lifespan hit & stat gains) last 4 weeks after feeding it. You will only get the bonus stats if Work or Training is successful (not failed). Typically you would use this in Baby stages and/or with POW and SKI being very low stat gains.

    - Should I use it? If you can gain more from Work or Training than the Vitamins can provide in the same lifespan hit, don't use it. If the stat gain is more than you'd get in the amount of lifespan weeks consumed by it, then it's safe to use! You may need to save before each week, and reset if the monster fails, otherwise you will still take the lifespan hit and not benefit from gaining the stats.
    TotalLife hit
    PSX (4wks)
    Life hit DX
    (4 wks)
    Vitamin C404080-4-12
    Vitamin D8080160-8-24

    Example: In MR1DX, If you gain less than 80 points of stats (or less than 80 points between POW and SKI) in 12 weeks of Work or Training*, then Vitamin C is a good option to use.
    * Work and Training can still incur additional lifespan hits via Stress and Fatigue buildup. Max stable upgrade, passives, using items, and/or starting Training in in optimal contition can help mitigate regular lifespan loss!


Valuable Items
There's a few big money items that you can acquire that are purely for selling and making money. These 3 items can be found on Expedition or as a prize in higher grade tournaments.
  • Diamond: Sells for 10000 G
  • Emerald: Sells for 8000 G
  • Pure Gold: Sells for 6000 G


Table View of Items

Credits: Lisa Shock / MRM translations

ItemPriceSell PriceFatigueStressLifespanFearSpoilFormNotes
Potatoes10 0+100x0.7x0.70 
Fish100 00000+2 
Meat300 0-10+1 week0+3+6 
Fire Stone 5000-500000when held in inventory
Calm Stone 50000-50000when held in inventory
Wind Whistle 50000000+30when held in inventory
Wind Drum 5000000+300when held in inventory
Mystic Snake500250000+10x0.5-10 
Apple Cake500200000x0.5+10+10 
Fly Pill2000100000-1week000Spd+20 / Def-10
Heart Pill2000100000-1weeks000Ski+20 / Pow-10
Vitamin A2000100000-2weeks000Ski-10 / Pow & Lif+10
Vitamin B2000100000-2weeks000Speed-10 / Def & Lif+10 /
Pill2000100000-2weeks000Lif-10 / Pow & Def+10
Vitamin C100050000-1week000Pow & Ski+10
Vitamin D150075000-2weeks000Pow+ Ski+ / Varies
Sting Dust 500000+10+100 
Medicine A 500000-25weeks000Pow & Spd x2 for 1 tourney
Medicine B 500000-25weeks000Def & Ski x2 for 1 tourney
Gold Peach 1000000+50weeks000 
Plant Egg 500000+25weeks-50-500 


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