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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher Tech List

All techniques (attacks) for all Kaijus, where to get them, and requirements to learn! Attacks are divided into 6 categories: UKMR includes the traditional Hit, Crit, Heavy, Wither, and Special, along with a new Support type.

Choose a monster:

Learning new attacks

  • The Qualify Threshold value is found in the Tech Tables for a specific Technique's threshold to learn (Last column).
  • (!) Appears when you Qualify (for a chance) to learn a tech with a particular Trainer.
  • Learning the new technique is determined by the final % chance after the 4th week completes. (It does not appear to check every week).
  • The Kaiju MUST have met a qualifier before beginning the Errantry to have a chance to acquire a Tech. (The kaiju won't qualify on the current Errantry if raised stats meet the threshold half way through)
There are 2 different checks to determine if you can acquire a new technique which can have other bonuses/adjustments applied to it:
  1. Lowest Chance to learn: This happens when your Loyalty + Attack Stat + Trainer's Pref. Stat meets/exceeds the Tech's Qualify Threshold.
  2. Increase chance to learn: Holly's message changes, and % chance is increase, by raising the Trainer's preferred stat over the Qualifying Threshold by 300-800 points.
  • What value is an attacking stat?:
      Stats and Gains comparisonTechs with Red icons use POW based.
      Stats and Gains comparisonTechs with Blue icons use INT based.
  • What is the Trainer Preferred Stat?: This is indicated in the Tech chart for each Tech next to the Trainer's name, and also in a separate table below.

    Qualify to learn new Technique: Loyalty + Attack Stat + Trainer's Pref. Stat >= Tech's Qualify Threshold

    Holly's Message

    Learning ThresholdCharm
    Base %
    to Learn
    (!) Learning a new technique isn't going to be easyQualify Threshold +0QT(-50) 0%

    Holly Message Display and % to learn changes with: Trainer's Preferred Stat >= Learning Threshold

    (!) Learning a new technique isn't going to be easyQualify Threshold +0QT(-50) 0%
    (!) A lot of elbow grease might earn you a new techniqueQualify Threshold +300QT(+250) 30%
    (!) Some hard work might lead to a new techniqueQualify Threshold +500QT(+450) 50%
    (!) I think [Monster] can learn a new techniqueQualify Threshold +800QT(+750 80%
    Holly's message will remain the same until the next threshold is met (50 pts sooner with Charm bonus)

    Bonuses/Penalties to Learning
    Adjustment DescriptionNotes
    15% for each Super Success during each Errantry week
    (Applied each week and is Additive.)
    Separate addition to that of the base%
    10% for each Success during each Errantry week
    (Applied each week and is Additive.)
    Separate addition to that of the base%
    1% for every 10 Trainer Preferred Stat above the Learning Threshold
    (Additive at end of Errantry.)
    Only adjusts the Base% to learn
    -1% for every 10 Trainer Preferred Stat below the Learning Threshold
    (Additive at end of Errantry.)
    Only adjusts the Base% to learn.
    Cannot lower to less than 0%

  • Save Scumming Techs: As long as there is a (!) from a trainer, you have a chance to learn it. The final % chance isn't entirely true randomization from a dice rolling standpoint. There is a counter that is decremented. It's value is semi-random (>1) when the game is loaded. After resting or passing time, it is decremented along with all the random numbers being regenerated, if the counter gets to zero, then another random number regeneration occurs. This is why when resting several days in a row without a re-load causes the repeatability to diverge.
    • Save prior to sending to Errantry.
    • If you don't get the tech, reload then try progressing 1, 2, 3 weeks etc. from the original save point, waiting 1 week extra before trying again each time.
    • If you reload from the "AUTO" save before the expedition is done, but after discovering you did not get a tech, should load without resetting the decremented value, at least unless it reached 0.
  • Heart Meter: Every 20 Errantries with a trainer will fill up 1 heart for that specific trainer. Once the meter is full for a specific trainer, you will get a passive item (Charm) from that trainer that lowers the learn threshold by 50 points, which equates to a 5% bonus.

    Rotating Locations: Learning attacks is Trainer Specific. The location itself does not matter outside of the raised stats and bonus.

    • +10 points to Primary and Secondary stats for Super Success.
    • +10 points to the Primary or Secondary stats, if stat matches the Trainer's preferred stat.

    +10 Bonus Locale
    Leila/LiraLifSupportGanot Gardens
    VictorPowHeavyWild Woods
    NeelIntWitherFuller Beach
    MaySkiHitMt. Snowkin
    ColtSpdCritBellow Volcano
    AlvaroDefSpecialBarrage Dessert
    Errantry Gain/Drop patterns
    Number of times a Stat is raised or dropped
    Ganot Gardens⇈ 4--↓ 2↓ 1↑ 3
    Wild Woods↑ 3⇈ 4↓ 1-↓ 2-
    Fuller Beach-↓ 1⇈ 4↑ 3-↓ 2
    Mt. Snowkin↓ 2--⇈ 4↑ 3↓ 1
    Bellow Volcano↓ 1↓ 2↑ 3-⇈ 4-
    Barrage Desert-↑ 3↓ 2↓ 1-⇈ 4

    Status Ailments

    Techs icons with an Element graphic indicated in the upper right corner have a chance to apply a Status Ailment to the receiver of the attack during battle.
    Stats and Gains comparisonPoison1: POW stat down; Damage to LIF when moving.
    Stats and Gains comparisonBurn1: INT stat down; Damage to Guts when moving.
    Stats and Gains comparisonFreeze: SKI stat and Battle Movement down.
    Stats and Gains comparisonParalyze: SPD stat and Battle Movement down.
    1Poison and Burn damage happens while walking, being pushed, dashing, or attacks / actions that cover distance!
  • Numerical Ranges of Letter Values

    S50 to 80
    A40 to 49
    B30 to 39
    C20 to 29
    D10 to 19
    E1 to 9
    S15 to 25|79|100
    A5 to 14
    B1 to 4
    D-14 to -9
    E-19 to -15
    S30 to 40
    A25 to 29
    B20 to 24
    C15 to 19
    D10 to 14
    E1 to 9
    A40 to 48
    B30 to 39
    C20 to 28
    D10 to 19
    E1 to 9
    • Hit% starts at a baseline of 50%, adjusted by the hit value (so "5" hit is 55%), then further adjusted by your Kaiju's SKI, or your Opponent's SPD.
    • Crit% is baseline 0%, adjusted by the crit value (so "5" crit is 5% chance), then further adjusted by your Kaiju's fame (Every 10 points of Fame is additional 1% crit).

    Notes on Recover/Absorb/Recoil

    Some of the Effect notes are abbreviated, but can be assumed to be the following

    • Recover a base of # % (X) of your life
    • Absorb a base of # % life from damage
    • Absorb a base of # % guts from withering damage
    • Recoil self base damage of X % upon hit and Y % upon target miss


    Credits: Silvris, Just J, Jay (Shells), GreyPenguin, Saerrd, Luna, SmilingFaces96

    This page was last modified: May 22 2024
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