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Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher NFC Function

There are two areas where you can use NFC (Near Field Communication) in Ultra Kaiju Monster Farm. The Altar, and The Inheritance Cookie Shop. The Altar is a place to create you create Kaiju through various methods, and the Inheritance Cookie Shop is a place to create cookies that give your Kaiju permanent traits to your Kaiju. While both places have additional options this will cover the NFC portion since it is unique to the Monster Rancher series.



What are NFCs?

    NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a short-range wireless technology. They can come in the form of a Work badge, transportation pass, credit card etc. Your phone may also be able to act as such a device.

Can I buy NFCs in Bulk?

Yes. You can purchase a variety of Types, Shapes and Quantities: coins, badges etc. if you want to play the NFC lottery.
Double check on your own for deals, sales, or a quantity, color, or shape you prefer: LegendCup does not know or endorse these sellers or products in particular, and does not guarantee on anyone's behalf that they will work for you.


Substitutions for Locked Kaiju:

When using KEYWORDS or NFC at the Altar, if you have not unlocked the hidden monsters:
  • If the resulting baby Kaiju has One of the Main -OR- Sub-breed locked, it will instead become the pure for the unlocked portion of the breed.
    Example: Kanegon or Zetton haven't been unlocked yet; Generating the below will result in the unlocked breed:
    • Kanegon Gomora → Gomora
    • Dada Zetton → Dada
    Exceptions: Melba Golza → Gomora (Not Golza, if Melba is still locked)

  • If the resulting baby Kaiju has BOTH Main -AND- Sub-breed locked the following substitutions are used:
    Locked KaijuReplacement Kaiju
    Five KingGolza
    King JoeSevenger
    MocchiAlien Metron
    Pedanium ZettonSevenger
    Skull GomoraGomora
    Super C.O.V.Reicubus
    Thunder KillerEleking
    TyrantRed King
    ZettonAlien Baltan


This information is sourced from Runasoru's Blog and the examples are based on NTAG215.
Please note the Japanese version of the game is slightly different than the North/South American version in some regards (Keywords VS Song List), and may also have differences here as well.

NFC Reproduction:
It isn't yet known or documented to see if NFC can be tracked, recorded, and duplicated so that once a particular NFC is found can be re-created for others using the same data from the original. Hopefully as this is discovered, information on how to do this can be posted here. Since it appears that part of the information is based on the UID which is not writable, reproducing a specific NFC may be very difficult unless the UID can also be written.

NFC Patterns:

  • NFC patterns will fall into one of the 4 categories:
  • Patterns A & C, and patterns B & D fluctuate in probability, but the tables are similar.
  • For the most part, Patterns A & C will not appear in patterns B & D (And vice versa)

    24 hour clock time Pattern
    01,03,05,07,09,11,13,17,19,23 Pattern A
    00,02,04,06,08,10,12,14,18,20 Pattern B
    15:00, 21:00 Pattern C
    16:00, 22:00 Pattern D

Testing with writable NFC - Early discovery and experimentation:
Additionally, if you write something to the free space, the result will not change. It seems that the behavior changed when NTAG213 was made unwritable, so if you lock NTAG215, it seems that it will change (at least if you write amiibo information and lock it, it will read) The in-game help says that you read the UID, but you can't rewrite the UID freely by normal means.

Cookies with NFC:
  • All monster type cookies appear between patterns AC or BD.
  • Ultraman, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Zero can appear in all patterns.
  • Mocchi & Suezo cookies don't appear at all.
- Depending on the time of day, 50 NTAG215 will bake 200 cookies.
- Rainbow cookies will not appear from NTAG215.
- Since there are 89 types in total, 80% to 90% are available with 50 NATG215.
- About 100 to 150 NTAG215 will be needed to align everything.

Kaiju with NFC:
  • Pattern is separated by the Main breed. (This is the body type/shape of the monster, UKMR lists breeds in the order of "Sub" then "Main", or just "Main" for pure breeds)
  • Pattern A&C: Red King, Alien Baltan, Eleking, Bemstar, Golza, Reicubus, Gan-Q, Garamon, Windom, King Joe, Gander, Birdon, Super C.O.V., Tyrant, Mocchi
  • Pattern B&D: Gomora, Telesdon, Dada, Miclas, Alien Metron, Sevenger, Nova, Kanegon, Neronga, Zetton, Ace-Killer, Melba, Five King, Suezo
Skull Gomora, Pedanium Zetton, and Thunder Killer appear from all patterns. Rare appears normally, but Sevenger Giant of Light Skin, Windom Giant of Light Skin, Shooting-Star Suezo, and Science Party Mocchi are not likely.

Guts generation can also seem to have offsets between -2 and +2. Guts and movement are carried over if a race gives a -2 guts offset, even if the time pattern changes and the race changes, that race will still have the -2 guts offset. This appears more frequently using NFC than at the Altar with the Song List*


Transport Cards

Transport IDs pulled by Silvris + Runosaru's comments (+ English translation)

NFC Transport Cards are used in Japan. It is unknown if there is an equivalent working card that can be used in the NA version of the game.
Results are based on the remaining 3 digits of the balance of the cards, they will produce the below monsters.

Transport Card Data
Last 3 digits
of Balance
ID1ID2Kaiju 1Kaiju 2Remarks
1---405-Gan-QCode number 01
2572---Telesdon Nova--
3566483Gan-Q NovaSuezo Gan-Q-
4568---Kanegon Nova--
5573481Gali NovaBemstar Gan-Q-
7570---Bemstar Nova--
10419---Nova-Black Star Earth Invasion Unit 10
11569---Miclas Nova--
12---480-Dada Gan-Q-
14567---Dada Nova--
17571---Sevenger Nova--
50---556-Gan-Q Bemstar-
52---559-Spring Bemstar-
54---417-BemstarBorn in 1054 A.D.
55---554-Eleking Bemstar-
57440557Nova GomoraNova Bemstar-
62436---Baltan Gomora--
64---558-Sevenger Bemstar-
65---555-King Joe Bemstar-
66439---Windom Gomora--
71434---Red King Gomora--
72438---Golza Gomora--
73441---Melba Gomora--
77435---Gan-Q Gomora--
78437---Kanegon Gomora--
79442---Tiger Gomora--
80433---Zetton Gomora--
81601---Dada Ace-Killer--
82432---Eleking Gomora--
86602---Windom Ace-Killer--
87425547Ace-KillerGolza ReicubasReverse of M78 nebula
94---549-Hakusen Reicubas-
95---543-Zetton Reicubas-
99603---Antlan Ace-Killer--
100600---Zetton Ace-Killer--
103---546-Dada Reicubas-
104---545-Baltan Reicubas-
106---548-Sevenger Reicubas-
107---544-King Joe Reicubas-
131---606-Kanegon Gandar-
132---607-Naga Gandar-
135---604-Eleking Gandar-
140---429-Gandar -140 degrees Celsius
143---605-Metron Gandar-
155427---Skull Gomora-Gomora(70)+Red King(241)/2
192584---Dada Melba--
196583---King Joe Melba--
206585---Birdon Melba--
210588---Moo Melba--
212586---Bemstar Melba--
217587---Super C.O.V. Melba--
219---609-Metron Mocchi-
225---430-MocchiMF2 release date 2/25
227500---Twilight Alien Metron--
228494---Zetton Alien Metron--
229497---Bemstar Alien Metron--
230---426-Thunder KillerEleking(373)+Ace Killer(87)/2
232---465-Baltan Red King-
234---610-Kanegon Mocchi-
235---611-Gan-Q Suezo-
236496469Dada Alien MetronWindom Red King-
237495---Baltan Alien Metron--
238407608Alien MetronEleking Mocchi-
239498---Sevenger Alien Metron--
240---462-Gomora Red King-
241---403-Red King-
242499466Ace-Killer Alien MetronGolza Red King-
244---467-Neronga Red King-
245493---Gomora Alien Metron--
249---470-Santa Red King-
250---464-Zetton Red King-
251---468-Bemstar Red King-
252---463-Eleking Red King-
262508---Lucky Dada--
263502---Zetton Dada--
264506---Bemstar Dada--
266505---Reicubas Dada--
271408---Dada-From issue #271
274507---Sevenger Dada--
280501---Gomora Dada--
281503---Red King Dada--
283---560-Zetton Windom-
284504---Neronga Dada--
288---562-Miclas Windom-
291---561-Dada Windom-
294539---Garamon Neronga--
297---564-Ace-Killer Windom-
298540---Golza Neronga--
300414---Neronga-Inhabited since 300 years ago
303538563Gan-Q NerongaMelba Windom-
305542---Garu Neronga--
308537---Eleking Neronga--
309541565Reicubas NerongaPiroro Windom-
311---427-Skull GomoraGomora (70) + Red King (241)
322---592-Zetton Super C.O.V.-
326---590-Metron Super C.O.V.-
328---593-Joker Super C.O.V.-
329---589-Gan-Q Super C.O.V.-
335---422-Super C.O.V.-
339---591-Melba Super C.O.V.-
343517---Massive Kanezo--
352409---Kanegon-Kanegon eats 3,520 yen worth of food a day
353516---Belial Kanegon--
354510---Zetton Kanegon--
355513---Bemstar Kanegon--
356509---Eleking Kanegon--
361515443Gandar KanegonGomora Eleking-
363511449Baltan KanegonReicubas Eleking-
364512---Metron Kanegon--
365514---Sevenger Kanegon--
368---446-Dada Eleking-
369---448-Golza Eleking-
370---452-Fairy Eleking-
371---444-Zetton Eleking-
373---401-ElekingIn 3 Ep. of Ultra Seven and 73 Ep. of Ultra Fight
374---450-Windom Eleking-
379---447-Kanegon Eleking-
383---445-King Joe Eleking-
384---451-Gan-Q Eleking-
391597---Ace-Killer Telesdon--
395595---Red King Telesdon--
400423---Telesdon-Lives 40,000 meters underground
403598---Dino Telesdon--
406594---Eleking Telesdon--
407596---Reicubas Telesdon--
432---486-Gan-Q Alien Baltan-
434---492-Clone(?) Alien Baltan-
438---490-Reicubas Alien Baltan-
440---489-Miclas Alien Baltan-
443---488-Dada Alien Baltan-
444---406-Alien BaltanAlien Baltan's cry fop fop fop
445---487-Metron Alien Baltan-
447---485-King Joe Alien Baltan-
452---484-Gomora Alien Baltan-
457---491-Birdon Alien Baltan-
460426---Thunder Killer-Eleking (373) + Ace Killer (87)
555424---Five King-Five
561---524-Gomora Golza-
562---526-Red King Golza-
564---529-Melba Golza-
565599---Mujika Five King--
568---527-Gan-Q Golza-
570---530-Winter Golza-
573---525-Eleking Golza-
574---528-Reicubas Golza-
638---428-Pedanium ZettonKing Joe (714) + Zetton (924)
666---411-TyrantNumbers of the Beast
676---523-Autumn Tyrant-
701---478-Golem King Joe-
702---472-Zetton King Joe-
706---476-Nova King Joe-
710---474-Dada King Joe-
711---473-Baltan King Joe-
714---404-King JoeFirst Appearance, Ultra Seven Ep. 14
715---475-Windom King Joe-
716613477Windom SuezoAce-Killer King Joe-
719---471-Gomora King Joe-
721614---Science Party Suezo--
724431---Suezo-MF1 Release date 7/24
732612---Dada Suezo--
734615---Mocchi Giant of Light Style--
765582---Mocchi Sevenger--
767579---Bemstar Sevenger--
770580---Nova Sevenger--
774578---Dada Sevenger--
775576---Baltan Sevenger--
776577---Metron Sevenger--
777420---Sevenger-Three Seven(ger)s
778574---King Joe Sevenger--
780581---Ace-Killer Sevenger--
790575---Gan-Q Sevenger--
808---551-Melba Birdon-
814---553-Ducken Birdon-
819428---Pedanium Zetton-King Joe(714)+Zetton(924)/2
820---550-Miclas Birdon-
821---552-Super C.O.V. Birdon-
836532---Birdon Miclas--
840536---Plant Miclas--
843531---Eleking Miclas--
845534---Nova Miclas--
847535---Super C.O.V. Miclas--
854533---Windom Miclas--
904---521-Super C.O.V. Garamon-
907---519-Baltan Garamon-
913---410-GaramonFirst appearance in Ultra Q Ep. 13
916---518-Red King Garamon-
919---520-Neronga Garamon-
922457---Kanegon Zetton--
923461---Summer Zetton--
924402522ZettonMonochrome Garamon-
925459---Bemstar Zetton--
927458---Reicubas Zetton--
932456---Dada Zetton--
933454---Baltan Zetton--
934455---Metron Zetton--
935460---Sevenger Zetton--
936453---King Joe Zetton--
988---482-Sevenger Gan-Q-
995---479-Red King Gan-Q-


Credits: Runasoru, Silvris
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